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  • Purpose-Built Just for You

    Download a copy of this brochure to discover the benefits, specifications, and features of Dell EMC’s latest PowerEdge R650xs and R750xs servers—or risk missing out.

  • XR Series Ruggedized Servers

    With Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, you can capture and process more data at the edge with enterprise compute capabilities that move with your data and provide performance that thrives in harsh edge environments. Explore this data sheet to learn about their XR12, XR11, and XR2 configurations

  • The Business Value of a Three-year Server Replacement Cycle for Midsize Organizations

    Check out this infographic to learn key saving results that your organization can see by replacing your servers every 3 years.

  • The Business Value of a Three-year Server Replacement Cycle for Large Organizations

    Check out this infographic to learn key saving results that your organization can see by replacing your servers every 3 years.

  • Advanced Threat Detection and Investigation

    In this webinar, Dell Technologies security experts will share a real-life security event. They’ll explain how their analysts discover an event’s origin and follow the paths spreading outward from the event, ascertain whether there is malicious intent, and determine remediation steps to neutralize the attack.

  • Webinar: Threat Hunting

    What is threat hunting? And why should companies consider threat hunting as a part of their security strategy? Watch this webinar to get a tour through a real-life threat hunting scenario, including characterizing the techniques and procedures (TTP) profile executing the hunt and reviewing evidence, forensics reporting, and more.

  • Forrester study shows modern servers deliver better SAP outcomes.

    Forrester showed that PowerEdge server customers surveyed optimized SAP HANA and S/4HANA migration outcomes such as improved time-to-value and performance, lower TCO, greater access to real time data, and streamlined migration. Download this infographic to learn about customer reported data insights.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Customer Story – Major Health Partners

    Major Health Partners recently reimplemented Office 365 with help from Dell Technologies Services to create a new SharePoint Online intranet, rollout Teams and re-introduce OneDrive. Click into this video to uncover the results realized and learn how you can achieve the same in your organization.

  • Football Association of Ireland’s Experience with Dell Technologies Services for Office 365 and VxRail

    Click into this blog post for an exclusive interview with the IT manager from the Football Associate of Ireland – discussing the association’s goals to increase employee collaboration through Microsoft Office 365, gain process automation with VxRail, and up-skill employees with education services.

  • Enabling a mobile workforce to better serve the community

    In this video, Salvation Army Australia CIO Craig Tucker discusses how Salvation Army enables a fully engaged workforce and efficient collaboration, supported by Dell Technologies. Access now to learn more.

  • Accelerate Your Anywhere Work Strategy and Optimize Workforce Experience

    This report from Dell and Forrester covers key lessons learned from 2020 to help your organization shift from a remote work policy into an anywhere-work strategy – focusing on technologies for flexible workstyles, the hybrid approach, putting people first, and more. Access now to get started.

  • Dell Technologies Services Accelerates Deployment And Time-To-Value With Microsoft 365 And Teams

    Forrester Consulting recently interviewed a decision-maker at a large grocery retailer about their experience working with Dell Technologies Services to deploy Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Download now to uncover key insights revealed in the interview and learn how you can get started deploying Microsoft 365 and Teams in your organization.

  • Doing good and doing it better

    In this case study, uncover how The Salvation Army Australia worked with Dell Technologies to develop—and execute—a strategy for IT and workforce transformation that advanced its mission, cut cost and supported innovation. Download now to explore key business needs, the solutions they implemented, and the results realized from the move.

  • Reviving investment in Office 365

    This case study explores how Major Health Partners, a leading provider of ambulatory and acute healthcare, reimplemented Office 365 to create a new SharePoint Online intranet and roll out Teams. Download now to see how Dell Technologies helped them through the process, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Cloud Productivity with Microsoft 365

    Download this paper to learn about implementation services for cloud productivity with Microsoft 365 – opening up a new way that your employees can securely and efficiently get work done in the hybrid workplace.

  • Going on offense with Office 365

    After a ransomware attack, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) accelerated its planned migration to Microsoft Office 365—restoring workforce communications on the new platform in two days. Open up this case study to see the results realized from this move and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Dell ProManage MDR Video (Dell Technologies VIDEO 1)

    Watch this short video to learn the benefits of Dell Technology's Managed Detection and Response including 24 x 7 monitoring, endpoint deployment assistance, and remote remediation support.


    Dell ProManage helps you meet key business goals including high availably and performance for your Microsoft 365 cloud applications, effective collaboration between users and teams, and security and compliance peace of mind. Read this short paper to learn how you can improve your device management with an experienced vendor.

  • Managed Detection and Response Webinar (Dell Technologies VIDEO 4)

    Access this webcast to learn how Dell’s Managed Detection and Response can secure your environment across endpoints, networks, and clouds with the help of their team of incident response experts.

  • Strengthen your security posture with Managed Detection and Response Datasheet

    Access this data sheet to learn about Dell Technologies Managed Detected and Response (MDR) offering – a fully managed, end-to-end, 24/7 monitoring service that detects, investigates, and responds to threats across the entire IT environment, and much more.

  • MDR V2 Podcast

    Is your organization prepared to face the latest influx of advanced threats? Listen to this podcast to learn how Dell Technologies’ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform strives to help customers manage their global security operations with 24x7 threat monitoring, detection, remediation and recovery.

  • Managing Cyber Risk As A Business Issue

    Ransomware and cyberattacks —insider, outsider and even nation-sponsored—threaten your organization’s ability to operate. You could lose millions of dollars in a single attack – so, how will you guard against the threat? Read this brief to learn about managing cyber risk as a business issue.

  • Thriving in the Cybersecurity Chess Game

    Forrester recent analysis shows that 63% of companies have experienced a data compromise due to an exploited vulnerability in hardware, or silicon-level security. Learn about how Dell EMC PowerEdge UEFI Secure Boot Customization hardens security and their solution benefits for secure hardware.

  • Securing the Data Pipeline

    Businesses are using a vast network of digital pipelines for their data, but many are doing so with little thought about the security risk. With this blog, find out how they can be protected against an increasingly uncertain and volatile threat landscape.


    Explore this white paper to learn the top reasons why IT decision makers rely on IT service providers, see an overview of Dell and Microsoft’s solution, and discover how you too can proactively monitor, update, and optimize devices in your end-user environments.

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