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  • Dell Technologies Video 2

    Tune into this webinar to join Shawn Jagodzinski, Senior Director of Product Management at Dell, as he discusses their latest platform ProManage – armed with capabilities that aim to keep user productivity high, facilitate collaboration, protect against cyber threats, and more.

  • How To Address Key Work From Anywhere IT Challenges [Podcast]

    Tune into this podcast to hear Shawn Jagodzinski, Senior Director at Dell, discuss key challenges IT departments have been facing due to the pandemic, how Dell has been helping IT teams shift to a remote workforce, considerations for using managed services and more.

  • Dell Technologies Video 1

    Open up this video to get a sneak peek into Dell’s latest managed services platform for end users, ProManage – detailing how IT pros can stay up the date with the latest software changes, address security concerns and handle employee support needs.

  • Promanage Adds More Flexibility And Choice For Managed Services

    Open up this resource to learn more about Dell’s latest offering, ProManage, covering expanded, modular options, why IT teams are picking managed service providers to achieve business objectives, in-depth features of ProManage and more.

  • Dell Technologies Video 3

    Tune into this video to hear Shawn Jagodzinski, Senior Director of Product Management at Dell, discuss the challenges organizations are currently facing as they shift to a semi-permanent remote workforce, as well as success stories from organizations that were able to support their employees with Dell’s latest managed services offer, ProManage.

  • Dell Promanage For End Users Managing Today’s Distributed Workforce

    70% of business owners have decided to let their employees continue working remotely, even after the stay-at-home mandates lift. Open up this infographic to take a peek at the IT challenges that have surfaced due to new borderless workforces, as well as tips for how IT can circumvent these challenges and manage today’s distributed workforce.

  • The Cloud Complexity Imperative

    Read this paper to learn why organizations must unify and simplify management of their sprawling multicloud environments.

  • Public Sector Organizations Focused on IT Transformation Lead in Data Protection

    This paper focuses on the differences observed between high-maturity public sector agencies and their lower-maturity counterparts.

  • How to Assess Workload Performance for Data-Driven IT Decisions

    Access this paper to learn more about the Live Optics assessment and how it can give your organization the answers needed to strategically invest in your data center infrastructure.

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