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  • Searching Observability Data

    The vast majority of today’s data goes unseen and unused directly into a data store because it’s too expensive and impractical to search. In this For Dummies e-book, explore the options that IT leaders are embracing to effectively search the mountains of data generated today.

  • 2023 Observability Market Map

    Discover in this Cribl webinar the secrets to navigating the 2023 observability market map, with expert insights on how to get the most out of your observability investment.

  • Do you have a Cyber Resilience strategy?

    Discover in this webinar why planning for failure is a key part of cyber-resilience, and how a proper strategy can set you up for SIEM success.

  • Top 3 SIEM Optimizations with Cribl Stream

    Check out this webinar for the top 3 SIEM optimizations you need to know, and how Cribl Stream can help you get there

  • Observability What Does It Even Mean?

    What does observability even mean? It can mean different things to different people. This webcast opens with a couple definitions: one from Mike Cormier, the Founder and Managing Director of Concanon, and one from Gartner. Tune in to the presentation to unlock an observability deep dive.

  • Cribl's Spring Product Launch

    Check out this webcast to discover how you can unlock more value from all of your observability data by leveraging Cribl’s recently enhanced suite of products.

  • Optimize Your SIEM & Comply with the Latest OMB Mandates

    Executive Order 14028 set cybersecurity as a national priority in the United States. So, how do federal agencies comply? Watch this webcast to learn about the actions that an agency must take and how a data pipeline can help on the journey.

  • Are Your Observability Search Tools Breaking Your Heart?

    Discover in this webinar why Cribl’s new Search tool will be love at first sight for the budget-conscious enterprise.

  • Level Up Security Operations with Google Chronicle and Cribl

    Onboard your security data from any data source into Google Chronicle within minutes, so you can spend less time data plumbing and more time responding to cyber threats. Get the details in this solution brief.

  • Perfect Data Security and Performance with Cribl Stream and CrowdStrike Falcon Data Replicator

    See how together, Cribl Stream and CrowdStrike Falcon Data Replicator gives customers visibility, flexibility, and control over data volumes.Read the solution brief for more information.

  • Cribl for Healthcare

    Healthcare providers need an observability tool that works with existing tooling, offers quick insights on telehealth data, and keeps patient and organizational information safe and secure. Read this solution brief for more details.

  • Supercharge Your Security Insights with Cribl Stream

    Discover in this data sheet how you can use Cribl Stream’s data filtering to boost your data’s signal, then increase the value of what you choose to keep by enriching it with context – automatically adding related data from external sources – all in real time.

  • Cribl for Managed Security Services

    Discover in this data sheet how the Cribl suite of products can help MSSPs implement an observability pipeline, enabling them to parse, restructure, and enrich data in flight — for multiple customers and tenants.

  • The Business Case for Observability Pipelines

    Check out this white paper to weigh the benefits of building your own observability pipeline against the costs of long-term support and higher hardware costs.

  • Top Five Trends for Security and IT Budget Owners

    Dive into this e-book to learn how organizations are shifting from pure cost cutting measures to identifying strategic investments, and which industries will see the biggest budget impact over the next 12 months.

  • Cribl for Financial Services

    Discover in this data sheet how Cribl’s suite of products can help solve financial services’ toughest data challenges with routing, shaping, enriching, and search functionalities that make data more manageable.

  • Data Governance with Cribl’s Observability Solution

    Discover in this data sheet to learn how Cribl Stream can help your organization rationalize your observability data governance, and use fine-grained routing and control to distribute data across multiple platforms.

  • 2023 Trends & Predictions

    Tune into this Cribl webinar for the top 3 cybersecurity predictions for 2023, and discover the trends you need to be aware of when preparing your data security strategy.

  • 2023 Trends and Predictions for Observability and Security

    Check out this white paper for predictions that can help IT and security leaders adapt their businesses and staffing to counter 2023’s uncertainty.

  • The State of Security Data Management 2022

    To understand today’s trends and challenges in data-management security, Cribl partnered with CITE Research to survey security professionals. This report details the research’s 6 key findings. Continue on to boost your knowledge of data-management security.

  • A Security Engineer’s Nightmare

    For security pros, preventing breaches and ensuring data privacy is hectic enough – having an incompetent system on top of these challenges can introduce new levels of stress. Read this white paper to learn how Cribl is helping security engineers log information and incidents so they can focus their efforts on more important tasks.

  • Security and ITOps: Better Together

    Today’s security architects and Security Operations (SecOps) teams are scrambling to respond as enterprises continue to diversify IT infrastructures. Access this white paper to learn how LogStream is designed to provide A simplified, rich user experience to make solving security alert challenges easier to resolve and more.

  • Observability from Code to Cloud

    In this research report, independent analysts from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) reveal and evaluate the findings of a survey of 357 IT, DevOps, and application development professionals with regards to the current and future state of observability and AIOps-driven automation.

  • Improving Splunk Performance and Lowering CPU Usage with Cribl LogStream™

    Data volumes are growing across virtually every industry, so oftentimes it is simply not possible to bring in all the necessary data into Splunk. Cribl LogStream aims to diversify this approach, optimizing your data for consumption. Learn more about Cribl LogStream and how it can simplify your data integration process in this white paper.

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