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  • Supercharge your Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response Solution with Cribl LogStream

    Often too busy handling manual processes, SecOps and SOAR teams struggle to manage complex logging at scale and respond to threats fast enough. Join the Cribl team as they walk through how pairing your SOAR solution with Cribl LogStream can simplify your data management and streamline incident response.

  • Optimize your Observability Pipeline for Cost and Scale with Cribl Stream™ + Splunk

    The shift to a hybrid workplace as left many organizations scrambling for an observability solution that is flexible and powerful. Cribl aims to address these needs with a dual offering of Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge. Read this white paper to learn 5 benefits of using Cribl to optimize your observability pipeline and Splunk deployment.

  • Improving Splunk Performance and Lowering CPU Usage with Cribl LogStream™

    Data volumes are growing across virtually every industry, so oftentimes it is simply not possible to bring in all the necessary data into Splunk. Cribl LogStream aims to diversify this approach, optimizing your data for consumption. Learn more about Cribl LogStream and how it can simplify your data integration process in this white paper.

  • Put Out IT and SecOps Fires - Before They Even Start

    ITOps and SecOps teams can struggle in wrangling complex operational environments, and who can blame them? These environments can span multiple clouds, deployments, and surfaces, making the mere act of observation a tricky endeavor. Watch this webinar to learn how Cribl can help your organization can construct an insightful observability pipeline.

  • Learn How to Manage Splunk Cloud CPU Utilization and Costs with Cribl LogStream

    Hear from SecOps Engineer Ryan Saunders as he walks through how his security team maximized their Splunk Cloud investment with Cribl LogStream to cut costs and increase efficiency.

  • Empty Calories Kill: 5 Steps to Maximizing Your Splunk Investment

    It is best to avoid investing in “empty calories,” or in the IT world, log data that takes up storage but holds little value. An observability pipeline like Cribl Stream can help IT admins trim their empty calories dramatically. Read this blog to learn how you can increase your Splunk efficiency and get the most out of your investment.

  • How Cribl Stream Optimizes Your Splunk Cloud Migration

    Read this solution brief to learn how Cribl Stream can help bring transparency to your operations’ true costs, optimizing data for high search performance and low-cost long-term storage.

  • Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability — Modernize Legacy, Prepare for Tomorrow

    In a world where DevOps and ITOps are nearly synonymous, introducing observability tools is a solid move to innovate with sufficient speed. Check out Gartner’s comprehensive research study on the best 6 vendors for observability, including key findings, recommendations, and analysis for each vendor.

  • What is Observability?

    Today’s IT teams often struggle to identify new signals or opportunities in their data monitoring. Observability lets you discover and understand your dynamic environments in near real time. Read this white paper to learn more about observability, including definitions, benefits, and the observability pipeline.

  • Security and ITOps: Better Together

    SecOps teams need the ability to easily route data to any tool without being limited to a vendor’s ecosystem. Check out this e-book to learn more about Cribl Stream, a SecOps solution offering tools for data management and threat defense.

  • Five Ways to Save on Splunk

    By using Cribl Stream, you can balance the increasing data storage and analytics costs associated with Splunk without impeding growth and security. Read on to learn how you can trim licensing and storage costs significantly using a product like Cribl Stream and by following 5 simple steps

  • Cribl Observability Pipelines

    This 48-page eBook introduces you to concept of observability pipelines – showcasing how it can help slash costs, improve performance, and get the right data, to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time. Download now to get started.

  • The Observability Pipeline Buyer’s Guide

    When looking for an observability pipeline, there are many things to consider, including the short-term and long-term benefits of each type of solution. This white paper includes a handy checklist to keep on hand as you start to research solutions. Download now to get started.

  • A Security Engineer’s Nightmare

    For security pros, preventing breaches and ensuring data privacy is hectic enough – having an incompetent system on top of these challenges can introduce new levels of stress. Read this white paper to learn how Cribl is helping security engineers log information and incidents so they can focus their efforts on more important tasks.

  • Security and ITOps: Better Together

    Today’s security architects and Security Operations (SecOps) teams are scrambling to respond as enterprises continue to diversify IT infrastructures. Access this white paper to learn how LogStream is designed to provide A simplified, rich user experience to make solving security alert challenges easier to resolve and more.

  • 2022 Observability Trends and Predictions

    As we move further into 2022, the observability market is only growing. That’s why Cribl has stepped forward to introduce new observability trends and what to watch for in the future. To uncover the four trends discovered during their research, download this white paper.

  • Migrating Log Analytics to the Cloud

    Log analytics have emerged as a powerful tool, allowing you to understand your data and systems in ways that weren’t possible before. But these SaaS solutions often incur massive costs due to unregulated and unnecessary data streaming. Access this white paper to learn how an observability pipeline can help you overcome this issue.

  • Observability from Code to Cloud

    According to the following ESG report, 84% of organizations say they have to move 25-100% faster when deploying applications, infrastructure and services. This has led to businesses investing heavily into IT automation and AIOps solutions. Access the report here to learn more about the current state of observability and AIOps.

  • Five Ways to Get Even More Out of the Elastic Stack

    The Elastic Stack is a powerful tool for organizations looking to analyze observability data with a scalable platform at an affordable price point. By pairing it with an observability pipeline like Cribl LogStream, you can cut storage and compute costs, too. Read on to learn how you can get more out of the Elastic Stack in 5 simple steps.

  • Ensure Long-term Success with Elastic and Cribl

    Explore this short white paper to learn how Cribl LogStream and Elastic have become a powerful way for organizations to manage, prepare, and analyze critical observability data rapidly, even at huge scale.

  • Streamline Network Detection and Enable Faster Response with Corelight and Cribl

    Monitoring network traffic is essential to SecOps, but it’s made more difficult when Netflow logs flood your SIEM. Download this brief to learn how Cribl’s LogStream and Corelight’s Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform work together to replace low quality, “side-effect” network data with rich, protocol-comprehensive Zeek logs.

  • FINRA Levels Up their Data Game without a Steep Learning Curve

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) used Cribl LogStream to get massive volumes of data—4TB a day for their analytics platform alone—flowing to the right destinations in the right formats. Read on to learn how LogStream reduces complexity, saves FINRA time and effort with EN mappings, improves data processing, and more.

  • Future-proof your Business with Cribl LogStream™ + Amazon Web Services

    Read on to learn how Cribl LogStream and AWS combine to help future-proof businesses with better observability data management, reduced ingested log volumes, fewer duplicate fields, and much more.

  • The Observability Pipeline Buyer’s Guide

    Download this guide to explore a checklist of key ideas to consider when looking at a observability pipeline, such as protocol support and management systems. Plus, alternative build strategies for implementing one in your organization.

  • Five Ways to Save on Splunk

    Splunk offers one of the most comprehensive and effective platforms available when it comes to big data observability; but all their capabilities in data integration, automation, and analytics can also strain capacity and budget. Access this list today to learn 5 ways you can cut costs and increase efficiency by pairing Cribl LogStream with Splunk.

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