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  • Intelligent Data Management Best Practices

    Access this e-guide to learn 3 key guidelines for intelligent data management and get to the bottom of why organizations need to govern data in this manner.

  • 5 Critical Capabilities for Multi-Cloud Data Management

    As cloud adoption proliferates more and more, companies are starting to find their data spread across a variety of cloud solutions. Read on to learn the 5 critical capabilities needed to ensure that your data management is fit for the multi-cloud and ensure that your efforts add value to your data, not confusion.

  • Eliminate Roadblocks of Cloud Data Migration

    For Komprise, there’s an easy way to see more cloud migration success: instead of viewing migrations as dreaded detours, consider them as part of a data lifecycle journey. Learn how to change your cloud migration mindset here.

  • Komprise: Unstructured Data Management

    Access this GigaOm white paper for an overview of Komprise’s unstructured data management solution and to see how it performs under key criteria and metrics analyses.

  • 4 Surefire Ways to Control Cloud Storage Costs

    This paper digs into why cloud storage costs are hard to handle and presents 4 ways to help you control them. Access now to learn how to save 50% or more on your cloud storage costs with these approaches.

  • 7 Archiving Pitfalls That Reduce Your Savings

    View this white paper to learn 7 common archiving pitfalls to avoid and discover standards-based transparent archiving, an archiving solution without the disruption.

  • Migration Isn’t Archiving

    While there are similarities, the differences between data migration and archiving can have a big impact on your organization. Download this white paper to dig into the differences between archiving and data migration so that you can strategically apply each in your organization.

  • Why Data Growth is not a Storage Problem

    Read on to learn how analytics-driven data management can put you in control of your data for smarter decisions and maximum savings.

  • Manage Your Data, Not Just Your Storage

    Download this paper to learn how to avoid getting burnt by keeping “cold data” on expensive “hot” storage systems by utilizingan analytics-driven data management solution like Komprise.

  • How to Manage your Data Growth Smarter with Data Literacy

    Download now to learn the importance of this more proactive approach to data management—understanding your data types and access patterns, and strategically placing data in the right storage to save costs and derive more value from your data.

  • Archiving vs Transparent Archiving

    Archiving is a popular cost-saving strategy. But how much you save varies greatly depending on the method used. When you know what to look for, you can avoid disruption to end-users and data access, prevent vendor lock-in, and maximize savings. Read this paper to understand the differences in several archiving techniques.

  • Hot Tips to Cut Cold Data Costs with Intelligent Data Management

    Moving cold data to less expensive storage than, say, primary NAS, can help you stop racking up those mounting backup and storage costs. Download this infographic to learn how and to view 3 steps you can take to achieve more intelligent data management.

  • Block-level Tiering vs. File-level Tiering

    Access this paper to learn the difference between block-level tiering and file-level tiering to ensure you use the optimal approach(es) for your specific systems and maximize your savings.

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