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  • GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Large Enterprises

    Data is one of the most crucial assets to a organization today. This GigaOm Radar report compares more than a dozen vendors on their data protection offerings so you can decide which provider is the right one for your enterprise. Read it here.

  • Do It Yourself vs Compass®

    Organizations handling their data protection architecture in-house often find themselves needing to juggle multiple incompatible vendor solutions, increasing costs, complications, and headaches. Check out this data sheet for a side-by-side look at how these DIY tactics stack up against Compass's data protection solutions.

  • Compass® for Sheltered Harbor

    Sheltered Harbor protects public confidence in the US financial system if devastating events damage an institution's critical systems; thus, protection technologies trusted by Sheltered Harbor must satisfy the most rigorous of standards. Read this case study to see why Compass is the only account protection technology endorsed by Shelter Harbor.

  • Security Practices for Backing Up Data in the Cloud

    Cloud security is too important to leave to chance, especially when data environments are getting ever more complex to deal with the threats coming from every direction. For a look at the most common pitfalls of securing cloud data, and how organizations can get the right protection plans in place, check out this blog post.

  • How Cyber Shield Features within Cobalt Iron Compass Enable Ransomware Recovery

    Check out this data sheet from ESG to learn the highlights of a detailed evaluation of Compass Cyber Shield including an overview, data protection visibility and insights, and a look at the cyber-recovery process.

  • Simplify NAS Backup

    Check out this data sheet to read about Compass from Cobalt, a NAS backup and recovery solution that improves restore flexibility and increases backup efficiency while improving functionality, efficiency, and service levels.

  • Analytics-Driven Automation in Cobalt Iron Compass®

    Access this white paper to learn about Cobalt Iron’s next-generation enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup solution which uniquely addresses the backup problems of the current day through 6 characteristics.

  • Cobalt Iron Compass® for Hybrid Cloud

    In this data sheet you’ll learn about Cobalt Iron Compass, a true cloud-based solution that delivers performance and protection across the entire enterprise and hybrid cloud no matter where data resides. Check it out to learn its 4 key benefits.

  • Modernizing Your Backup and Recovery Solution to Meet Today’s Demands

    Read this white paper to learn what it means to modernize your backup and recovery to meet today’s demands and discover a hyperconverged, intelligent data protection solution that can do it by consolidating all aspects of data protection into a single platform.

  • Enterprise Backup for the Remote World: Your Complete Guide

    Check out this white paper to learn key takeaways from the remote work experience that can help data managers handle sudden drastic changes and see how Cobalt Iron Compass enterprise SaaS is in the perfect position to contribute in this increasingly remote world.

  • What It Takes toSimplify Enterprise Backupand Get More From Your IBM Spectrum Protect Investment

    Check out this white paper for an objective look at Spectrum Protect technology, learn how enterprises can use it more effectively in a new and changing business world, and much more.

  • Background and Company Performance

    Check out this analyst report to discover what makes Cobalt Iron’s Compass solution North American Data Backup Product Leadership Award material.

  • Compass®for Edge Computing

    With Cobalt Iron Compass, you can eliminate the complexity and costs normally associated with edge computing backup processes. Download this datasheet to find out how and to discover the essential benefits of leveraging this solution for edge computing backup.

  • COBALT IRON COMPASS®Data Protection for a Remote World

    With Cobalt Iron Compass, customers can remotely manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect backup hardware and software—all from a single dashboard. Download the datasheet here to ensure your team can confidently keep your company’s data protection healthy, stable, and secure while working remote.

  • End-to-end Data Protection for the Modern Data Center with Cobalt Iron Compass

    Cobalt Iron introduced their Compass platform to drive down cost and fully manage, configure, and maintain data protection processes for you. Access this ESG paper for an in-depth, 3rd party look at Cobalt Iron Compass and the benefits of its fully managed, immutable data and ransomware protection.

  • Enterprise Anti-ransomware Backup Solution Profile

    Cybersecurity software is the best means to detect and prevent ransomware, but it can’t always stop it. That is where enterprise backup solutions come in. Access this paper from DCIG to discover 5 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup solutions.

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