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  • Content Management System Vendor Selection Guide

    This London Research CMS Vendor Selection Guide, produced in partnership with Progress Software , aims to clarify the overall process and the individual stages you need to go through before you sign a contract with your chosen vendor. Download your copy to get started.

  • Build More Powerful Portals With a Modern CMS

    When it comes to content management and back office applications for employees, partners and customers, what’s the difference between an intranet and a portal? And which one is right for you? Find out in this eBook, which takes an in-depth look at portals and their features and benefits, as well as how a modern CMS can enhance your strategy.

  • Creating Epic Digital Experiences for B2B Companies

    Your business customers deserve the same customer-centric digital experiences that are so common in the B2C world—whether that’s an easy-to-use ecommerce system or a progressive web app. In short, digital experience is critical for everyone involved in your business. Review the business benefits of improving your digital experience here.

  • Protecting Against the 10 Most Critical Web Security Risks

    This infographic identifies the top 10 most critical security risks to web applications – as outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) – and explores tactics and advice for defending against each threat. Read on to get started.

  • Where Will Your CMS Take You?

    With all the options available on the market, choosing a new content management system (CMS) can be overwhelming. Consider the 7 key questions outlined in this infographic as you explore your CMS options.

  • The Evolution of Digital Experience

    Recently, Progress commissioned a first-of-its-kind global survey of more than 900 business leaders, web development leaders and application development leaders spanning digital experience, application development and business demands. Download the eBook and learn where your peers stand on: Strategy, results, barriers to success, and more.

  • Your Go-To Guide for Web Personalization with Progress Sitefinity

    Download this e-book for a refresher of content personalization fundamentals and learn how Progress Sitefinity CMS and Sitefiniity Insight can help manage, organize, and deliver your content.

  • Your Go-To Guide for Web Personalization with Progress Sitefinity

    Check out this white paper for some fundamentals and best practices around personalization. Learn how your organization can manage, organize, and deliver personalized content and improve the impact of personalization efforts.

  • Why Savvy Businesses are Leading with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

    Customer experience is a critical component of getting past the current digital disruption, and your organization needs to use its digital tools to improve user engagement, increase operational efficiencies, and streamline critical responses. Open this white paper to learn how you can accomplish all of that with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

  • The Ultimate Guide to Website Personalization

    Personalization is something that most consumers demand these days, but successfully personalizing a website doesn’t just require user data—it requires careful planning and execution. Check out this white paper to learn how personalization works, what challenges are associate with it, how it fits with content management strategies, and more.

  • Personalization vs. Customization: Clarifying the Confusion

    Open this white paper to gain a clear understanding of the differences between personalization and customization, and how you can get started better implementing each in your organization.

  • Drive Better Results with A/B Testing

    Open this white paper for a better look into the possibilities of A/B testing, and what your team can really accomplish with a full A/B testing routine in your arsenal.

  • Delivering on the Promise of a Great Customer Journey

    Customer satisfaction and customer relationship management are crucial components to any successful business strategy, and businesses are realizing this—about 2/3 of organizations have customer experience initiatives underway. Read on to learn more about customer expectations, market trends, and business strategies about customer satisfaction.

  • Savvy Businesses Lead with a Digital Experience Platform

    Learn why experts say a DXP should be the foundation of your digital transformation strategy in this webinar.

  • Take Personalization to the Next Level with Hyper-Personalization

    Watch this webinar to learn about hyper-personalization and how it can help take you existing strategy to the next level.

  • Your Personalization Checklist

    Personalization is a vital part of good customer service—but doing it effectively can be hard. Download this personalization checklist to make sure you have all the necessary answers and tools for a successful strategy.

  • Future-Proof Your Digital Experiences

    Digital transformation is frequently touted as a necessary initiative, but what exactly is it addressing? For many businesses, digital transformation is a process focused on overhauling and improving the user experience. Watch this webcast to learn how digital transformation affects the customer experience and prepares it better for the future.

  • Join the Adventure: Your New Customer Journey is Just Beginning

    Although emphasizing the customer experience has been a successful business strategy for centuries, the 21st century customer is more demanding than ever. Rapidly changing communication channels, customer engagement expectations, and more have led to a customer experience expectation in flux. Read on to learn how to navigate this difficult field.

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