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  • Knative Inaction Serverless For Kubernetes

    Knative, an open-source community project, helps developers deliver and manage serverless, cloud-native applications. Now, the ultimate guide to Knative is here. Inside this 274-page guide, explore the fundamentals of Knative, from configuring autoscaling to the anatomy of CloudEvents. Save the guide here.

  • How To Achieve Aws, Azure, Or GCP Observability At Scale

    In this comprehensive, 60-page guide, explore the best ways your organization can achieve AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform observability at scale—and how to convince your teammates to jump on board. Save the guide here for reference.

  • Enterprise Cloud-Native Applications And Infrastructure Demand Modern Observability

    As you probably know, operational complexity is on the rise due to multiple factors, from the increased use of automated CI/CD pipelines to the growing popularity of edge computing. What you might not know is how to control this complexity. Luckily, this guidebook can help. Download the IDC guidebook to modern enterprise observability here.

  • Vmware Feathers Its Kubernetes Nest With Tanzu Editions And Cloud Partnerships

    Recently, VMware Tanzu unveiled four new bundles—ranging from Basic to Enterprise levels—offering a roadmap to Kubernetes and cloud-native adoption. Explore each bundle and more in the full 451 Research Report. Download it here.

  • Why Large Organizations Trust Kubernetes

    Large organizations have shown a deep trust in Kubernetes. In fact, 59% of large organizations right now use Kubernetes in production. In this article, dig into why Kubernetes defines so many enterprises, as well as how your team can start creating a Kubernetes strategy today. Read more here.

  • 10 Examples Of Smarter Alerting

    Cloud environments demand a more sophisticated approach to alerts and monitoring. Use this guide to learn how you can use analytics to detect hidden anomalies in cloud application environments. Explore 10 new examples of smarter alerting here.

  • The Future of Software Delivery Needs DevSecOps

    According to Forrester research, application security is a major priority for most organizations. However, any given team’s approach to security may have some major oversights. Here, find answers for all your security questions, including who owns security in a DevOps world, where DevSecOps is implemented, and what container security must focus on.

  • How To Scale Agile Software Development With Product Teams In The Enterprise

    For larger organizations, undertaking an agile transformation means managing dependencies, communications, and outcomes across globally distributed teams—and things can get complicated fast. Explore key strategies for the agile enterprise here.

  • How To Build Great Digital Products

    Today’s market calls for every organization to have a robust digital product management strategy in place, so that digital leaders, managers, and CIOs can manage the full lifecycle of digital products. Download this exclusive Forrester report to discover how to build great digital products.

  • The State Of Observability 2021

    In order to understand the current state of observability adoption, VMWare conducted a 2021 survey of IT practitioners to explore how they drive the deployment of observability tools and what it can bring to DevOps teams dealing with cloud app challenges. Download this report to uncover key findings from the survey, all by the numbers.

  • 11 Recommended Security Practices to Manage the Container Lifecycle

    Development, security, and operations leaders all share a common concern: application security across the software development lifecycle. The problem is, no team wants to fully claim this challenge as their own. Download this guide to learn about 11 security practices that everyone can get behind.

  • Best Practices For Container Security

    Traditional security tools aren’t cutting it in the world of containers. Luckily, this Forrester report identifies the security strategies and alternatives that do work in a container environment. Get started now—explore the best practices for container security here.

  • Production Kubernetes: Building Successful Application Platforms

    Many organizations have an existing Kubernetes footprint, there are far fewer that have reached production—and even less operating at scale. In this guide, O’Reilly breaks down all you need to know about Production Kubernetes, from building application platforms on Kubernetes to deployment models. Download the guide here.

  • Best Practices to Enable Continuous Delivery With Containers and DevOps

    According to Gartner Research, I&O leaders responsible for agile and DevOps projects should do 3 things: Coordinate application development and infrastructure automation, foster collaboration between I&O and the development community, and optimize management of containers. Learn how you can achieve these goals in the full report here.

  • Radically Collaborative Patterns for Software Makers

    In this 83-pg encyclopedia, find an in-depth look into various ‘patterns’, or software strategies. The encyclopedia provides an overview of the most successful and radical patterns in the market right now, including high-level patterns that involve the entire organization, team-wide patterns, and patterns for specialized roles.

  • Using DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Platforms to Execute a Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital transformation is quite the umbrella term. Yet its lack of specificity allows for all-inclusive innovation. In this 99-page “cloud-native cookbook”, find how to apply DevOps, Agile, and cloud technology to your organization’s digital transformation strategies—all the way from planning with your team to building in the pipeline.

  • Kubernetes Up & Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

    Since its introduction in 2014, Kubernetes has grown to be one of the largest andmost popular open source projects in the world. Kubernetes ensures developers that their software can build and deploy scalable distributed systems. In this nearly 300-pg guide, find all you need to know about this new standard API. Download the guide here.

  • Kubernetes for Operators

    One of operations’ main tasks is to ensure everything operates reliably at scale. Thanks to a combination of cloud-native technologies and containers, the goal of scalability is now much more attainable. In this Kubernetes for Operators eBook, learn about the 2 crucial elements of Kubernetes, the top 6 questions about Kubernetes, and more.

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