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  • VMware Tanzu Labs Design Guide

    For a deep look at the key product design principles VMware Tanzu Labs have refined over the years to transform enterprise teams, and how your organization can design software that pushes the edge of the modern envelope, check out this e-book.

  • How To Achieve Aws, Azure, Or Gcp Observability At Scale

    86% of respondents characterized their organizations’ cloud strategy as multi-cloud, according to Forrester. Yet many of these companies struggle with monitoring across their environments. This 60-page guide to multi-cloud observability breaks down everything your teams need to know to excel at monitoring your environment. Read it here.

  • How to Build Better Software with Balanced Teams

    Too many teams may be implementing their chosen agile methodology while neglecting to consider the human side of their strategies, undermining the entire process. Take a look at this white paper to learn the core values supporting a balanced team approach, as well as the benefits these values can bring to your team.

  • UCD after MVP – How to Leverage User-Centered Design for Every Release

    VMware Pivotal Labs product designer Dani Sandoval shares how UCD techniques can be used by product teams to quickly respond to feedback and maximize business value, without losing track of a project's success metrics. Watch this webinar to find out how you can foster continuous innovation through carefully-orchestrated solution transitions.

  • Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Operations and Observability with VMware Tanzu

    Without a good Kubernetes strategy in place, management and observability challenges can quickly arise. To help you overcome these issues, a panel of VMware Tanzu experts gathered to discuss how a centralized management platform can enable you to secure your infrastructure and applications across clouds. Watch it here.

  • Observability for Modern Application and Kubernetes Environments

    It’s not easy root-causing modern app and Kubernetes issues, because things can get, well, a bit cloudy. Listen to VMware’s team of observability experts on best practices, key capabilities and requirements, strategies for increasing reliability, and even step-by-step walkthroughs so your cloud and Kubernetes monitoring can be as clear as possible.

  • Policy and Automation Address Multicluster Kubernetes Management Challenges

    Access this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn how policy-driven, multicluster configuration and life-cycle management automation technologies are emerging to better standardize, secure, and control critical container infrastructure across multicloud environments.

  • Start and Scale Your Cloud Initiative Faster than You Thought Possible

    Your application portfolio is a complex mix of things, from containers to mainframes to monolithic apps. You want to leverage the benefits of cloud-native but feel held back by all this complexity. This webinar dives into how you can scale your app portfolio modernization initiatives faster than you thought possible. Watch it here.

  • How to Achieve AWS, Azure, or GCP Observability at Scale

    86% of modern enterprises have begun tackling multi-cloud strategies; it's unsurprising, then, that improved monitoring of multi-cloud environments has become a top organizational priority. Check out this e-book for a walkthrough of how to achieve observability for each of the major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP and VMware cloud on AWS.

  • Accelerate Your Kubernetes Adoption by Running and Managing Kubernetes at Scale

    If you wanted to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption and start scaling your K8s operation, this webinar breaks it all down. By utilizing VMware Tanzu standard and VMware Cloud Foundation, you can scale your Kubernetes while seeing benefits like standardized BOM with automated LCM and full automation. Tune in here.

  • VMware Tanzu Labs Design Guide

    This 65-page VMware Tanzu Labs design guide details the best ideas from user-centered designs (UCD), design thinking, and how to create high-functioning Agile teams that build great products, quickly, using an Agile UCD approach. Access it here.

  • DevSecOps

    DevSecOps is about making security an inextricable, if not intrinsic, part of the application lifecycle to support increasingly complex, cloud-native applications. But where do you start? Begin by downloading a copy of this comprehensive DevSecOps for Dummies e-book, in which you’ll find helpful definitions and how-tos.

  • Establishing an SRE-Based Incident Lifecycle Program

    Organizations with an ill-defined process for continuously preventing internet-related system outages risk making their customers unhappy, burning out their employees and wasting time on unnecessary toil. Dive into this e-book for a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of designing a streamlined incident lifecycle program.

  • Full-Stack Observability of AWS and Cloud Applications

    When scaling your cloud services, challenges like hidden costs, lack of universal observability, and missed critical SLAs due to cloud complexity can bog down your operations. Access this webinar to learn how overcome these issues and how VMware Tanzu Observability is designed to help.

  • How to Scale Agile Software Development with Product Teams in the Enterprise

    Enterprises have enjoyed amazing results by adopting agile methods. But that success is not without its challenges when dealing with enterprise size software teams that total 100 or more. This white paper addresses these concerns by providing guidance for enterprises to implement Agile methods

  • How did we get here? Platforms and the developer experience gap

    Far too often developers are spending a large chunk of their time fighting with their build tools. The more you enable developers to have quality experiences by having them spend most of their time coding, the better business result for your organization. Tune in to this panel discussion to explore how you can improve software development.

  • Cloud, Kubernetes, and Making Infrastructure Transformation Work for You

    As companies modernize their businesses, questions often arise about what projects to prioritize and why they matter. This panel-discussion dives into the cloud, containers, Kubernetes, VMs and what they mean for your organization’s transformation efforts. Tune in here to learn why and how you should modernize your infrastructure.

  • A Practical Approach to Application Modernization

    Modernizing your existing application portfolio has become a critical part of transformation success. This guide to application modernization provides an overview of essential elements you need for modernization success, including building the right culture from executives to developers and when to use Kubernetes (and when not to). Access it here.

  • How to Think Cloud Native

    We are still in the infancy of cloud-native in the wider IT world. Which leads to questions like, what is cloud-native, how do you implement it, and what benefits can it truly bring you? This white paper answers all these questions and more, touching on cloud-native elements like DevOps, containers, microservices, and security. Read it here.

  • GigaOm Vendor Profile: VMware

    VMware Tanzu Observability is an enterprise monitoring platform that offers full-stack observability. This GigaOm vendor profile report on VMware’s Tanzu Observability suite analyzes the platform to see if it’s the right monitoring solution for you. Access the report here.

  • The State of the Software Supply Chain: Open Source Edition 2021

    As companies accelerate their digital efforts, the software supply chain becomes critically important. And with open-source software (OSS) taking on an expanding role in the enterprise software ecosystem, this report examines the issues surrounding OSS. Access it here to explore how OSS is impacting the software supply chain.

  • DevOps continues to evolve, with user experience among top priorities – Highlights from VotE: DevOps

    53% of companies say improving the quality of user experience for apps and services is the No. 1 outcome they are trying to achieve through DevOps, according to 451 Research. Access the report here to learn more about the evolution of DevOps.

  • So You Build a Kubernetes Platform, Now What? Achieving Platform Economics with Kubernetes

    In this webinar, join James Urquhart, Tanzu Executive Technical Advisor, and Jay Lyman, Senior Research Analyst for Cloud-Native and DevOps at 451 Research, in conversation about what you’ll need to deliver a great application platform on top of Kubernetes.

  • Comprehensive Kubernetes Observability at Scale

    Every organization needs to understand the dependencies between their applications and the Kubernetes environment on which they run. Download the guide to enterprise observability for Kubernetes environment full-stack here.

  • Tackle App Modernization in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years

    With this comprehensive VMware guide, explore how your team can tackle application modernization in days and weeks, not months and years. Download the guide now.

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