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  • Enterprise AI strategy for healthcare payers

    While healthcare payer CIOs have consistently acknowledged the power of AI and analytics, this industry has failed to see the significant benefits from them. Access this post to learn how Gartner recommends healthcare payers maximize AI potential and learn how you can overcome some of the more common AI challenges in this industry.

  • CIO Decision Framework and Simulator on Capabilities: Buy VS Build

    Analytics solutions drive revenue in a very real way, but deciding between building your own solution and buying a pre-built one can be difficult. Access this Fractal white paper to learn how they recommend CIOs and other leaders approach the build versus buy decision, including evaluating 6 essential dimensions of this process.

  • Fractal Analytics Is A Leader Among Customer Analytics Service Providers

    Fractal Analytics’ customer analytics solutions are making waves thanks to their multidimensional approach that combine AI, engineering, and design to solve complex challenges. Access this Forrester Wave summary to learn what makes Fractal Analytics a “leader” in the eyes of Forrester and explore the features that distinguish it.

  • DTC to DX: welcome to the age of relevance

    Learn how to evolve your DTC experience and move towards disintermediation in this white paper.

  • Healthy experiences? It’s all in the detail

    Access this case study to learn how Fractal built one customer a scalable state of the art solution on their Azure cloud platform to address personalization shortcomings, and boosted ROI by 21%, reduced message fatigue, and improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Optimizing Order to Cash Model leads to 15% improvement in cash flow

    Read this short blog post to learn how a holistic machine learning tool turned around the inefficiencies of an order to cash model at a Fortune 500 CPG company to optimize and improve working capital management and decision-making.

  • 5 dimensions of making smart data-driven business decisions

    Read on to discover the 5 crucial components of decision-making for organizations and learn how the right deployment of AI, engineering, and design can help you create powerful solutions at scale.

  • Re-engineering balance sheet for optimized financial management

    Read this short blog post to learn how Fractal addresses financial management and reporting inaccuracies and inefficiencies by incorporating a mix of design, domain, and analytics to create a unique, dynamic solution—one that automated data flow, increased productivity, and increased profitability.

  • Better decisions for business with margin analytics

    Read on to learn how Fractal implemented an automated data management and analytics infrastructure for one CPG company and created an 80% reduction of manual effort in some business processes, reduced data sprawl and inaccuracy, and identified key detriments on the road to profitability—among other benefits.

  • Location Intelligence: Analytical Use Cases For Sales Organization

    To maximize efficiency and profit, Consumer Packaged Goods firms use location intelligence to prioritize sales and logistics and predict customer behavior. This sort of intelligence infuses analytics across a business. Read on to see the intricacies of location intelligence and learn crucial lessons as you optimize your business with analytics.

  • How A Tech Major Removed Cognitive Dissonance In Buying Journeys And Created $1B In Incremental Clv

    While 70% of buying journeys start digitally, companies are still struggling with the effects of cognitive dissonance as each session results in only a 1% purchase rate. Read on to learn how AI can uncover purchasing patterns and respond appropriately, at one company driving 25% more digital conversion rates, 50% revenue growth, and more.

  • Safe Patients Smart Hospitals: Moving Towards A Better Patient Experience

    As the world’s hospitals look to recover from the disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic, AI presents a powerful opportunity to develop contact-free health monitoring systems, more efficient records management, and better diagnosis systems. Read this short blog post to examine AI in the future of healthcare more closely.

  • Fractal named a leader in computer vision consulting

    In a recent vendor evaluation report, Fractal Analytics was named as a leader in computer vision consulting. Explore the criteria they were rated on, and recommendations for implementing CV in this blog post.

  • Delivering improvement in data quality for one of the largest electronics companies in the world

    When data quality issues were leading to invoice errors and delayed payments, a leading electronics company turned to Fractal to improve their data architectures. Read this blog post to learn how Fractal created a cleaner, more reliable back end for data processing and a front end with easy to use dashboards—all with future scalability in mind.

  • A brand creates $500MM opportunity by applying advanced analytics to “Order to Cash”

    When a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company realized their collection processes were inefficient, they partnered with Fractal Analytics to improve their data integration and analytics. Read this case study to learn how this company enabled real-time analytics and automated their systems, improving their cash flow and collections effectiveness.

  • How AI and analytics can stabilize the outlook for P&C insurance

    Businesses of all kinds are continuing to be disrupted by COVID-19 and the ensuing government responses, with few more affected than P&C insurers. Yet the uncertainty and interruptions don’t have to continue unmitigated. Check out this blog post to learn how AI and analytics can help business automate, optimize, and scale crucial insurance tasks.

  • Enabling personalized healthcare at scale

    Healthcare companies are using patient data, AI, analytics, and other tools to create predictive, personalized care solutions that create better patient outcomes faster. Read on to learn how a large healthcare provider partnered with Fractal to build and deploy a cloud healthcare management platform that supports integrated care for customers.

  • How AI enabled this Fortune 500 company to improve its customer care interactions and operational performance up to 20%

    Read this brief case study to see how using Fractal's AI-powered tool, dCrypt, helped one Fortune 500 retailer improve their overall customer care operations framework, and customer experience—while improving operational performance by 20%.

  • The Government of Karnataka efficiently manages COVID-19 patient care through the power of data engineering

    Read on to learn how the Government of Karnataka employed Fractal to intelligently manage their COVID-19 patient care in real-time, including patient admission and treatment, ensuring the appropriate resources were set aside for current and future high-risk patients, focusing testing efforts on high-risk patient contacts, and more.

  • COVID-19 and digital transformation in the CPG industry

    In this blog post, explore how COVID-19 has positively affected digital transformation in the CPG industry.

  • Keynote – AI and You

    AI is transforming the world, but as you seek to employ AI in your business, it’s worth asking if your business goals align with the goals of the AI algorithms. Watch this video to learn how to design the right AI to solve the problems your business is facing.


    Explore some predicted implications of the pandemic on the media & telecom, technology, financial services, healthcare, CPG & retail sectors, and strategies for moving forward in this eBook.

  • Fireside chat – AI: Making it work in the real world

    AI is almost universally acknowledged as being the next step for companies seeking to leverage data into positive business outcomes. But few companies have actually moved to adopt AI, and even fewer have seen success. Watch this fireside chat with Dr Hannah Fry and Johan Aurik to learn how valuable AI really is, and how to unlock that value.

  • Humanizing the customer experience in telecom

    Believe it or not, telecommunications organizations are leading the way for digital customer experience strategy. See how telcos are driving digital experiences with personalization and proactive customer service in this blog post.

  • Delivering unified customer experience

    What does it mean to deliver a unified customer experience? It means combining data, AI, and analytics to offer proactive, memorable service—something that’s easier said than done. Learn how you can get started creating a unified customer experience, and the benefits that offers in this blog post.

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