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  • BI: Experience the Power of Infinite Scalability

    This solution brief highlights a BI solution, Birst, which is designed to deliver high performance on top of a modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture that can scale infinitely across a shared-nothing, multi-node environment. To learn more about the features and benefits of this solution, read on here.

  • SunnyD eliminates data silos with Infor Birst

    Access this white paper to discover how a comprehensive solution from Infor Birst lead to profit maximization across the supply chain for leading juice-based producer.

  • Birst Demo: Streaming

    In a day when BI needs to be easy to utilize, flexible in its use cases, and flawless in its backend support, there are many applications which claim all of this and follow through on none of it. Watch this 2-minute-long video to see a how Infor’s Birst offers its users an easy-to-use semantic layer, data visualization capabilities, and more.

  • Citrix Systems Improves Their Processes with Infor Birst

    While every business could use a BI tool that’s been perfected by the time they deploy it, the sad fact is that few BI tools are ready to slot into a business’s data infrastructure as is. Read on to learn how Infor Birst was able to integrate with Citrix’s data architecture easily to provide them with crucial data insight and aggregation.

  • A Reference Architecture for Next Generation Big Data and Analytics

    Hadoop is excellent for some use cases, but its problems when it comes to usability for the average business user and slow speed in the face of large numbers of users limit its potential. Read on to learn how you can harness the power of Hadoop by building a next-gen big data and analytics platform around it.

  • Four Key Selection Criteria When Choosing a Modern Business Intelligence Platform

    Businesses are now embracing the new wave of BI platforms; these platforms ensure that keeping trusted, governed, quality data doesn’t keep you from creating speedy business insight. Check out this white paper to learn the 4 key criteria to consider when choosing your modern BI platform.

  • Making the Business Case for Analytics

    Any business initiative needs to build a case that justifies the investment. For analytics initiatives, this might seem straightforward at first but end up being more challenging than expected. Read on to learn how to make the business case for analytics, including proving ROI, breaking down the specific values of the program, and more.

  • The Future of BI is Networked: A Networked Model for Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Many businesses now have to choose between self-service BI and analytics that create data siloes, or centralized systems that lack true usability. Check out this white paper, where you’ll learn about Infor Birst and how its networked BI approach allows self-service analytics on a semantic layer that sits on top of your centralized data system.

  • Legacy BI: The Greatest Risk You Face as a CDO?

    Business intelligence programs are vital to most enterprise’s efforts to create insight and data-driven business processes; they’re also a pain to manage when your old BI program is outdated. Check out this white paper to learn why it’s important for businesses to stay on the cutting edge of their BI software to keep creating value from their data.

  • A Platform for Networked Business Analytics

    An effective business analytics program doesn’t just have cutting-edge analytics features; this program should also include data integration and governance capabilities to ensure your analytics accurately reflect the realities of your business. Read on to discover how Infor Birst’s unified data and analytics platform helps ensure this accuracy.

  • Birst Security and Reliability

    The following white paper provides an in-depth look at the key security capabilities of Birst, an Infor company. Download this white paper to learn how Birst ensure the protection and privacy of their customers data and discover how they maintain high data security standards.

  • Miller Industries Gains Management Alignment with Analytics

    While some companies might have business intelligence programs, ERP software, or similar solutions, many still lack pure analytics capabilities. Check out this video to learn how Miller Industries’ use of Birst analytics, and its mobile access to a single source of analytics truth, has improved their business performance in a variety of ways.

  • A Reference Architecture for Next-Generation Big Data and Analytics

    While Hadoop architectures are excellent at storing and processing data, business users often struggle with the complexity of the architecture. Read this white paper to learn how deploying a BI architecture to serve as a user-friendly interface for business analytics can gives your data infrastructure the speed and strength to support all users.

  • Governance in the Age of Data Discovery

    Slow, legacy BI systems have forced many employees to resort to using data discovery tools to find timely insight. But these tools often add to the system of fractured, disparate data siloes many companies are struggling to eliminate. Check out this white paper to learn why you don’t have to be choosing between data governance and agility.

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