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  • Who is GOSSIPGIRL? Revisiting the O.G. threat actor supergroup

    Flame (aka Flamer or sKyWIper) was the object of extensive research and fascination by the security community circa 2011. Flame proved to be one of the most daring threat actors ever discovered. This whitepaper investigates the connection between Flame and the O.G. threat actor super group, GOSSIPGIRL. Read on to learn more.

  • Abusing code signing for profit

    Cryptographically signing a piece of code is built on a problematic core tenet: Trust. This inherited trust model is taken advantage of by malware authors who purchase certificates directly or via resellers. Download this white paper to see what Chronicle researchers found when digging into this issue.

  • Company Profile: Global Healthcare Industry Leader

    In this case study learn how a US based healthcare sector market leader was able to combat their security analytics challenges with Chronicle’s platform.

  • Winnti: More than just Windows and Gates

    While reviewing a report of a Winnti malware intrusion at a Vietnamese gaming company, Chronicle researchers identified a small cluster of Winnti samples designed specifically for Linux. Download this white paper for a technical analysis of this variant.

  • Redefining Security Analytics with Chronicle

    Historically, most analysis and complex detection capabilities have been bundled together into a technology called a “SIEM.” In this Google Cloud Whitepaper, take an in-depth look at Chronicle’s global security telemetry platform, designed as the answer to the question: What would SIEM look like if it were invented today?

  • YARA-L: A New Detection Language for Modern Threats

    When it comes to threat detection and incident investigation, most organizations turn to SIEM, SOAR or another similar approach for analyzing security data. However, analyzing data is made more challenging by the increasing amount being generated. In this white paper, learn more about YARA-L, a new detection language for analyzing threat data.

  • Case study: Quanta Services

    In this case study, learn how Quanta Services, the leading specialty contractor with the largest and highly trained skilled workforce in North America, uses Chronicle’s security analytics platform to help focus their security analysts on high-quality work instead of spending time digging through mountains of data.

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