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  • Unify SAP and your entire IT under one UX

    With an eye on SAP, this guide offers various solutions to help businesses accelerate application development, ensure free-flowing data between systems and departments, and increase collaboration. Find out more about unifying your IT team with SAP under the RAD platform. Download the report now.

  • Agile Drives Mobile with Rapid Application Development

    Agile methodologies have been used in app development for decades now, but getting non-developer teams to use Agile is another story entirely. You'll need a hand helping them to truly understand Agile's cross-functional processes. To learn more about agile and low-code strategies, read this quick guide.

  • Becoming One of the Most Modern Retail Chains in the World

    In search of a new and more flexible digital retail solution, companies are replacing entire sales systems. The key is finding an e-commerce solution that benefits customers and employees equally. This article follows Elkjøp as they pursue transformation with Neptune Software’s low code platform for retail success.

  • Make SAP S/4HANA a smooth experience with rapid application development

    Read this blog post to review 3 key reasons why you should start transforming your SAP apps today to make your enterprise’s transformation transparent while moving to SAP S/4HANA.

  • Gruppo Montenegro Digitizes and Streamlines Trade Promotion Management Process

    With centralized planning—and the help of Dyna Brains and Neptune Software—one leading Italian spirits manufacturer was able to increase traceability and better plan their inventory without draining their budget. The secret ingredient is streamlined trade promotion management. Learn more in this quick guide.

  • A Municipal Provider’s Mobility Roadmap

    In this case study, learn how one company jumped from theory to practice with the Neptune DX Platform—and how, in just 6 months, the company went from implementing the platform to delivering applications.

  • Why Government Needs to Speed up Digitization Now

    As strategic leaders, CIOs and IT leaders must drive modern digital government initiatives to reduce citizens’ stress and relieve overburdened workforces. In this blog post, learn about the 3 approaches these leaders must adopt in order to meet their initiatives, from scaling protocols to low-code and more.

  • DevOps Culture: How the use of a modern RAD platform supports the speed, agility & continuous implementation of the DevOps approach

    In this article, learn how rapid application development platforms are becoming the defining technology for DevOps. Read more here.

  • Discover the Potential of Low Code to Transform Project Delivery

    In this success story, learn how Mercury Engineering used a low code development platform to create enterprise applications focused on mobility and productivity. Learn more about the pairing in this video.

  • A Two-Track Strategy to a Modern Digital Government

    Public sector organizations have to keep a delicate balance between delivering modern experiences while simultaneously making the best out of existing systems. This guide outlines a two-track strategy that leverages new and known strategies alike so that public sector organizations can build a modern digital government.

  • Why DevOps Matters (And the Toolset That Supports It)

    Developers and CIOs alike are realizing that the goals of DevOps can be attained with a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform. This white paper helps you identify the key characteristics all high-performing DevOps organizations have in common and highlights what questions CIOs need to ask themselves as they move forward.

  • A job wearing many hats – What does an ABAP Developer do?

    Now more than ever, we need developers with a good understanding of both business and IT. This is where Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) comes in. To learn about what exactly ABAP developers do, read this informative blog post that digs into how these developers fit into digitization.

  • Point of Sale: Innovation Asset or Liability?

    While Point of Sale (POS) systems are essential for day-to-day retailers, the way that businesses use and integrate these into their business process is shifting dramatically. Modern POS systems are becoming integrated with the cloud, allowing companies to manage inventory and more instantly. Read on to learn about the future of POS systems.

  • Next Level: SAP Fiori 3

    In this 7-video showcase, learn in detail how to create an SAP toolset to deliver a fully branded application suite for your internal and external users alike. The videos offer best practices to apply to your corporate branding, including application integration strategies, Neptune Software’s API factory, and iconography.

  • Security Process Overview of the Neptune DX Platform

    The Neptune DX platform offers its users a variety of speedy low-code development options. But how does it ensure that your systems remain safe? Watch this short video to learn how the security features of Neptune DX work, and learn the three different levels they use to manage security.

  • Application Building Blocks from Neptune Software

    In this video, learn how to use application “building blocks,” which are the components used to build enterprise applications. With a Rapid Application Development platform and these building blocks, application development can be accelerated substantially. Watch the video here to learn more about building quality enterprise applications.

  • PWA, Offline & Faster App Dev Using Application Building Blocks

    In this video, find a step-by-step guide on how to build applications with chatbots and multiple API sources so that your application can work online, offline, and across devices. The guide includes tutorials on binding UI to API data, setting applications up for offline, progressive web application configuration and testing, and more.

  • What Can the Military Learn from IKEA

    Logistics is at the heart of company strategy—it’s also at the core of a country’s defense strategy as well. In this resource, learn how the Norway and New Zealand defenses utilize self-service solutions, digitization, inventory management, inventory processing, and more.

  • Birkenstock boosts B2B customer service levels with mobile order processing app

    For Birkenstock, improving online and offline services was crucial for maintaining their relationship with B2B customers. The solution was to develop a mobile order processing application that was market-ready and fully SAP-connected. In this video, learn how Birkenstock used Neptune Software’s DX Platform to improve their B2B sales support tools.

  • Discover the New Design Guidelines from SAP Fiori 3

    With the introduction of SAP Fiori 3, the SAP design system has evolved so that all products fully support the Intelligent Suite and can run on any and all devices. In this video, learn how Neptune Software currently supports the new SAP Fiori Design Guidelines to help you leverage the technology today. Watch the video here.

  • Bob’s Story: A short film about Neptune Software (through the lens of our Work Experience Intern)

    In this short video, learn how a low-code platform for enterprise resources can relieve some of the IT pressure by providing a unified front-end to a fragmented back-end infrastructure. With a single point of access, users can manage HR, legacy, content management, ERP, and more with ease. Watch the video here to learn more.

  • Neptune Building Blocks – How to Find, Use, and Publish Your Own

    In order to build versatile applications that work offline and online (and on mobile and on desktop), you need the right building blocks. With the Neptune DX platform, building blocks allow you to design your application using Fiori guidelines and optimal UI. Watch this quick video to learn more about Neptune Building Blocks.

  • Keep App Development Simple – Discover Our App Designer Basics

    Interested in an app designer that’s from developers, for developers? In this webinar, two developers guide you through creating an app from scratch with Neptune Software’s App Designer and more. Watch the webinar now to learn more about Neptune Software’s application design basics.

  • Two strategies to address digitization challenges in public sector

    In the public sector, pressures are building to deliver quality user experiences, integrate siloed data and systems, and meet compliance regulations. Luckily, a low-code, rapid app development platform can meet both internal and external demands, so you don’t have to pick and choose which challenges to overcome. Read more in this white paper.

  • SAP Fiori Apps without Web IDE - Use the Neptune DX Platform

    Speed is a huge obstacle when it comes to SAP development – especially if you’re using Web IDE. Other SAP development solutions could work better (and faster). This video demo walks you through how to create a simple app in just 9 minutes with the Neptune DX platform. Watch the video to learn more about developing SAP Fiori Apps without Web IDE.

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