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  • Blue Prism VIDEO 1

    In this webinar, join Eric Tyree, Head of AI at Blue Prism, as he discusses using intelligent automation and technology to drive a business advantage for the future. Click in now to start watching.

  • Blue Prism VIDEO 10

    In this video, hear how Mass General Brigham has used intelligent automation to save the organization millions of dollars in savings, and learn about their future plans for automation. Click in now to watch.

  • Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

    Manufacturers are facing ever-evolving challenges. This paper explores how they can integrate new technologies into existing and automated workflows to meet the challenges head on and even thrive in business. Open now to learn more.

  • Blue Prism VIDEO 9

    In this panel discussion, Rockie Solomon and Yuval Gilbert from Eversource Energy join EY’S Huzaifah Basrai and Jamaal Stanford to discuss the importance of achieving success with automation and how process optimization enhances the delivery experience. Tune in now to learn more.

  • Building the roadmap to enterprise-scale intelligent automation in financial services

    The financial services industry is undergoing a major reset. Many employees are now working remotely and there is a widespread digitalization of platforms and processes. The question that remains is what happens next, and how will financial services companies build on that progress? Open up this paper to find out.

  • Blue Prism VIDEO 2

    In this video, Blue Prisms Head of AI, Eric Tyree, talks RPA 101 and how intelligent automation built on AI can result in an enterprise digital workforce built smart and at scale. Tune in now to learn more.

  • Blue Prism VIDEO 8

    In this discussion, Evan Salway, CFO of, joins Jason Burton from BluePrism to talk about energy’s digital first strategy. Watch now to learn how using intelligent automation throughout the entire business has helped shake up the utilities sector, attract investors, and raise profit margins.

  • Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation

    COVID-19 drastically changed businesses’ digital transformation journeys across many industries. In this whitepaper, Dr. John Hindle and Dr. Leslie Willcocks look at how leading business in five major sectors have made the shift from “hunkering down” to “going big” with automation. Download now to learn more.

  • Blue Prism VIDEO 5

    In this video, Vivek Khurana, Director of Digital Automation at Pfizer, discusses Pfizer’s RPA journey and evolution into intelligent automation. Tune in now to learn more about Vivek’s experience implementing RPA, how he thinks RPA has changed the way we work, and some best practices he has learned along the way.

  • Elevating The Patient Experience Through Times of High Volatility and Beyond

    Open up this eBook to see how automation and cloud technologies are helping to re-shape the healthcare space, and explore feedback from healthcare organizations that have gone through their own transformation journeys, covering challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for your own organization.

  • The Hershey Company - Adding a Digital Workforce to the Supply Chain saves close to $50 million

    In this video, Hershey Company representatives discuss Hershey’s intelligent automation journey, and how it ultimately ended up saving the organization millions of dollars. Tune in now to learn more about the project, how they accomplished their goals, best practices they uncovered, and more.

  • Discussion with the Hershey Company, Sysco and Unilever: Intelligent Digital Workers Transform Supply Chain Status Quo

    In this panel discussion, representatives from the Hershey Company, Sysco, and Unilever discuss how their organizations are transforming the supply chain with intelligent digital workers. Tune in now to hear them answer your burning questions about RPA, intelligent automation, and digital transformation.

  • Lincoln Financial - Creating True Customer Value Through RPA

    In this video, Michael Webb, VP of Enterprise Automation at Lincoln Financial Group, discusses how to create true customer value through RPA, as well as Lincoln Financial Group’s automation journey and some key best practices to consider for your own automation implementation

  • Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation

    Open up this paper to learn how your organization can become strategic with intelligent automation, covering challenges in utilities, better service through automation, three examples of personalization at scale, and more.

  • The Path of Transformation at Scale with Old Mutual

    In this video, Tags Moodley, Chief Customer Service Director at Old Mutual, and Kusheel Amritlall, Manager of Old Mutual Applied Intelligence, join Blue Prism to discuss Old Mutual’s journey to intelligent automation. Click in now to join the conversation and get started on your own journey.

  • A New Era of Integrated Care with Intelligent Automation

    The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced the need for more coordination across all healthcare activities, a need only highlighted by the complex challenge of managing the vast range of healthcare systems. Open up this eBook to see how intelligent automation can help cross these barriers in your healthcare organization.

  • Differentiating Customer Experience Intelligent Automation in Utilities

    Pop quiz: How does a utilities provider stand out from the competition? The answer: By providing a better customer experience with automation. Open up this infographic to see how three providers are redefining their customer experience with digital workers, all by the numbers.

  • Thomas Miller Sets the Foundation for Continuous, Long-Term Improvements

    One insurance organization wanted a flexible approach to automation that would allow them to experience without the additional risk. Open up this case study to see why the company decided to work with Blue Prism for a fully integrated, SaaS-delivered automation platform, and learn how you can do the same in your organization

  • Intelligent Insurer’s Claims Survey 2021: Crucial Insights on the Future of Claims and the Emerging Technologies Impacting Insurance

    The past year has made a huge difference in the insurance industry’s digital transformation journey. Blue Prism worked with Intelligent Insurer to survey over 300 insurance executives to get their take on the future of claims and the emerging technologies impacting insurance. Open now for key takeaways from that study, all by the numbers.

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