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  • Why do we need Intelligent Automation In the Contact Center?

    When you empower customer service agents across your organization with digital workers and intelligent automation, the results are transformative. Explore this e-book to learn more about the post-pandemic contact center outlook, how automation fits in, and how Blue Prism Service Assist can help you deliver modern CX.

  • Accelerating Toward Automation Value

    While there are many benefits of implementing automation in business, it takes time and resources to find the right processes to automate, which means you could be missing out on automation opportunities. Access this eBook to learn how you can accelerate automation value and build a solid foundation for digital transformation.

  • Use Process Mining To Automate Wisely, Not To Automate Everything

    Download this eBook to learn why it's important to carefully choose your automation targets and how you can do this most effectively with Process Intelligence.

  • Engaging The Power Of Two

    Manual processes for tasks such as assigning workloads, data management, and customer service reports are quickly becoming an archaic way of operating a business. Download this guide to explore how a unified workforce with digital workers can enable your organization to thrive in the new era of work.

  • 2022 Predictions

    Intelligent automation (IA) has helped all types of industries improve CX and boost organization efficiencies. But there is much more to come from IA. Access this white paper featuring Blue Prism leaders to read about 12 predictions for IA in the coming years.

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Robotic Process Automation Software 2021–2022 Vendor Assessment

    Knowing which vendor to select for your robotic process automation (RPA) software is one the most critical pieces to your automation strategy. Access this IDC report comparing 12 vendors on their RPA offerings to explore which provider is the right one for your enterprise.

  • The Automation Fabric is Your Key to Digital Transformation

    Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst at Forrester, recently shared insights and trends in a webinar about how automation is becoming a strategic endeavor in business.In preparation, Leslie hosted a Q&A to outline the main points and explain how automation is the key to a company’s future fitness. Download now to learn more.

  • How Governments Can Better Serve Through Intelligent Automation

    This e-book showcases how government organizations are using IT and AI-powered digital workers to optimize citizen services, while saving employees time, highlighting key case studies from organizations like UHB and South Kesteven District Council. Access it here.

  • How Intelligent Automation is Driving Transformation

    As RPA evolves into intelligent automation it is providing an impressive new digital capability to support transformation. Blue Prism teamed up with UK Authority to uncover valuable insights into intelligent automation, and why it may become an important tool in the transformation of public services. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Rethinking Public Sector Service Delivery with Intelligent Automation

    This eBook focuses on four critical public services and how intelligent automation can help save operating costs, improve service levels, and take the pressure off overworked staff. Access it now.

  • The Journey to RPA Five Phases to Unleashing the Power of a Digital Workforce

    Many governments agencies are finally uncovering the prospect of incorporating a digital workforce into their organization. But implementing it takes time. This whitepaper outlines the journey to RPA in five phases, while providing insight on the best path to follow and addressing issues you may encounter along the way. Access it here.

  • Everest Group Peak Matrix for RPA Technology Providers 2021

    RPA is a flourishing market, rapidly evolving in terms of product features, deployment options, training, and more. However, to achieve success, it is vital to select the right RPA solution for your enterprise. Download this report to explore the market leaders identified in 2021 – and learn more about their strengths, limitations, and offerings.

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