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  • How Orderbird drove uptime from 99.9% to 99.99% eBook

    The cloud can give companies a false sense of confidence—leading to monitoring and on-call initiatives being deprioritized. Use this guide to learn how to build data-driven awareness of your environment, develop good on-call and escalation capabilities, and ensure faster reaction times.

  • Security monitoring product brief

    As dynamic, cloud-native environments face increasingly sophisticated security threats, the boundaries between security, development, and operations teams blur. Use this guide to learn how different teams can detect, investigate, and respond to threats across your applications, networks, and infrastructure with Datadog Security Monitoring.

  • Synthetic monitoring product brief

    Explore how Datadog Synthetic Monitoring enables you to create and configure robust end-to-end test suites to monitor all your environments, so your team can increase release velocity while maintaining software quality. Find the details here.

  • Security Best practices guide

    AWS CloudTrail provides several security features to consider as you develop and implement your own security policies. Download the guide for the best practices with monitoring AWS CloudTrail logs.

  • Serverless Product Brief

    What challenges come with serverless technologies, and how are organizations handling them? Access this resource to learn.

  • Kuburnetes Product Brief

    How are organizations tackling these visibility and monitoring challenges?Access this resource to learn.

  • DevSecOps Maturity Model Whitepaper

    DevSecOps is helping organizations deliver high quality, secure digital services—but IT leaders still have a lot of questions surrounding it all. Luckily, this guide covers the basics of the DevSecOps Maturity Model, 3 key DevSecOps questions for IT leaders, the business value of DevSecOps, and more. Get started here.

  • Serverless applications in AWS eBook

    While the benefits of serverless architecture are undeniable, there are still new challenges your IT team will have to face when running workloads. Walk through some of these scenarios as well as some key metrics for monitoring AWS’ platform of serverless tools. Click here to learn how to monitor your entire serverless architecture in one place.

  • Containerized applications in AWS eBook

    In this comprehensive guide, explore the changing state of containers in the cloud, with deep dives into how Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) work, how Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) works, and so much more. Click here to download the ultimate container guide here.

  • Migrating workloads to AWS eBook

    The shift to AWS can be incredibly beneficial for your team—but how can be sure your cloud adoption is going as planned? In this e-book, explore the complexities of migrating workloads to AWS and discover how a monitoring solution like Datadog can easily track every stage of a migration to AWS. Click here to read the e-book.

  • Cloud-Scale Monitoring With AWS And Datadog eBook

    In this extensive 88-page eBook by AWS and Datadog, explore the ins and outs of cloud-scale monitoring, including how to monitor serverless applications in AWS, how to monitor Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and much more. Download and save the eBook here to keep as a handy reference.

  • 11 Required Monitoring Platform Capabilities for Enterprise DevOps Teams eBook

    As DevOps teams work with an unprecedented volume of data, effective end-to-end monitoring is a key capability for any DevOps initiative. Here, explore the 11 required monitoring platform capabilities for enterprise DevOps teams. Download it here.

  • How MoneySupermarket drives cloud cost efficiency with performance monitoring eBook

    Your cloud performance is as good as your monitoring practices. With the right insight into your processes, your organization can better adjust teams, processes, and technology to reduce cloud costs and improve cloud success. In this walkthrough, find a step-by-step guide to improving your cloud performance monitoring with ease.

  • Logging without Limits Product Brief

    Unplanned outages, production fixes and new deployments lead to substantial variations in log volume and cost—and traditional log management strategies can’t keep up. In this report, DataDog suggest a different path: their Log Management solution unifies metrics, traces, and logs, so that you don’t have to sacrifice log coverage to save costs.

  • How to prioritize metrics as an e-commerce CTO eBook

    Danny Miles, CTO of Dollar Shave Club, makes checking performance metrics a part of his morning routine. In this article, learn which performance metrics he checks (and how) so that Dollar Shave Club can prioritize reliability and quality performance.

  • Nine developer enablement practices to achieve DevOps at enterprise scale eBook

    Most Dev teams are scaling at massive rates—the Ops teams, not so much. IT teams must train developers to deploy, monitor, and remediate problems themselves so they can own their microservices without worrying too much about Ops tasks. Learn more about this solution here.

  • How The Telegraph prioritise customer experience using SLIs & SLOs Case Study

    Alert fatigue is a very real thing. Many technical teams routinely receive alerts that don’t actually require immediate attention. Read this case study to learn how one organization created a monitoring strategy to cut back these alerts while still maintaining the health of their distributed systems.

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