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  • Data Storage Management, Maintenance, and Trends for Post-Pandemic Life

    In this e-guide, check out 7 new data storage management trends that have emerged and what they mean for storage in a post-COVID-19 world. Read on to also see a comparison of virtual servers and physical servers to optimize your storage management and maintenance.

  • Everything CIOs Need to Know About IT Business Continuity Plans

    Read this e-guide to learn all about IT business continuity, including the structure of a typical business continuity plan, why it’s so important to have one, and more.

  • 2021 Data Center and Infrastructure Report

    IT teams major priorities involve protecting and improving the performance of data centers and infrastructure while responding to the new challenges brought on by COVID-19. To get more insights into these challenges, experts surveyed over 500 IT professionals nationwide. Open now to take a look at their responses and key data.

  • Take Charge of Your Hardware Refresh Plan

    This white paper aims to help IT evaluate the strategy behind the traditional OEM refresh cycle and identify cost-saving options to consider for a hardware refresh plan to present to the CFO. Open now to take a look at how to keep pace with infrastructure needs, address specific objectives and more.

  • Practical Strategies for IT Cost Containment

    Access this blog post to evaluate 3 key takeaways when CFOs collaborate with IT to fuel cost management strategies in order to improve liquidity positions.

  • Three Budget Challenges of IT Leaders

    Discover the three biggest budget challenges that IT leaders will inevitably come face-to-face with today – and learn how to counter them.

  • Shedding Light on OEM Storage Support

    If you are being strong-armed into replacing your current storage with the newest equipment, remember that the “one-option-only” perception is just an illusion. Access this white paper to learn 6 must-know facts before your next storage buy.

  • What is Third-Party Maintenance in the Data Center?

    Third-party maintenance can give back control of your equipment life cycle, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and help maximize data center investments. Inside, learn how to accurately weigh the pros and cons of switching away from traditional OEM support.

  • 5 Cost Saving Considerations for CFOs & CIOs

    Maintaining valuable capital IT investments can quickly cause maintenance and contract costs to pile up. Inside this white paper, learn 5 cost-saving considerations for IT leaders looking to minimize maintenance costs.

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