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  • Syniti: Why Attend?

    Becoming a data-centric organization is an appealing goal, but the process of getting there isn’t easy. Data-driven DX requires true organizational buy-in and brings with it improvements to internal reporting, margin performance, and business processes. Check out the information on this virtual conference, coming up soon.

  • Syniti Event Speakers

    Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and companies are reorienting themselves around it—but not always doing a good job of it. Attend this “Unlocked” virtual summit to here from experts about data management, data science, delivering on the promise of digital transformation and more.

  • Syniti Agenda Unlocked

    In a world where data reigns supreme, it can be hard to know what exactly data-driven, digital transformation, or other similar abstract phrases mean. Following these initiatives can be even harder. View this agenda to see what you can expect at the “Unlocked” virtual summit by Syniti, covering digital transformation, data management, and more.

  • Syniti Session Overview

    Digital transformation, data-driven decision making, and data science have all seemingly been embraced by business leaders and analysts alike. Yet, what exactly does it mean to take these terms and translate them into real-world actions? Check out this overview to see the events of the upcoming “Unlocked” virtual summit sponsored by Syniti.

  • In the Digital Transformation Journey, Data Provides Footing

    Download this 451 report to see why experts say data management plays a crucial role in digital transformation, and explore the advantages of a data-driven strategy.

  • COVID-19 App Supplier Risk

    Watch this brief video to learn how you can use Syniti’s app to track and manage your supplier risk in times of uncertainty.

  • COVID-19 App Customer Risk

    Watch this brief video to learn how you can use Syniti’s app to track and manage your customer risk in times of uncertainty.

  • OP vs. CloudS

    When a large enterprise is looking to move data around, they don’t want to just invest in a system that can do that and nothing else. Companies instead seek solutions that address current problems and leave room to fix future ones too. Check out this Syniti product sheet to see how their products fulfill this need.

  • COVID-19 App Intro

    Mareana’s COVID-19 App calculates COVID-19 risk by analyzing suppliers, plant/distribution center, and customer data.Tune into this video for a quick walkthrough of this free app that hopes to reduce the spread of contamination through lowering supply risk on an organizational level.

  • COVID-19 App Plant Risk

    Watch this quick video to learn how to move inventory from high-risk to low-risk distribution centers and assess alternate sources of supply during these unprecedented times.

  • How Can You Improve Cash Liquidity and Operating Margins?

    How can you improve cash liquidity and operating margins? It starts by having adequate data visibility. Read this infographic to explore Syniti’s data tool designed to give you real-time visibility into: Vendor material, customer material, A/R balances and more.

  • Simplify Your Move to S/4HANA with Syniti Data Migration

    Moving to S/4HANA can be a long and complex process—which is why many organizations implement data migration solutions to ensure everything goes smoothly. Download this white paper to learn about Syniti’s comprehensive data solution and how it can help simplify the migration process.

  • How Can You Produce Reliable COVID-19 Response Metrics Quickly?

    How can healthcare professionals produce reliable COVID-19 response metrics quickly? Find out in this infographic, which explores Syniti’s data tracking tool.

  • How Can You Ensure Your Supply Chain is Resilient and Flexible?

    Download this infographic to learn how Syniti can help keep your supply chain running by providing the data visibility you need.

  • American Airlines Merger-Driven HR Data Transformation

    The merger of American Airlines and US Airways required a major initiative to consolidate HR and payroll data across the newly combined airline’s 130,000+ active employees and 500,000+ former employees. To handle this, they decided to partner with Syniti. Find out how the partnership helped ensure a successful transition in this case study.

  • 8 Essential Steps to a Smooth Data Migration

    Any new system is only ever as good as the data that’s put in. That rule is especially important for mission-critical applications, like SAP S/4HANA. Download this white paper for 8 steps you can take to ensure a successful data migration, and learn about Syniti, who can help simplify the process by facilitating your transition.

  • Accelerate Your Move to SAP S/4HANA

    Download this best practices guide for insights into the biggest issues that cause migration failures, and an 8-step methodology for a thorough and successful data migration.

  • Syniti Case Study: Massive Data Migration with American Airlines

    American Airlines wanted to migrate their data for all 335,000 current and former employees to SAP’s SuccessFactors—while simultaneously moving 35,000 employees’ worth of payroll date to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Watch this brief video to learn why AA partnered with Syniti, and how that helped ensure a successful—and secure—migration.

  • Gain the Value of Consolidation, Without Having to Consolidate

    The success of your Central Finance (CFin) implementation—and subsequent move to SAP S/4HANA—depends almost entirely on the speed and quality of the initial data migration. Dive into this white paper to explore how leveraging Syniti’s experience, knowledge, and software can help speed your journey to Central Finance.

  • Syniti: SAP S/4HANA Methodology

    ERP strategy is a multi-headed monster, between managing large volumes of data and leveraging analytics – but SAP S/4HANA can simplify these issues. View this 2-minute video that outlines the 5 steps to using SAP S/4HANA in your ERP strategy.

  • Confidently Plan and Deliver a Move to SAP S/4HANA Using Modern Tools from SAP

    Customers have waited to deploy SAP S/4HANA for a variety of reasons. But it is no longer feasible for companies to sit back and see how things are going to play out. That’s why more organizations are working with an SAP partner to help guide your S/4HANA migration. Learn about the tools and partners you can employ to simplify your transition.

  • Smart Data Migration in the Cloud Driving Your Digital Transformation

    Data-driven business models support critical processes—and data migrations are essential for your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. With a cloud-based solution featuring powerful machine learning integration, businesses can improve and speed up data migration initiatives and ensure data quality.

  • Accelerating Global and Human Progress, One Data Challenge at a Time

    With over 20 years of experience across more than 3,500 projects in 25 different countries, Syniti data professionals deliver trusted data through a wide range of services and offerings so that its economic value to a given business is maximized. Read this white paper to learn more about Syniti.

  • Syniti Data Quality

    Read this white paper to learn about a data quality management solution from Synti that creates a closed-loop remediation process that monitors and accurately identifies data that violates your data quality standards—nipping data quality issues at the bud.

  • SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti

    Download this white paper to learn about the SAP Advanced Data Migration (ADM) application by Syniti, which is designed to reduce the costs, complexity, and risk of migrating your data to SAP S/4HANA.

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