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  • Claroty Continuous Threat Detection Demo

    Continuous threat detection (CTD) allows for efficient security with minimal complexity compared to traditional threat detection tools. In this webinar, IT leaders at Claroty discuss the importance of total visibility for data acquisition and provide an in-depth demo of their new dashboard. Continue to watch the demo.

  • Leading Industrial Cybersecurity Company

    In this solution brief, learn how with Claroty, your cybersecurity and engineering teams are armed with a solution that gives them visibility and tells them exactly what is happening across their complex industrial network.

  • Chemical Cyber Threat Landscape – Overview

    Download this case study to learn about the deployment process of the full Claroty Platform in an agrochemical plant and get an overview of the plant's physical and network structure, along with the security concerns and threat scenarios raised by the plant's team.

  • Evaluation Criteria for Choosing an ICS Cybersecurity Monitoring System

    A rapidly changing threat landscape, combined with convergence between traditional IT and industrial control networks is having a dramatic impact on the risk to industrial control systems. In this white paper, explore key criteria leading organizations are using to evaluate and select an appropriate monitoring system for industrial networks.

  • Supporting NERC CIP Compliance

    Electric industry asset owners are subject to mandatory cybersecurity regulations known as the NERC CIP standards. In this white paper, learn how Claroty's fully integrated platform supports entities' compliance efforts while helping to improve the cybersecurity and operational reliability of power generation and transmission systems.

  • Introduction to Claroty

    In this webcast, Claroty's Dave Weinstein discusses how Claroty's solution helps IoT-OT security and operations teams discover IoT-OT assets on the network and identify vulnerabilities, continuously monitor networks and detect malicious activity and more.

  • Electric Generation – Combined Cycle Power Plant

    This case study focuses on one of Claroty's power plant installations. It illustrates challenges and solutions that are both unique to the power generation sub-segment, as well those that apply to the broader context of OT cybersecurity. Read on to learn more.

  • Claroty A New Platform For OT Cybersecurity

    Ensuring the security of industrial control systems (ICS) and the prevention or detection of cyberattacks and events is of increasing importance to users of these systems. In this white paper, learn about the Claroty platform which represents an innovative approach to addressing the specific challenges associated with cybersecurity in ICS.

  • Claroty Oil & Gas Case Study

    The oil and gas industry has long been in the crosshairs of ICS SCADA cybersecurity threats. This case study will provide a detailed analysis of the unique offshore drilling OT attack surfaces and operational challenges. The case study will also walk through one of Claroty's offshore installations.

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