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  • Removing Analytics Bottlenecks with a Data Catalog

    Watch now to find out in detail how Genentech’s gRED team was able to remove the need for IT and data management involvement in data discovery and empowered analytics.

  • 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions

    Read this report to learn about the key evaluation criteria for metadata management solutions, how different vendors are weighing and comparing in this market—and what makes Alation a leader in the metadata management space.

  • How to Democratize Data Across an Organization

    Watch this webinar to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with data democratization, and how leading organizations are successfully implementing it.

  • Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Alation Data Catalog

    The results of this TEI study for Alation Data Catalog investments reveal dramatic cost savings and business benefits, and answer critical questions like why modern data catalogs are important for digital transformation efforts—read more research results here.

  • Augmented Data Catalogs: Now an Enterprise Must-Have for Data and Analytics Leaders

    Read this Gartner research report to learn why augmented data catalogs are now reaching a point of ‘must-have’ for data and analytics leaders.

  • Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance

    Traditional data governance fails to address how data is consumed and how information gets used. As a result, organizations are not effectively sharing and leveraging data assets. Watch this webinar to learn why organizations are rebooting their data governance strategies with end users in mind—and how machine learning catalogs can help.

  • Evolving Government Leveraging a Data Catalog for a Data-Driven Public Sector

    Download this white paper to learn about new opportunities in data for public sector entities and uncover the biggest drivers for the adoption of data catalogs in public sector organization.

  • Alation Rises Amid Expanded Data Catalog Adoption and Partnerships

    Download this 451 Research report to learn about data cataloging specialist Alation, and explore Alation's positioning around governance for insight, as well as its partnerships and its search-and-behavior-based machine functionality as adoption becomes more widespread.

  • Governance For Insight With Tableau

    In this white paper, discover how to build efficient and effective data governance with Tableau and Alation. Explore why traditional data governance approaches are insufficient in meeting today's data governance needs, and uncover how Alation and Tableau can help your organization establish trust in data and streamline business processes.

  • Ready for a Machine Learning Data Catalog?

    View this webinar to learn about the trends that have led to the rise of machine learning data catalogs (MLDCs). Discover how to select a data catalog that meets the needs of your business, and explore why combining machine learning and collaboration features are critical to data cataloging success.

  • The Latest Trends in Data Cataloging for BI

    In this webinar, watch Dresner Advisory Service and Alation discuss the latest trends in data cataloging for BI. Learn about the latest findings from Dresner Advisory Services' second annual Data Catalog Market Study, and discover why 90% of respondents believe that data governance is critical to business success.

  • Building a Data Catalog

    Data catalogs are becoming essential to data-driven organizations. Machine learning, combined with human curation, is crucial to making data both discoverable and actionable to a wide range of data users. Watch this webinar to learn how a data catalog can maximize your existing investments in data and analytics and deliver notable results.

  • Agile Data Governance: A Bottom-Up Approach

    In this webinar with Malcolm Chisholm of First San Francisco Partners, and Aaron Kalb of Alation, learn best practices for implementing agile data governance and how a data catalog can support these initiatives.

  • Make Confident Data-Driven Decisions with Human Curation + Machine Learning

    In this webinar from Alation, discover how to make confident, data-driven decisions with human curation and machine learning. Uncover how to find relevant, trustworthy data assets through the use of a data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.

  • Data Catalog: Creating a Single Source of Reference

    In this white paper, discover how you can transform your business into a data-driven organization through the use of a data catalog. Explore how a data catalog works as a critical piece of a successful analytics strategy, and learn what to consider when choosing a data catalog for your organization.

  • Data Catalog Study: Wisdom of Crowds Series

    How are businesses leveraging collaborative BI and related technologies? In this study, explore how 770 respondents are using BI tools and technologies, including data catalogs, to improve business outcomes and overall performance. Discover data catalog feature requirements by industry, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.

  • Data Catalogs are Essential, But Can They Be Fun?

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.

  • Consuming Data Productively: The 5 Ways a Data Catalog Drives Productive Self-Service Analytics

    In this white paper, discover how a data catalog can help your organization better manage its data, improve data productivity, and drive self-service analytics. Additionally, explore 5 data catalog features sure to improve time-to-decision, and review how a data catalog can benefit your organization.

  • Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance

    Inside, discover how to innovate your existing data governance strategy with the help of an intelligent data catalog. Explore how an intelligent data catalog can help streamline operational compliance with data governance expectations, and decide if an intelligent data catalog is right for your organization's data governance goals.

  • From out of Nowhere: The Unstoppable Rise of the Data Catalogue

    What is a data catalog and how can it help your organization? View this research report to find out. Explore popular data catalog adoption trends, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.

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