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  • Episode Two: Budgeting and Affordability of Cloud

    85% of public sector organizations cite affordability as an inhibiter to cloud adoption. This webinar examines how public sector organizations can overcome the cost and budgeting barriers of the cloud, broken down into five topics: Budgeting OPEX/CAPEX, affordability of public cloud, on prem vs. cloud, business case, and procurement.

  • The Current State of Cloud Adoption in the UK Public Sector

    Although there are technical challenges that make cloud adoption difficult, it’s the non-technical challenges that could pose the biggest problems. Watch this webcast about CensusWide’s survey of UK public sector organizations on cloud adoption to learn how to address these challenges and see the 6 conclusions the surveyors were able to draw.

  • Readying Legacy Applications for the Cloud

    Gartner has proposed that there are 5 application rehosting strategies available to organizations: Rehost, refactor, revise and rearchitect, rebuild, and replace.In this webinar, UK Cloud suggests a 6th option: retire. Watch the webinar now to learn how the retire strategy enables modernization.

  • State of Cloud Adoption UK Public Sector

    Cloud solutions continue to saturate the market. Organizations are glancing over their shoulders to catch glimpses of other companies’ cloud strategies. This 2020 cloud adoption survey included over 300 public sector organizations – and the results are in. Learn about the state of cloud adoption by reading the key findings here.

  • Evolution of Modern Digital Workloads

    How does modern application development compare to traditional methods? This e-book, Evolution of Modern Digital Workloads, contrasts the history of application development with its current state, so developers can learn from their predecessors as their strategies evolve. Read the e-book here.

  • How to enable government transformation

    Transformation can be difficult to achieve without the right mindset and initiatives in place, and this paralyzed public sector innovation as it failed to adopt transformational technologies like the cloud. Read this whitepaper to learn the six questions that government transformation stories answer about leveraging cloud in attempts to innovate.

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