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  • DCM: Overcoming the Barriers to Data Centre Modernisation

    With cloud services offering better flexibility and cost efficiency than data centers, businesses often face challenges of modernizing that can become barriers if handled poorly. Watch this video covering data center modernization via the cloud, and leverage the four stage plan for a better modernization process.

  • Cloud: Unlocking transformation across the UK's public sector

    Cloud delivers incredible cost efficiencies and streamlined workloads, so why are public sector organizations just now beginning to take advantage? Download this data-driven cloud report to get an in-depth look at public sector cloud trends to learn the best way for adopters to optimize their own cloud.

  • How to enable government transformation

    Transformation can be difficult to achieve without the right mindset and initiatives in place, and this paralyzed public sector innovation as it failed to adopt transformational technologies like the cloud. Read this whitepaper to learn the six questions that government transformation stories answer about leveraging cloud in attempts to innovate.

  • Modernising the Public Sector: Improving Data Centres with Cloud

    Data has become a growing commodity for most public sector companies, and legacy IT data centers will struggle to keep up with this growth without presenting financial obstacles. Read this whitepaper to see the results of a data management survey, and learn why modernizing with cloud is the key to staying agile.

  • The Multi-Cloud Experts: Behind The Scenes With OpenStack

    Using public or private cloud infrastructures, it's imperative for businesses to use providers that operate through both open source and in-house coding. Read this article in which a cloud OpenStack expert shares how cloud providers' coding implementation can affect the end-user platform.

  • DCM: Preparing for Your Journey to Cloud - Assessment to Business Case

    Businesses considering migrating to the cloud should perform an assessment to ensure their preparation matches their ideal migration journey. Watch this brief training video to learn the 4-step process of transitioning to the cloud, and all elements that you should focus on to improve this journey.

  • The Multi-Cloud Experts: Behind The Scenes With Azure Stack

    Azure Stack has become a mainstream way for businesses to leverage cloud efficiency, yet the on-boarding processes can be a burden to go through without the right provider. Read this article to learn how UKCloud goes the extra mile in their code to enable fast on-boarding for Azure Stack users who want access ASAP.

  • Health and Life Sciences

    For providers in the healthcare community, delivering better services and improving outcomes for service users while maintaining cost efficiency is a top priority. Cloud options can make it easier to scale in line with these goals, and provide opportunities to make significant cost savings—read this white paper to find out more.

  • 4 Keys Steps to Cloud

    Inside, learn the four pivotal steps to cloud that all organizations, including those in the public sector, should be aware of before they start gauging their enterprise's cloud compatibility.

  • Evolution of Digital Workloads

    Growing consumer standards place more pressure on businesses to roll out frequent updates for applications, which makes maintaining competitive costs increasingly challenging. Watch this training, which overviews how digital workloads have changed with new consumer demands, and how a cloud platform meets expectations.

  • UKCloud: The Multi-Cloud Experts

    Jump into this white paper to learn how UKCloud's trusted cloud technology is introducing innovation, flexibility, and performance capabilities to public sector organizations – and doing so with security and compliance concerns at front-of-mind.

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