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  • BlackBerry "Fully" Detects and Protects in SE Labs Test

    SE Labs tested BlackBerry Protect and Optics in this Breach Response test. They pitted it against a range of hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and penetrate target networks. These are the same techniques criminals and other attackers use to breach systems and networks in the real world. Check out the report to learn how BlackBerry did.


    Download this report to examine a growing trend by threat actors and security researchers alike of leveraging new and uncommon programming languages to evade detection and hinder analysis. It focuses on 4 of the most popular of these exotic languages and their use in the malware space.


    New security challenges stemming from the 2020 pandemic have heightened requirements for a unified endpoint security (UES) solution at many organizations. Read this report to unlock exclusive research into the endpoint security landscape, the impact of remote work, use cases for UES, and more.


    Access this video demo to observe an in-depth examination of 2 recent versions of Conti Ransomware attacks and how BlackBerry was able to defend against these attacks by preventing the malware from running.

  • BlackBerry Protect for Mobile Devices

    Mobile malware is more prevalent than ever, with attacks rising 50% in the last year alone. So, it is time to become protected with the AI-based security in BlackBerry Protect. Read on to learn how to monitor mobile malware attacks at the device and application levels to extend protection with no need for additional manpower.

  • Building a better relationship with Zero: Why Zero Trust needs a Zero Touch approach

    BlackBerry's Zero Trust model is built on the concept of minimal, or indeed zero, disruption – a framework known as 'Zero Touch'. This means utilizing AI to learn the users' behavior and usage patterns, and only challenging the user when they deviate from the learned model. Access this resource to learn more about Blackberry's Zero Trust model.

  • Securing Medical Technology Devices from 21st Century Cyber Criminals and Malware Attacks

    Over the past ten years, healthcare organizations have become the most targeted industry for cyber criminals, sustaining over 24% of all breaches. Learn about the benefits of the Blackberry Spark UES Suite including reduced risk against attacks such as zero-day threats and previously unknown malware.

  • Reap the Benefits of Bring Your Own: From Smartphones and Computers to Wearables and Smart Assistants

    The recent boom in remote workers has led to a subsequent rise in the use of personal phones, laptops and tables – also known as Bring Your Own (BYO) devices. This white paper provides exclusive insight into solving the key security challenges related to BYO device programs – read on to get started.


    Access this BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report to examine the biggest cybersecurity events of last year and the security issues likely to affect the upcoming year.

  • Blackberry Video 2

    In this panelist discussion, join a quartet of cybersecurity experts from BlackBerry and AttackIQ as they provide expert insight and guidance related to MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations and the potential benefits they can yield. Watch now to get started.

  • Blackberry Video 1

    MITRE ATT&CK has become an effective tool in the war against advanced cyberthreats – but what exactly is MITRE ATT&CK, and how can you leverage it to make sure your security posture is resilient to threats like APT29? Watch this webinar to find out.

  • Engendering Trust Throught Endpoint Security And Management

    As organizations continue to embrace remote and digital business environments, establishing security and trust becomes more critical than ever. Read this expert infobrief from IDC to learn more about aligning security initiatives with the digital economy, the hierarchy of trust, and more.

  • Blackberry Intelligent Security. Everywhere. Decade Of The Rats

    Many organizations and government agencies around the world continue to be the targets of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups acting in the interest of the Chinese government – sometimes referred to as Remote Access Trojans (RATs). Read this report for comprehensive insight into the tactics, tools and methods used by RATs.

  • Blackberry Video 3

    MITRE ATT&CK’s Evaluations are designed to provide your organization with a comprehensive, unbiased cybersecurity ‘health-check’. Watch this webinar to learn more about these evaluations and discover how to make the most out of them.

  • Blackberry Cyber Suite

    In the era of remote work, balancing productivity while adhering to Zero Trust best practices has become difficult. What organizations need is a set of security controls that offer Zero Trust while maintaining a minimally invasive user experience. Read on to learn how BlackBerry is addressing these issues.

  • Responding to public sector cyber security threats: Views of public sector professionals and where to from here

    If you’re working in the public sector in Australia, look at this in-depth report about the state of cybersecurity on the continent, presented by Blackberry. It details key findings, presents critical themes for a rock-solid cybersecurity strategy and outlines the ‘Essential Eight’ Maturity Model for security technology.

  • State of Ransomware

    The increased reporting of cyber incidents among large companies in ANZ in the first half of 2020 has been evident. A handful of ransomware families are dominating these attacks. Browse this report to investigate some of the tactics used by these ransomware families, their high profile victims, and strategies used to defend against these threats.

  • Reece Group Deploys BlackBerry Solutions To Protect Endpoints and Automate Threat Management

    In this case study, follow the Reece Group, a plumbing equipment supplier with a rapidly expanding number of endpoints, as they partner with Blackberry to address their endpoint security and threat management concerns.

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