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  • Credit Lifecycle Automation: A Source Of Competitive Advantage For Fis

    Banks are currently facing a whole slew of challenges when it comes to meeting customer expectations and handling macroeconomic issues. Open this white paper to examine the key issues related to the automation of loan applications and take a look at case studies that show how to enhance efficiency and cut costs by automating processes.

  • Product Overview Video: Credit Decision Platform

    Watch this short video to learn how banks and financial service organizations can benefit from an integrated, single credit decisioning platform that allows you to easily automate processes, deploy AI and machine learning, remain compliant, and more.

  • Moving Towards 100 Percent Digital Customer Journey

    DMI Finance, a fast growth financial services company in India, wanted to have real-time, automated decisioning, a scalable platform to meet fast business growth, and agility and ease of change management. Open up this case study to see how DMI was able to achieve these goals, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Decision Management Automation The 7 Crucial DMS Questions

    In this quick report, discover the 7 crucial questions that you should ask when choosing a decision management system. Even better, find the answers to each one of these questions, with Gartner suggestions and Actico insight. Download the report here.

  • Actico Platform 9 Digital Decisioning. Powered By Ai

    ACTICO Platform is a flexible, scalable software for digitalizing and automating high-volume, operational business decisions. This data sheet helps developers get a better sense of how ACTICO Platform can help train and operationalize machine learning model and apply automatic decision making to any app scenario. Find the details here.

  • Insurance Fraud Prevention & Detection

    For insurance providers, automation and machine learning provide the ability to process claims at unmatched speed, detect and prevent insurance fraud, and more. Read this white paper to learn more about ACTICO, an insurance claims platform that embraces automation and machine learning capabilities.

  • Central Business Rules Engine An Architecture Concept For Higher Business Agility & Consistency

    The financial and insurance industries are feeling the growing influence of lawmakers more strongly than others. Companies are increasingly turning to the approach called Central Business Rules Engine to counteract this trend. Save this guide for any questions about the approach.

  • The Operationalization Of Machine Learning Models

    In this case study, learn how one financial services organization was able to lower the amount of manual checks by developing an ML-enabled statistical forecast model to evaluate the probability of fraud, and learn how you can do the same in your organization

  • ACTICO Platform 9 Digital Decisioning Powered By AI

    Access this white paper to learn the components and features of the ACTICO Platform, 5 benefits of implementing it and examine the 6 ways it works to digitize a decision.

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