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  • A Proven Approach to NetSuite Integration

    Gartner claims 55%-75% of ERP integration projects fail to meet their intended objectives, making a NetSuite integration feel overwhelming and intimidating.To help you achieve your integration goals, this e-book explains a proven approach to NetSuite integration. Start your NetSuite integration here.

  • Unleash the Transformative Power of APIs and Integration

    Instead of writing code from scratch, organizations started composing applications and leveraging APIs, saving them enormous amounts of time and effort. The key to enterprise-level API creation is to leverage an API integration platform. Access this e-book to understand why and how APIs are transforming the business landscape.

  • API Transformation Customer Success

    This e-book details 6 real-world stories from Jitterbit Harmony customers, a born-on-the-cloud API integration platform, and how they unleashed the transformative power of APIs and integration. Read the customer success stories to explore the power of Jitterbit Harmony.

  • Compose Your Own Platform

    Technology stacks enable your organization to use best-of-bread solutions to solve specific problems, as opposed to relying on a single, one-size-fits-all system that leaves much to be desired. Access the e-book to learn how you can set up your own technology stack for each department.

  • Achieving Connected Commerce in Retail

    The retail industry has had a turbulent last few years. You need to remain flexible so your business can pivot no matter what disruption comes your way. This e-book details how to leverage integrated technology, like hyperautomation, to innovate at speed by connecting every possible business and IT process. Access the e-book to get started.

  • Best Practices in NetSuite Integration

    Jitterbit has enormous insight into how improve your NetSuite integration process. Access the e-book to learn NetSuite integration tips like:Let the NetSuite Admin determine which records need to be synchronizedWhy you should establish a real-time integration strategyWhy you should consider a development environment

  • 5 Common E-Commerce Integration Mistakes

    This e-book explores the 5 most common of these mistakes and how you can avoid them altogether, including Taking on too much at onceFailing to assemble a cross-functional teamNot planning for naturally occurring variancesAccess the e-book to learn how to take your e-commerce to the next level.

  • Solving the Puzzle of Cannabis Compliance

    With piecemeal laws around the country regulating cannabis, one wrong move and your cannabis business could be shut down tomorrow if you aren’t compliant. This eBook explores the complex nature of cannabis compliance and how using automation with build-in compliance tools can help you avoid legal and regulatory issues. Download the eBook.

  • Salesforce Integration Best Practices Guide

    This eBook shares Salesforce integration tips and best practices with you, including steps like:How to avoid bi-directional master data integrationWhy you should create two branches during testingWhy you should use pre-packaged integrations when you canAccess the eBook to learn all the Salesforce integration tips & tricks you need to know.

  • Epicor Integration Cloud Powered By Jitterbit

    We live in an API economy. Access this white paper to explore how Jitterbit Harmony, an API integration solution, enables manufacturers to connect SaaS, cloud applications and Machine Learning tools into demand planning and production processes.


    This white paper explores emerging integration trends and explains motivators for connecting the cloud and on-premise applications that drive your digital business. Read it here.

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