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  • Benefits of Cloud-based Nonprofit Accounting Software

    As your nonprofit grows in size and complexity, you reach a point where manual, time-consuming accounting processes drain your productivity, and stifle growth. Learn about of the benefits of using cloud-based nonprofit accounting software, and tips for moving your financial management to the cloud, in this eBook.

  • Sage Intacct Cloud Financial Management

    Many organizations are struggling to consolidate information across multiple business units. Not only that, but very few have the ability to perform real-time analysis of combined financial information. Watch this 5-minute video to learn about your options for cloud financial management.

  • Discover True Business Freedom Sage 200cloud

    The first step in any IT decision-making process should be checking in with your financial situation. Download this guide to explore how you can ensure you know the financial position of your company at any point in time with the right tools and partners.

  • 6 Key Metrics for Professional Service Organisations

    Service Performance Insight conducted a recent survey of 561 professional services organizations ranging from IT Consulting, Management Consulting, Marketing, Accounting, Legal and other types of service-based businesses, that has helped shed new light on performance expectations in a number of key areas. Download the white paper to learn more.

  • Sage Intacct The Financial Management Platform that Lets you Raise your Game

    Digital transformation has changed finance, and you need a solution that can keep up, like Sage Intacct. Download this eBook to learn about Sage Intacct and its core features, as well as key use cases.

  • Nonprofit Storytelling Using data and Performance Metrics to Motivate Donors

    Results from two recent donor surveys present a clear vision of what donors want when it comes to fundraising and stewardship—and what they don’t want. Download the report here to explore the top trends in nonprofit organizations, the best practices for keeping donors connected with your organization, and how financial management comes into play.

  • Sage VIDEO 1

    The CFOs role in digital transformation is changing—fast. In fact, 44% of CFOs reported that COVID-19 increased demand for their services significantly. Watch this 3-minute video to explore digital transformation beyond financial management.

  • Five Ingredients for Finance Transformation

    Over the next 10 years, technology will do more to change the finance and accounting organization than it has over the past 50. Get insight into this change, and explore the 5 ingredients for a successful finance transformation, in this research report.


    High performing CFOs in financial services organizations integrate data-driven decision-making activities across the entire company, changing the role of finance from back-room financial reporters into forward-thinking analysts and trusted advisors. Read this infographic to see how they do it and how you can too.

  • 7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now

    Explore the 7 major reasons why you should consider moving to cloud financials now, and tips for getting started, in this white paper.

  • Global distributors transform to adapt, survive and thrive

    Distributors are investing in digital transformation and circular economy practices in order to adapt, survive and thrive. This IDG-Sage global report will discuss the concerns, drivers and expectations of modern distributors, and offer expert commentary and strategic advice. Read the eBook to learn more.

  • Cloud Accounting for Wealth and Asset Management

    Read this data sheet to learn about Sage Intacct’s intuitive core accounting software and how it can help wealth and asset management firms get the real-time financial visibility they need.

  • Driving Performance in Financial Services 3 New Approaches for the Data-Driven Finance Leader

    Read this white paper to explore 3 new approaches that organizations are using to transition from a periodic ad hoc financial reporting paradigm to true real-time reporting.

  • Project Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

    Access this e-book to see a list of 7essential attributes you should look for when evaluating a project accounting software.

  • Time And Expense Management

    Time and expense management helps your team understand how effectively your team is using their time and energy. In this quick guide, learn how to make time and expense management an easier, more informative process for your team. Start here.

  • Wealth and Assetmanagement Firms Thrive with Sage Intacct

    In this guide, explore why cloud-based accounting systems for investment management have taken off, the key features offered, and the top challenges overcome. See what you’re missing. Explore more here.

  • The Future of Manufacturing Visibility and Traceability in the Digital Age

    Read this white paper to learn how traceability is key to cutting-edge, successful manufacturing visibility projects that are helping organizations embrace Industry 4.0 and all its benefits including the Internet of Things, big data analytics, and the cloud.

  • Stick or twistHow CIOs and tech leaders can drive digital transformation through data

    Organizations are quickly learning that an integrated data-centric ERP platform solves a lot of the common data-related problems that mid-sized businesses face. In this guide, learn how CIOs can create a single source of truth with the right modern ERP solution. Get started here.

  • Digital Transformation In Process Manufacturing

    Intelligent ERP is becoming one of the pillars of strategic decision-making tools in the digital transformation journey. In this exclusive IDC report, discover how intelligent ERP can help close the information gap and much more. Download the report here.

  • Business Resilience And Agility: How HR & Payroll Leaders Can Empower Change

    If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that HR leaders need to be prepared to pivot quickly. In this extensive report, explore the 8 essential ways HR & Payroll leaders can lead business resilience and agility to match the changing face of HR. Learn more here.

  • How To Prepare For The World Of Tomorrow

    Download this white paper for tips on transforming your manufacturing organization, starting with the CIO, as well as advice on how to prepare for the industrial challenges of the future.

  • Quick Start Guide To Payroll Tax Year-End

    Preparing for and processing your Tax Year-End doesn’t have to be the dreaded task so many businesses and individuals make it out to be. To help you get on top of it, download this white paper and explore 3 steps you can follow to guide you to success.

  • Discrete manufacturing in a changing world Leaping hurdles and spotting opportunities

    The manufacturing industry is increasingly changing to better align with the green agenda. This IDG-Sage whitepaper report explores the impact of changing regional legislation, the rising trust of cloud solutions, and the servitization of manufacturing—so you can plan for the greener future of manufacturing. Save the report now.

  • Global manufacturers get serious about sustainability

    More and more discrete manufacturers are adopting sustainable, circular and service-oriented practices, making the trend clear: Going green is not just in style—it’s helping manufacturers transform. Use this guide to learn more about the pros and cons of going green and pursuing more sustainable manufacturing processes.

  • Agility In HR: 4 Ways You Can Drive Agile Ways Of Working

    Agility and flexibility are essential to today’s HR. This eBook provides HR teams with effective ways to drive agile working, ensuring your workforce is productive and performing at its best, even during times of rapid change. Save the eBook here.

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