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  • A Guide to Telling your ESG Story

    Today, employees, customers, and investors are demanding greater accountability from companies and want them to take a stance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. However, organizations can get intimidated by this push for transformation, and even more don’t know where to start. Access this guide to learn more.

  • The State of the Circular Economy Report

    As the benefits of a Circular Economy and sustainability continue to be recognized, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to advance their strategies for success. Access this State of the Circular Economy Report to learn more about and discover how you can best implement strategies across your business for success.

  • Why Growing Businesses Choose Sage Intacct

    For larger companies, data such as decentralized payables, different tax regulations, and multiple currencies can create increased complexities, and many users prefer to see these metrics combined and viewed within a single system. Access this e-book to learn more and discover how you can achieve your financial reporting goals.

  • Three emerging roles of CFO’s

    CFOs play a crucial role in the operations of an organization, but as the nature of business expands and evolves, so too must CFOs. This infographic looks at the future of the CFO position, highlighting characteristics and roles that experts have identified as being key to the development of the position. Download the infographic to learn more.

  • Looking Ahead: 7 Key Trends That Will Reshape Accounting and Finance in 2023

    The last years have changed way businesses operate. The financial services sector in particular has felt the effects of this shift. This e-book looks at the state of the financial services industry, highlighting 7 key trends that provide key insights into the future. Read now to learn more.

  • CFO 3.0 - Digital Transformation Beyond Financial Management

    As CFOs continue to struggle with complexities such as managing remote workforces and expanding security and compliance mandates, many organizations are still searching for strategies that allow them to keep up with the times. Access this white paper to discover more.

  • Payroll tax pocket guide 2022 – 2023

    This comprehensive payroll tax pocket guide is the one-stop resource for payroll and HR professionals in South Africa who want the latest employment tax details for 2022-2023.

  • Agility in HR: 4 ways you can drive agile ways of working

    Less than 1 in 3 HR leaders say their workforces are organized around speed, agility and adaptability making it difficult for them to create systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats. Access this e-book for effective ways to drive agile working, ensuring that your workforce is productive and performing at its best.

  • Business resilience and agility: How HR & payroll leaders can empower change

    Now more than ever, organizations are facing pressured to create a safe environment for their employees, making sure they remain engaged, connected and productive, all while trying to keep costs down. Access this guide for more agile ways to manage employees with new methods of working and tips for transitioning to modern work environments.

  • Your guide to payroll Tax Year-End

    Coming soon, organizations must be ready to submit their annual employer reconciliation returns within 60 days of the beginning of the Employer Tax Filing season. With the right support and platform, this is an easy objective for employers to succeed at. Read on to learn more about what to expect and how to be prepared come tax time.

  • How technology is transforming payroll and HR in SA’s medium-sized businesses

    64% of medium-sized businesses have increased their use of payroll and HR technology in response to remote working trends. However, many organizations don’t have a specialized system, meaning that insights can be lost or difficult to access when needed. Access this infographic to see how you can use your data for HR and payroll success.

  • Payroll and HR in SA

    With 63% of small businesses struggling to securely share personal employee information and 37% still using outdated manual and on-premises payroll and HR systems, it’s become clear that some HR and payroll system updates are in order. Access this infographic to see how you can digitize HR and payroll data.

  • The quick guide to payroll compliance

    Managing the many aspects of payroll compliance can be tricky with the landscape of rules changing so often. Because of this, failure to maintain compliance tends to take a toll on the time and money of businesses. Access this guide to payroll compliance to find best practices and solutions to help your payroll function run smoothly.

  • Budget Speech: 2022/2023 All you need to know

    The following white paper details tax tables, tax rates, payroll taxes and other changes to the tax system in South Africa for 2022-23. Access the white paper here.

  • Payroll and HR in SA: Rising to the challenges of change

    Download this Sage research report to find out how other businesses are navigating complexity in HR and payroll alongside ever-evolving compliance regulations, workforce health needs, and cloud migration.

  • The future of payroll and HR in a hybrid working world

    The hybrid working world has greatly complicated HR and payroll systems. However, cloud-based software has proved to be valuable in today’s digital-first world: 86% of businesses have linked cloud technology to easily adapting to remote and hybrid working environments. Access this e-book to unlock key insights into the future of payroll and HR.

  • The People team of tomorrow

    With efforts made to shift to a more “people” centered HR management, it is necessary for companies to have the tools and facilities required to keep up. Access this e-book for an inside look at the current HR landscape and identify the changes organizations should prepare for in order to engage and satisfy their workforce.

  • The Road to Nonprofit Finance Transformation Success

    Access this e-book by Sage to discover how cloud accounting software drives efficiency in NPOs' finance departments through workflow automation, real-time reporting, deep visibility into outcomes and performance, breaking silos between critical applications, and boosting communication between teams.

  • The Redefined CFO

    This report uncovers the evolution of a CFO from a number cruncher to a future-focused strategist and advisor taking the lead in guiding an enterprise through changing market conditions using real-time data. Read on to learn about the characteristics of a redefined CFO and their new and expanded job responsibilities.

  • 10 reasons Marketing Agencies

    For marketing agencies with project-based finances, it can be challenging to find a solution that enables teams to track and manage advertising spend, profitability, unique billing requirements and more. Access this e-book to learn about Sage Intacct’s comprehensive financial management & discover 10 ways marketing agencies can benefit.

  • The Digital CFO

    Download and read this research report to learn key trends behind digitization for finance teams and explore key opportunities for CFOs to leverage automation, artificial intelligence and analytics to improve processes and reporting.

  • 2021 Buyer’s Guide

    Given the changing state of the financial landscape, it’s important to evaluate if your accounting software is helping your grow and compete—or just holding you back. Kickstart your review process today with this 2020 accounting and financial management software guide.

  • Sage Intacct The Financial Management Platform that Lets you Raise your Game

    Digital transformation has changed finance, and you need a solution that can keep up, like Sage Intacct. Download this eBook to learn about Sage Intacct and its core features, as well as key use cases.

  • 2020 Buyer’s Guide

    Given the changing state of the financial landscape, it’s important to evaluate if your accounting software is helping your grow and compete—or just holding you back. Kickstart your review process today with this 2020 accounting and financial management software guide.

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