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  • Securing Microsoft 365 : How a dedicated security solution can protect users, safeguard data and enhance the value of your cloud investment

    Microsoft 365’s ubiquity positions the platform as a prime target for cybercriminals. This e-book outlines common threats to your Microsoft 365, including phishing. Continue on to unlock guidance for boosting your Microsoft 365 security with Proofpoint.

  • Modern Blueprint to Insider Threat Management

    When trusted users with legitimate access to critical systems and information exploit that privilege, it can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of valuable data. This eBook details how to quickly detect insider threats and how to construct and implement an effective insider threat management program.

  • Voice of CISO Webinar English

    To better understand the challenges that today’s threat landscape poses to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), 1400 CISOs were surveyed. Watch this webcast for insight into not only the challenges faced by CISOs, but also their expectations and priorities.

  • Turning the Tables

    Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting people over infrastructures, but it’s about time people started fighting back. Learn how user reporting can turn the tables on threat actors in this e-book.

  • Thoughts on New Forrester Report: “Best Practices: Mitigating Insider Threats”

    Insider threats remain a significant cybersecurity issue. Read this blog for an analysis of the Forrester report, “2021 Forrester Best Practices: Mitigating Insider Threats,” and to access Forrester’s 10 steps for building an insider threat management program (ITMP).

  • How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware attacks continue to increase, with hackers using techniques that are more sophisticated and targeted. Access this Gartner report to explore the current state of ransomware security, how ransomware attacks have evolved, and what methods are the most successful in preventing attacks.

  • The Human Factor 2022

    Discover how to address the human factors of cybersecurity and inform yourself of the scope of today’s user-based risks by accessing a copy of this report, The Human Factor: People-centric Cybersecurity.

  • Supply Chain Attacks

    Read this white paper for the ultimate guide to protecting your organization from supply chain attacks, including a breakdown of types, risk factors, common methods, research insights and key tips.

  • Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats

    Insider threats present a major risk to organizations as traditional cybersecurity systems, no matter how effective, can be bypassed or weakened by internal sabotage. In this webcast, expert analysts discuss the danger organizations face from insider threats, paying specific attention to the economic consequences. Tune in to learn more.

  • Inertia Is Not an Option

    According to a recent study, only 25% of cybersecurity leaders stated that they are very confident in their organizations’ ability to prevent a data breach. This white paper gives you 3 reasons to move away from legacy data loss prevention (DLP) options so that you can prevent a prepare against a data breach. Read on to learn more.

  • Bilfinger Protects Supply Chain Email Communications with Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense

    Bilfinger is an international industrial services provider that relies heavily on email messaging for its day-to-day communications. With the help of Proofpoint’s email security offerings, Bilfinger securely vetted their email system and gained visibility into potential threats. Read this case study to see how Bilfinger secured their email system.

  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training Enterprise

    More than 85% of security breaches involve a human element. Social engineering presents a cyberthreat that can’t be eliminated by digital security systems. To deal with this problem, Proofpoint has put together their Security Awareness Training Enterprise. Read on to learn how to turn your organization’s users into a new line of defense.

  • Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions

    Insider risk management continues to be a focal point for many security and risk management leaders grappling with hybrid and remote workforces, system integration and an overall dependence on third parties. Read this analyst report from Gartner to access actionable steps your organization can take today to mitigate insider risk.

  • Cloud Account Compromise and Takeover

    As businesses move to the cloud, the cyber attackers follow behind. Even though tools like email and productivity apps are more secure in the cloud, there are still risks. It has already been proven that phishing, brute-force, and malware have caused cloud data breaches. Don’t be a victim. Read more to learn how to better protect your cloud data.

  • Interpublic Group Adds Business Value to its Companies Through Security

    Interpublic Group (IPG) is an advertising and marketing services enterprise that operates globally. By partnering with Proofpoint, IPG were able to build an email system, that vetted against, fraud, phishing, malware, and spam. Download and read the full case study to learn how Proofpoint’s email security offerings have helped real-world business.

  • Industrial Engineering Leader Aims to Protect Data

    Fives is a French manufacturing company that made almost €2 billion in profits last year. With so much sensitive data and intellectual property tied up in their day-to-day email messaging, Fives knew that effective email security was a must. Read this case study and see how Proofpoint helped Fives build a more secure email system.

  • Metrics That Matter: The CISO’s Guide to Assessing, Prioritizing and Justifying Cybersecurity Budgets That Make Business Sense

    With more emphasis on cybersecurity than ever before, CISO’s are under incredible pressure to manage their security spending effectively. This e-book follows a 6-step process that breaks down the key components of cybersecurity assessment and budgeting. Read on to start making better purchases that keep your organization secure.

  • Reimagining Email Security

    On average, the business world sends over 102 trillion emails per year. It is one of the fundamental parts of running a business. Every day, people are sending purchase orders, invoices, and other attachments over email which are all open to exploitation. To help you reimagine email security and protect your organization, read on to learn more.

  • The Hidden Costs of Free

    Microsoft 365’s in-built security promises advanced threat protection, data protection, and compliance. But 365’s native security features cannot mitigate the risks posed by modern cybersecurity threats. This e-book covers the security threats faced by Microsoft 365 users, and how third-party security solutions defends against these threats.

  • Securing Microsoft 365

    With many organizations turning to Microsoft 365 to keep distributed workforce productive, protecting data in this new cloud environment has become imperative. This resource highlights the 10 ways Proofpoint provides Microsoft 365 users with comprehensive and robust security and compliance features to defend against sophisticated threats.

  • Rethink insider risk and data loss prevention

    Insider threats are on the rise, putting organizations at high risk for data theft and loss. This report by Proofpoint looks at the evolving landscape of insider threats and how businesses can use tools like insider threat management platforms to safeguard the PII and other data nestled across various digital assets from cyber attackers.

  • The Definitive Email Cybersecurity Strategy Guide 2022

    According to a report, large organizations paid spent an average of $14.8 million due to email phishing schemes. This strategy guide highlights 4 key trends and topics and uses them as jumping off points to explore different ways of preventing email-based attacks. Explore these topics in further detail by downloading this white paper.

  • Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform

    With today’s remote workforce, it is common to see employees using personal devices and unmanaged apps for work. This means that critical infrastructure and data are often residing in the public cloud. As cyber-attacks increase, organizations must be ready to harden their people perimeter with the right solution in place. Read on to learn more.

  • Threat Briefing: Ransomware

    One of today’s most disruptive types of cyberattacks, ransomware can cost companies millions and can have devastating consequences if sensitive information is leaked to the public. In this white paper, explore how ransomware has evolved and what you can do to protect your organization from its potentially disastrous effects.

  • 2022 Social Engineering Report

    This 2022 Social Engineering Report provides insights into the current threat landscape and shows you ways threat actors have repeatedly exploited users in their attacks. Access the report to learn more.

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