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  • Fortuna Remains Always On & Secure with Postgres and EDB

    Fortuna Entertainment Group (FEG) needed a database that was always-on, highly secure and deeply dynamic. Tap into this case study to learn why FEG adopted a Postgres database to improve the performance and agility of their data architecture, and how they leveraged EDB to ensure that they were able to effectively scale the database.

  • London & Partners Executes a Multi-Version Postgres Upgrade While Migrating to the Cloud

    When London & Partners’ in-house database architect left, they had an opportunity to reconsider the best team makeup for their needs. Tap into this case study to learn why they now rely on EDB for both day-to-day support, as well as for periodic strategic review of their architecture.

  • AutoUncle Goes from Startup to Industry Mainstay with Postgres from the Very Start

    Once a humble startup, AutoUncle now serves across 14 countries, helping users find used cars at the most reasonable prices possible. Read the rest of the case study now to see how AutoUncle fulfilled their vision by partnering with EDB and developing a database and search engine through Postgres.

  • Supercharge Business Agility and Your Applications with Fully Managed Postgres - July 14

    Watch this webcast to understand the full slate of advantages that become available when operating on a fully managed database and learn the criteria you should consider when selecting a provider.

  • PG Phriday: Defining High Availability in a Postgres World

    What does high availability actually mean when you’re discussing Postgres clusters? Discover the answers to all of this question—and more—in the following blog post, which demystifies the Postgres high availability conversation.

  • Oracle Migration Made Easy

    Postgres has become a popular database solution – however, there are several obstacles that come along with a database migration. Access this webcast to learn key considerations before you start your database migration to Postgres and hear about the tools, capabilities and resources EDB can offer to simplify your migration journey.

  • Geographically Distributed PostgreSQL: A New Dawn on the Horizon for High Availability

    How can you enable high availability for apps and data that allows users in your organization to work more efficiently? Read this blog post to learn about EDB Postgres Distributed and its capabilities to transform your Postgres solution into a distributed management system that unlocks high availability for your organization.

  • Walkthrough the BigAnimal Free Trial

    Watch this video walkthrough of the BigAnimal 14-day free trial, and give your business a test drive through a fully managed Postgres service.

  • 7 Critical Success Factors for Moving to Open Source Databases (like Postgres)

    While the shift to open source DBs is a big leap, the benefits for BFSI companies could be game changing. With this e-book, EDB provides a comprehensive breakdown of the factors that one must consider when migrating to open source. Access the full e-book to learn about what it takes to successfully make the leap to open-source DBs.

  • Postgres Support: Why Is It So Important?

    Postgres is regarded as a highly-responsible and stable database product – but the freedom of open source does not eliminate the customer’s responsibility to monitor application efficiency. Read this blog to understand how you can get the most out of your Postgres database by leveraging Postgres support from EnterpriseDB.

  • Webinar: The End of the Reign of Oracle RAC: Postgres-BDR Always On

    What exactly does it mean to be “always on?” Watch this webinar for a discussion of what it means to be “always on” and learn the obstacles to high availability databases and how bidirectional replication and Postgres-BDR compare to proprietary replication software, like Oracle® Real Application Cluster (RAC).

  • Webinar: Cloud Migration Paths - Kubernetes, IaaS, or DBaaS

    Migrating to the cloud is hard but migrating Postgres databases to the cloud is even harder. How should an organization choose between Postgres on Kubernetes, IaaS, or database-as-a-service? Watch this webinar to discover the answer and access additional key tips on cloud migration paths.

  • Why Developers Love Fully Managed PostgreSQL Databases in the Cloud (Part 1)

    Why do developers love fully managed PostgresSQL databases in the cloud?Access this blog post to understand how you can leverage a fully managed PostresSQL database to enable a variety of benefits for your organization, including scalability and performance, automatic failover and replication, ease of use and monitoring and more.

  • Replacing Oracle with Postgres: How To Successfully Migrate Your Legacy Databases

    The digital environment is constantly growing and changing. As a result, legacy databases no longer have the capabilities needed for organizations to perform data operations efficiently. Read on to learn why IT leaders are committing to database migrations and how you can take advantage of Postgres’ innovation, agility and cost effectiveness.

  • Postgres-BDR: The Next Generation of PostgreSQL High Availability

    Near-zero downtime, or “Always On,” has become a must-have for successful digital transformation in any industry, but many people don’t know how or where to get started with their high availability (HA) upgrading. Access this white paper for a look into the current state of HA, as well as solutions and methods your organization can leverage.

  • Cloud Migration Paths: IaaS, K8s, or DBaaS

    What is the best option for your company for moving your Postgres database to the cloud? Read this e-book to gain an understanding of 3 different strategies for migrating your database to the cloud and to determine which one is best suited to your organization’s needs.

  • Quick Start Guide to Test Drive EDB BigAnimal

    EDB’s BigAnimal test drive lets you explore the powerful world of fully managed Postgres for 14 days, allowing you to get started with no AWS or Azure setup needed. Access this info sheet to learn about this test drive that includes a fully managed Postgres DB environment on top of access to EDB’s world-class Postgres expertise.

  • PostgreSQL Cloud services are not alike: Find the Right Fit

    Many organizations are looking for managed database services such as PostgresSQL to shift the responsibilities of database management from the customer to their cloud database providers to meet today’s promise of simplicity and flexibility. Read on to learn what you should be on the lookout for when deciding on a Postgres managed cloud service.

  • Streamlining database provisioning with DevOps

    A modern approach to data provisioning is paramount as businesses outperforming their competitors are the ones taking advantage of insights that come from data. Watch this webinar to learn what you should consider when implementing DevOps for your database and how it can help you increase the quality of your data.

  • The Complete Oracle to Postgres Migration Guide: Move and Convert Schema, Applications and Data

    Organizations migrate to PostgreSQL for a variety of reasons—seeking to lower costs, increase flexibility, and add customization. But the actual process of database migration is a long one and can be hard to get right. Read this EnterpriseDB blog post for a holistic guide to migrating from Oracle database to a PostgreSQL instance.

  • Release Radar: BigAnimal Expands Support for Compute Choices

    BigAnimal, EDB's fully managed cloud Postgres database, runs withinAzure accounts to integrate with existing cloud infrastructure and preserve discounts. Check out this blog post for a look at how BigAnimal's compute flexibility can be a boon for your organization.

  • Why Developers Love Fully Managed PostgreSQL Databases in the Cloud (Part 2)

    Read this blog post to learn why two EDB engineers have experienced success using fully managed PostresSQL databases in the cloud and discover how Postgres can help developers simplify their cloud migration journeys, allowing them to return to their routines quickly and easily.

  • Postgres-Bdr Always On Architectures

    This white paper examines EDB’s recommended practices for Postgres-BDR Always On architectures and aims to help customers achieve highest possible availability in multiple different configurations. Access your copy of this white paper to explore the 4 standard ways Postgres-BDR Always On meets availability requirements across complex use cases.

  • How The EDB Postgres Stigs Can Be Used To Secure Your Postgresql Database

    Integrating PostgreSQL’s rich set of protective features is only the first step towards database defense. Making sure those features are being used correctly should be a major priority of security-minded enterprises. Read this white paper to learn the eight steps towards ensuring your data is properly defended when using EDB Postgres STIGs.

  • The Ultimate Guide for Moving Your PostgreSQL Database to the Cloud

    As you capitalize on the possibilities of PostgreSQL databases in the cloud, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of your cloud provider’s native PostgreSQL solution versus a third-party option like EDB’s fully managed cloud DB BigAnimal. Access this short e-book to learn why PostgreSQL matters in the cloud and how to best deploy it there.

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