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  • 6 Critical Considerations for Optimizing Cloud Database Performance

    Access this e-book to learn 6 critical considerations you need to make when considering the DBaaS approach to cloud databases, including strategies for optimizing downtime and performance in your cloud environments.

  • 5 Tenets for Your 2022 Database Management Plan

    As 2022 takes shape, it’s important for your database management plan to be crystal clear. This webinar will help you optimize your database(s) for application development, covering questions including cloud independence, scaling, and high availability. Tune in to learn more about database optimization from professionals at EDB and IDC.

  • Replacing Oracle with Postgres: How To Successfully Migrate Your Legacy Databases

    Migrating from a legacy database like Oracle to a Postgres environment presents a variety of database challenges, including driver compatibility and data issues. Download this white paper to learn how you can surmount key DB migration challenges and truly reap the benefits of Postgres.

  • 6 Critical Questions To Boost Your Cloud Database Performance

    When it comes to cloud databases, there are a few main approaches that most organizations are using—but not all companies seeing success within these models. Read this e-book to learn the 6 critical questions you need to ask to avoid downtime, ease management, and maintain database performance in the cloud.

  • The End of the Reign of Oracle RAC: Postgres-BDR Always On

    Access this white paper to learn how Postgres-BDR compares to Oracle RAC when it comes to cloud compatibility, high availability support, and performance for mission-critical applications.

  • Upgrade Easily with Postgres-BDR

    Access this webcast hear Simon Riggs, Postgres Fellow at EDB, describe how you can use advanced logical replication for PostgreSQL to upgrade across OS, database, and BDR release with comparatively few hitches and little downtime.

  • Webinar: Ensuring Your Business is Always On with EDB BDR

    Building the database infrastructure to be “always-on” in a flexible and extensible way isn’t easy. Access this webcast to learn how bi-direction replication, an advanced multi-master replication for PostgreSQL, can provide businesses with the high availability and geographically distributed workloads they need to meet their always-on goals.

  • Webinar: Advances in High Availability for PostgreSQL in the Enterprise

    Access this webinar to learn how you can support always-on Postgres databases for your most important applications, with BDR working as a PostgreSQL extension that enables high availability databases through multi-master replication.

  • Webinar: Replication Performance & Why It Matters

    Tune into this webinar to hear Simon Riggs, Postgres Fellow at EDB, discuss e the performance of various replication mechanisms and learn how and when to tune these critical components of high availability.

  • The Future is Postgres

    Postgres has seen its use cases and popularity skyrocket, as this open and extensible DBMS is deployed in environments ranging from Kubernetes to on-prem analytics setups. But where is this database heading? Watch this webinar to learn how the future of Postgres might shape up, according to EDB—and discover how Postgres is the future.

  • Computing Magazine - Going cloud native: Why the cloud should be your database default

    Many are extolling the benefits of cloud databases. But why? Tune in to this seminar to hear professionals, including VP Gabriele Bartolini of EDB, discuss the state of cloud adoption, relate these trends to accompanying research, and explore how increasingly cloud-native architectures are driving database trends including open-source adoption.

  • Webinar: Security and Containers in Cloud Native PostgreSQL

    Cloud Native Postgres brings the PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced databases to Kubernetes and OpenShift, inheriting all the security related infrastructure. This webcast reviews the 4Cs security model adopted by the Kubernetes Community and analyzes the relevant security features of Cloud Native PostgreSQL in more depth. Access it here.

  • Prosper with Postgres on Kubernetes

    EDB has developed a Kubernetes operator for Postgres, thanks to their experience with both offerings, that allows you to automate and improve the deployment, administration, and scaling of cloud native applications. Tune in to this webinar to learn more.

  • Advances in High Availability for PostgreSQL in the Enterprise

    This webcast covers key capabilities in the newest major release of EDB’s PostgreSQL BDR. Access it here to discover significant advancements in performance and monitoring, support for applications that need Oracle SQL compatibility, upgrade paths enabled by support for a wider range of Postgres versions and more.

  • Databases in the cloud: are we there yet?

    Watch this webcast to learn about what's next for databases in the cloud, where current solutions fall short, and how PostgreSQL fits in.

  • Tips for Moving Postgres to Microsoft Azure

    While cloud databases are increasingly necessary, organizations are still apt to run into headaches and roadblocks when moving or deploying Postgres on Microsoft Azure. Access this webinar to discover ways to handle common challenges when moving apps and databases to the cloud, including DB tuning, performance, and availability.

  • Comparing Postgres to Oracle - Secrets to Success

    Database success takes many forms—for some, it’s a highly specialized 3rd party solution, while for others extensible open-source databases take the cake. Access this EDB webinar, “Comparing Postgres to Oracle - Secrets to Success,” to explore how Postgres and Oracle overlap, differ, and distinguish themselves in a variety of use cases.

  • PostgreSQL-as-a-Service: Comparison of Cloud Providers

    This webcast covers topics like functionality, extensions, logs, and auditing; major and minor updates; community involvement; and server modifications of various PostgreSQL-as-a-Service offerings. Watch it here for an in-depth comparison and see which cloud provider is the perfect fit for your PostgreSQL needs.

  • Postgres success Story with Borsa Italiana

    Watch this 17-minute webinar to learn about Borsa Italiana’s successful migration to Postgres, including why they embraced Postgres as a database foundation and the considerations that went into a seamless, efficient migration.

  • Evolving role of open source and Postgres in the enterprise

    Postgres is now one of the most popular software options deployed in containers—underscoring how important Postgres DBs are becoming in the microservices world. Tune in to this Postgres Vision webinar to hear EDB CTO Marc Linster discuss the important role of Postgres in digital transformation and examine specific trends within use cases.

  • Building a business that never sleeps

    Building a business that never sleeps requires you to choose databases and solutions capable of high performance and higher availability. Perhaps most important, however, is the support team you build around this technology. Watch this webinar to learn how you can build an always-on business, from humans to the database.

  • Webinar: Ask the Expert - PostgreSQL

    This webinar features EDB Directors Jan Karremans and Deepanshu Sharma as they discuss one of the world’s most popular and advanced open-source databases—PostgreSQL. Tune in to hear them answer questions regarding PostgreSQL performance and management in the cloud, in containerized environments, on prem, and much more.

  • ACI Worldwide's Postgres Journey

    Global organizations are choosing to adopt Postgres databases for a variety of reasons: reduced TCO, extensibility, speed to market, and much more. Tune into this interview to hear ACI Worldwide’s Chief Product Officer Jeremy Wilmot describe the reasons that this financial institution partnered with EDB to get the most out of Postgres.

  • Project Management SaaS company uses Postgres-BDR to achieve consistent performance globally

    As fast-growing productivity software ClickUp expanded to a global scale, they ran into issues running their PostgreSQL database backbone at scale. Access this case study to learn how turning to EDB’s Postgres-BDR allowed ClickUp to operate at a massive scale while minimizing database downtime and optimizing performance.

  • EDB Cloud: The Postgres for Enterprises Moving to the Cloud

    As you move your applications to the cloud, you want a fully managed PostgreSQL cloud database that’s capable of handling your demanding workloads. Read this short description of EDB Cloud to learn how it supports both PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, giving greater control of your data and your cloud database costs.

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