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  • Machine Learning For Text Prediction

    Machine learning techniques can be used to great effect with and as a part of PostgreSQL. Read this blog post to learn the efficacy of incorporating machine learning techniques for text prediction in a PostgreSQL environment and recommendations for similar projects.

  • ACI Worldwide Modernizes Software Architecture While Reducing Risk And Lowering Costs With Postgresql

    ACI Worldwide chose EnterpriseDB’s BDR for its simplicity, power, and ability to integrate in larger, complex architectures. Read this short blog post to discover why ACI chose BDR and learn how BDR has become a strong foundation for their real-time solutions.

  • Postgresql And Machine Learning

    PostgreSQL’s ability to integrate machine learning techniques shouldn’t be overlooked; after all, the flexibility, data, and power that lives in PostgreSQL are natural fits for machine learning projects. Keep reading to learn why and how you can use PostgreSQL to perform machine learning tasks like regression analysis with relative ease.

  • 5 Things To Include On Your Postgresql Security Checklist

    Explore this short guide to learn how you can better manage 5 key PostgreSQL security features, including access security, authentication, encryption, and more.

  • Introducing: The Cloud Native Postgresql Plugin For Kubectl

    Check out this blog post to learn how EnterpriseDB’s Cloud Native PostgreSQL has expanded its support for Kubernetes via the kubectl tool, a Swiss Army knife tool for administrators looking to manage a PostgreSQL cluster inside Kubernetes.

  • AEKWL Modernizes Medical Workflow System With Postgresql And EDB

    Dive into this case study to learn about one organization’s workflow modernization journey to ensure business continuity in light of COVID-19, enabled by PostgreSQL and EDB.

  • Machine Learning For Capacity Management

    If you wanted to know how you can use machine learning techniques to automate monitoring and management of PostgreSQL deployments, you’ve come to the right place. Access this blog post from the VP and Chief Architect of Database Infrastructure at EDB to learn more.

  • BKD Chooses EDB To Modernize Tools Supporting Flower Bulb Inspection Industry

    Read this case study to learn how PostgreSQL affords the ease of scalability and high availability key to success for companies undergoing mass digitization and standardization, leading to an infrastructure that “almost runs itself”.

  • Comparative Analysis: EDB Postgres Vs. Oracle Enterprise

    Access this white paper to compare EDB Postgres with Oracle Enterprise and learn what impact an open source database can make on budget, extensibility, scalability, performance, security, and more.

  • How To Get The Status Of A Cloud Native Postgresql Cluster

    Check out this blog post to familiarize yourself with how status, a subcommand for Kubernetes admins/DBAs, works through the analysis of a common use case.

  • The Expert’s Guide To Integrating Postgresql®

    Download this white paper to learn the skills you need to become an expert in PostgreSQL database integration in a variety of use cases, including applications that create and consume data, development tools for app developers and DB developers, security environments, and more.

  • How The EDB Postgres Stigs Can Be Used To Secure Your Postgresql Database

    While the speed, security, and robustness of PostgreSQL has led to its explosion in popularity, many companies a still unsure about the actual security level of their PostgreSQL DB. Read this blog post to learn how Department of Defense guidelines and files, known as STIGs, can be used to help you improve your DB security.

  • EnterpriseDB Video 2

    Access this webinar to explore how PostgreSQL DB replication approaches differ, the strengths of each approach, and learn how to choose the right replication approach for your use case.

  • EnterpriseDB Video 3

    Watch this webinar to learn how backups with tools like BART Backup and Recovery differ from dumps that rely on tools like pg_dump and discover the best use cases, pros and cons, and realities of using these two methods to secure your database data.

  • Cloud Native Postgresql For Application Developers

    Access this blog post to learn how EnterpriseDB’s Cloud Native PostgreSQL operator is ideal for developers who want to easily develop, debug, and test their software against a PostgreSQL database on their local machine before hitting the staging environment.

  • EnterpriseDB Video 1

    Watch this webinar to learn about the open source community behind PostgreSQL, and how it helps promote product quality and usability—a key part of creating this resilient, extensible, and valuable database.

  • What’s Next In Open Source In 2021?

    Read this blog post to learn how “free,” “open source,” and “profitable” do and don’t line up and discover how open source database technologies are expected to change and grow in the next few years.

  • Cloud Native PostgreSQL: a Kubernetes Operator

    Cloud Native PostgreSQL is a Kubernetes operator fully integrated with its API server. In this webinar, you’ll learn how this Kubernetes operator can help automate key processes like deployment and configuration, failover and failover detection, updates and switchovers, and more.

  • Security and Containers in Cloud Native PostgreSQL

    In Cloud Native PostgreSQL from EnterpriseDB, security on the container level is based on a proven set of best practices. Read this blog post to view the various levels of security orchestration your Postgres deployment will have via containers—just one C of the Kubernetes 4Cs security model.

  • Why EDB Chose Immutable Application Containers

    Cloud Native PostgreSQL is a Kubernetes Operator for Postgres written by EBD, designed with a DevOps mindsight and a special focus on the potential of immutable application containers. Read this blog post to learn how immutable application containers alongside Postgres reduce security risk, decrease downtime, and excel in a Kubernetes environment.

  • The 4C’s Security Model in Kubernetes

    With cloud native Postgres bringing PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced databases to Kubernetes and OpenShift, DBAs need to know how they can provide the right security within Kubernetes. Read this blog post to discover more about the 4C security model that Kubernetes uses and learn how it relates to your cloud Postgres DB deployment.

  • 5 Ways To Get More From Postgresql: Guide For IT Managers And Dbas

    Get more from your PostgreSQL by downloading this short white paper covering 5 different PostgreSQL tools, tips, and strategies you can use to minimize costs and maximize performance and development opportunities.

  • Moving Oracle Workloads to the Cloud

    Many companies are looking for ways to move their Oracle workloads to the cloud. But whether you’re migrating a development, production, or some other database, your choices now will impact DB performance significantly. Access this white paper to learn how to navigate 5 key decisions you’ll need to make during this process.

  • 6 Things A Developer Should Know About Postgres

    Developers are increasingly adopting PostgreSQL as their RDBMS of choice. So why the recent boost in popularity? Access this white paper to learn 6 things that developers should know about Postgres, including its simplicity, active community engagement, flexibility, customizable nature, and more.

  • Beginners guide to high availability for postgress

    When you run your mission critical workloads, you need to be able to trust that your database won’t go down and bring your business with it. So why do many businesses not have high availability databases? Watch this EnterpriseDB webinar to learn how the industry pros are creating high availability databases, using replication and other tools.

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