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  • The 2022 Attack Resistance Report

    In the face of the rapidly changing cyber landscape, HackerOne surveyed more than 800 IT executives to gauge readiness to defend against cyberattacks. Read this report to unlock 4 key findings and to explore an overview of Attack Resistance Management.

  • Unlocking Hacker Insights: Vulnerability Disclosure Program Best Practices

    With increasing cybersecurity vulnerabilities challenging IT teams, many organizations have adopted a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) to bolster security and engage with the security researcher community. This white paper overviews internal requirements for a VDP and VDP best practices. Read on to access 5 common VDP mistakes.

  • HackerOne Bug Bounty Demo

    Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. HackerOne Bug Bounty uses a crowd sourcing model to pay freelance hackers for every security weakness they find in your system, thus facilitating high volume and high-quality testing. Watch this full demonstration and see if Bug Bounty is the testing solution you need.

  • Bug Bounty Benefits | Why You Need a Bug Bounty Program

    To locate security vulnerabilities, many IT teams are adopting a bug bounty program. This article defines the concept of bug bounty and walks through how such a program operates. Read on to access 3 benefits of employing a bug bounty program.

  • How Trustpilot Manages Risk by Working with Ethical Hackers

    To ensure its products are cyber resilient, Trustpilot employs external security testing: HackerOne’s bug bounty program and point-in-time security assessments. This article explains how Trustpilot uses the information gleaned from security testing. Read on to unlock 4 tips for adopting a bug bounty program.

  • Turning Security Inside Out The Github Bug Bounty Story

    Supporting a community of more than 20 million people sharing and building software, GitHub must provide top-notch security, which is why the business decided to partner with HackerOne. Read this case study to learn how HackerOne illuminated GitHub’s security blind spots

  • Hyatt's Bug Bounty Program Update: Q&A with Senior Analyst Robert Lowery

    Almost every piece of software ever written has some vulnerability in it at some point in its life cycle. What really matters is finding the vulnerability before a malicious actor does. In this Q&A, HackerOne sit down with Hyatt’s Senior Analyst Robert Lowery to discuss the success he has had with his bug bounty program. Read on to learn more.

  • HackerOne Application Pentest for AWS: Demo

    Many businesses enlist the help of penetration testers (pentesters) to locate security gaps. To enable protection for enterprises that use AWS, HackerOne created Pentest for AWS, which employs a community of ethical hackers specialized in AWS. Explore this landing page to view a demo of the service.

  • HackerOne Assets Demo

    The widespread growth of organizations’ digital presence has resulted in a security dilemma. With every asset a potential for hacker, it is crucial that organizations regain visibility and effectively monitor their digital assets. This video presents a demonstration of HackerOne’s asset management solution. Watch now to learn more.

  • One Month of Learnings from Flo Health’s Bug Bounty Program: A Q&A with CISO, Leo Cunningham

    HackerOne interviewed Flo Health CISO, Leo Cunningham, and performed a Q&A about his opinions on HackerOne’s Bug Bounty offering. This blog presents a transcription of the interview which will provide you with insight into what real customers have to say about HackerOne’s solution. Read on to learn more.

  • HackerOne Attack Resistance Management

    The modern cybercriminal is more sophisticated than ever before, with many performing comprehensive reconnaissance operations before launching attacks. In order to combat such a comprehensive adversary, your cybersecurity must be equally comprehensive. Read this overview to learn about Hackerone’s cybersecurity solutions.

  • The Top 5 Most Common Security Issues I Discover When Reviewing Code

    While security often focuses on adding additional defenses, there are also many benefits to discovering and solving security flaws as they exist in the code itself. This blog looks at security through the eyes of a programmer, going through lines of code showing how security flaws appear at the most basic level. Read on to learn more.

  • Grammarly Exceeds Customer Expectations with Hacker-Powered Security

    As the world’s leading writing assistant serving 30 million people and 30 thousand teams daily, Grammarly’s top priority is to ensure their customers’ data. In order to ensure the utmost security, Grammarly decided to partner with HackerOne to use ethical hacking to correct the vulnerabilities in their security systems. Read on to learn more.

  • 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Pentesting

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve, cybersecurity teams are turning to new strategies and tools. This white paper gives an overview of the 3 main types of pentesting, providing the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the scenarios in which each would be most effective. Read on to learn more.

  • Divido Embraces An Ethical Hacking Mindset With Hackerone Security Assessments

    Ethical hacking is a practice that makes use the same principles and practices as traditional hacking, but instead of casing harm or damage, it is utilized to elucidate and repair flaws before they can be exploited. Divido enlisted HackerOne to uncover vulnerabilities to protect their customers’ and their own data. Read on to discover more.

  • The Secret Weapon for Your Modern Pentest: Skilled Hackers

    Security teams can learn the most from pentests (penetration tests) when working with skilled pentesters. HackerOne has developed a platform on which security teams can interact with qualified hackers. Dig into this white paper for an overview of the platform’s goal: enabling effective matches between security teams and pentesters.

  • The Role of Hackers in Security Assessments for Product Development

    Today’s organizations must develop and deliver their software at break-neck speeds. However, traditional security protocol often slows down the development process, resulting in a no-win situation. Read this overview, which looks at HackerOne’s Assessment offering, which aims to provide security monitoring to facilitate secure development.

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