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  • Hope on the horizon: How to build a better cybersecurity posture during economic uncertainty

    With today’s global economy in a state of flux, organizations everywhere are facing high levels of uncertainty with regards to security budgets, supply chains, and more. However, leading organizations that have weathered economic storms in the past know that proactively planning for the future helps position them for success. Read on to see why.

  • Cloudflare One

    Did you know that in recent years, ransomware attacks and ransom DDoS have surged by a staggering 138%? This resource introduces a zero trust Network-as-a-Service platform that meets the needs of this new threat reality.

  • Network Modernization: Meeting the Need for Distributed and Secure Cloud Services

    Today’s apps and data succeed or fail on the merits of the network. In this report from the experts at IDC, learn what you need to know to succeed with network modernization in order to meet the demands of the cloud era.

  • Cloudflare API Shield

    Around 58% of global internet traffic is API-related. Hackers are becoming aware of this and are now evolving their attacks to focus on APIs. Cloudflare API Shield aims to keep APIs secure and productive with API discovery and innovative, layered defenses. Read this data sheet to learn more about Cloudflare API Shield.

  • How to Stop Business Email Compromise Threats

    Business email compromise (BEC) attacks continue to be one of the most financially damaging cybercrimes, with the FBI reporting over $2 billion in reported losses.This white paper explores the dangers of BEC attacks, looking at what can be done to combat them, including 6 advanced techniques to detect and stop BECs. Read on to learn more.

  • Turn Fear into Opportunity

    To regain command over your IT priorities, minimize business risks, and transform economic uncertainty into opportunities, explore these three steps to cloud management in this e-book.

  • An Overview of Internet-Native Architecture

    There’s a contradiction lurking at the heart of zero trust security. Organizations face a strong pull to the public Internet, exposing their network traffic to the public Internet’s insecurity and unreliability. Internet-native architecture provides interconnectivity and adaptability without compromising security. Read on to learn more.

  • 90-Minute Zero Trust Assessment

    In order to improve your zero-trust operation, you need to understand how effective it is. But what happens if you have no means or measure to evaluate your zero trust?Read this overview now to learn about Cloudflare’s 90-minute zero trust assessment, which can evaluate your operation to determine its level of maturity across an array of key areas.

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    Digital initiatives have allowed organizations to work from anywhere, as new public and private cloud technologies and SaaS have taken over legacy systems. However, these new solutions can expand attack surfaces, leaving many companies vulnerable. SASE can help. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • The ROI of Zero Trust

    According toa recent study, organizations that adopted a zero-trust strategy saw a 91% decrease in successful cyberattacks. This infographic aims to evaluate the economic and business ROI of adopting a zero-trust model, presenting relevant research-based metrics, as well as 5 key strategic takeaways, including. Read on to learn more.

  • Simplifying the Way we Protect SaaS Applications

    While SaaS applications allow organizations greater flexibility and agility, they also generate new security concerns. Read on to discover what you should look for in a zero-trust security platform to ensure that it can effectively secure your SaaS applications.

  • DNS and the Threat of DDoS

    The Domain Name System (DNS) was a major piece in the construction of the internet. However, today botnets are used to conduct attacks targeting DNS infrastructure. This has led to essential services and huge swaths of the internet being down for periods of time. Read on to learn more about these threats and see how to protect your business.

  • Getting Faster: Know Your Website, And Know What’s Slowing It Down

    Download this e-book to explore factors that impact web performance and steps businesses can take to assess and improve the performance of their web properties.

  • A Roadmap to Zero Trust Architecture

    In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional network security, organizations are looking to begin their journey of adopting zero-trust architecture. This guide was built by security experts to provide an in-depth look into Zero Trust architecture, as well as an example implementation timeline. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Securing Hybrid Work

    According to Gartner, by 2026, 75% of workers will continue to split time between home and traditional office locations. Remote work is not only the new norm for today but is going to have a strong presence moving forward. In this white paper, Cloudflare presents their approach to securing remote work. Read on to learn more.

  • Keeping Tabs on Browser Supply Chain Attacks

    Browsers are a website’s window to the world, with a large part of the end user experience contingent on browsers being secure, fast, and private. This white paper in which Cloudflare analyzes the growing threat of browser-based supply chain cyberattacks and provides a multi-step strategy for dealing with them.

  • ZTNA, SASE, and now SSE — where do I start?

    In today’s remote workforce, you can combat today’s threats by adopting Gartner’s SASE architecture and integrating a zero-trust network access controls in the early stages of your journey to SASE. Tap into this white paper to learn how Cloudflare aims to help you optimize security and networking at your own pace in 10 steps.

  • WAN-as-a-Service Enables Networks to Respond to Evolving IT Needs

    While SD-WANs deployments have addressed today’s evolving traffic patterns, cloud adoptions and the explosion of remote work strains many SD-WAN architectures. Access this white paper to learn how the WAN as a Service model is designed to provide built-in security, speed and reliability – while keeping pace with digital transformation.

  • Effective application security requires holistic, quick, and continuous protection

    Although critical to most modern businesses, applications expose organizations to significant security threats. In fact, the National Vulnerability Database reported over 18,000 application vulnerabilities in 2020 – a new record. Download this white paper to learn more about protection your applications against today’s threat landscape.

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