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  • The Complete Guide for Open Source Licenses

    Before using an open source software it's important to learn the legal facts. What's the difference between a copyleft and a permissive open source software? What exists in the fine print of some of the most popular open source softwares like MIT, Apache, and Microsoft? Take a look at this whitepaper to find out.

  • DZone's 2019 Guide to DevOps

    Open this 2019 Guide to DevOps to learn best practices for jumpstarting your DevOps adoption, common mistakes to avoid, and security tips to consider throughout the adoption process.

  • Open Source Security Management in the Age of DevOps

    Open source components are used and reused as needs arise. But, who is responsible for managing the security of these components? Download this white paper to for an analysis of WhiteSource's survey results and to find out the broken down responses.

  • GE Digital Case Study

    Breaches of security in the industrial space can have very real-world consequences, increasing the need for GE Digital to implement strong security practices to reduce the risk of exploitable vulnerabilities in their applications. In this case study, find out how GE used WhiteSource to do so.

  • Security at the Speed of Software Development

    DevSecOps is expected to grow for years to come and many companies have recognized the need to reposition to look more like DevSecOps. However, a lot of that repositioning is just marketing and there is no attempt to really make the transition. In this webcast, Larry Maccherone discusses a 3-part framework for adopting the DevSecOps culture.

  • Strategies for Improving Enterprise Application Security

    While most enterprises are focused on application scanning and remediation, many software development experts are advocating better, more secure application development initiatives that prevent vulnerabilities from occurring in the first place. In this webcast, experts discuss steps to integrate security into the app development process.

  • Application Security Shifts Left in System Development Lifecycle

    Application security is undergoing a shift to the left in the system development lifecycle. This necessary change has crawled forward for years, but has finally passed a tipping point. Download this brief report to view the implications for application security vendors and enterprise security today.

  • Meet the Experts: Open Source Security 101

    According to Forrester, 80% of developers used open source in their applications in the past year. When using open source, you must consider the security of the application. This webinar provides a high level overview of considerations that engineering teams and security officers should keep in mind when tackling open source security issues.

  • SC Magazine - 5 Things Every CISO Needs To Know About OS Security

    Discover 5 approaches and best practices that security teams and CISOs should implement in order to enable developers to harness the power of open source, without slowing down productivity or compromising security.

  • Equifax Breach Lessons: How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim

    Learn about the story behind the largest data breach to date. Understand the root cause, the timeline and why it was preventable. This webcast offers advice on how to avoid being the next Equifax. Some key suggestions include: implementing the right solution, changing the way you think and deal with application security and acting fast.

  • SANS Product Review Webinar

    Whitesource's open source security solution helps automate the finding of vulnerabilities and open source components and then bridges the gap between development and security professionals. In this webcast, Serge Borso will share his experiences working with Whitesource over the last couple of months.

  • Automating Open Source Security: A SANS Review of WhiteSource

    In this SANS product review, explore how WhiteSource's technology works, how it can be set up, and how to use it to automate the process of open source component vulnerability detection, remediation, and overall vulnerability management.

  • New Research Reveals Key Strategy to Manage Open Source Security

    Open source is a dominant factor in the evolution of technology and technology is now highly dependent on open source software (OSS). Although, OSS is not without risks. Listen as Scott Crawford from 451 Research discusses the rise of OSS, security composition analysis and ways to handle security vulnerabilities.

  • Open Source Security: Case Study

    Discover how Siemens Healthineers, the largest industrial manufacturer in Europe, was able to keep their open source software secure and compliant using WhiteSource.

  • The State of Open Source Vulnerabilities Management

    Open source software has become an indispensible part of the software industry. However, development and security teams are challenged to meet open source security objectives, without compromising on speed and quality. This webcast discusses the key strategy for effective vulnerability management.

  • Securing Open Source, Part 1 & 2

    In this report, explore how the boom in open source software (OSS) has led to an increased awareness of open source risks, from licensing issues to security – and the measures that are required to protect organizations against those risks.

  • When it Comes to Securing Your Open Source Components, WhiteSource Has You Fully Covered

    Open source components are the core building blocks of modern applications. However, development teams have been neglectful when it comes to ensuring that they meet basic security standards. In this white paper, learn about open source security challenges, the two pillars of open source security and why automation is king.

  • The Complete Guide on Open Source Security

    Open source components are the core building blocks of application software, providing developers with a wealth of off-the-shelf possibilities that they can use for assembling their products. However, the industry has been lax when it comes to meeting basic security standards. In this white paper, learn about securing open source components.

  • The State of Open Source Vulnerabilities Management

    Open source usage is a mainstream practice in this day and age. The rise in open source usage has led to a dramatic rise in open source vulnerabilities, bringing to the fore interesting developments in open source security. This report drills down into the deeper layers of the open source phenomena.

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