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  • Boom announced enhancements to Flow, Boomi’s low-code workflow automation service

    Boom has announced enhancements to Flow, Boomi’s low-code workflow automation service, with support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments to enable cloud agility with built-in protection for sensitive data. Check out this blog post to learn more about the announcement including key benefits from the enhancement.

  • Natural Intelligence Makes the Perfect Match With Boomi

    Without visibility into your APIs, speed and flexibility can slip out of your grasp, leaving you with unnecessary complexity. Luckily, low-code platforms are helping companies gain visibility with a set of monitoring and dashboards tools for increased control. In this case study, learn how Dell Boomi’s low-code platform can help.

  • Moderna Relies on Boomi to Accelerate Employee Onboarding, Boost Productivity

    In this case study, explore how Moderna used Boomi to integrate key applications and monitors access to Moderna’s biotech facilities—all in all making onboarding and speed of development a breeze. Explore the details here—and see how Boomi could help your integration efforts as well.

  • Dell Corporation Limited

    For Kenco Logistics, adopting a cloud-first mentality was a number one priority. By replacing its legacy EDI system with Boomi B2B/EDI Management, Kenco was able to cut its onboarding time for new customers in half—all while simultaneously migrating its basic operations to AWS. Click here to explore their story.

  • Boomi Accelerates Cloud-First Strategies with New Multicloud Capabilities for Flow

    This resource discusses the recently announced enhancements to Flow, Boomi’s low-code workflow automation service – now offering support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments to enable cloud agility. Click in now to learn more and try out a free demo.

  • Portable, Distributed, and Trusted Engagements for a Changed Era

    Boomi Flow, a cloud-native service for building and automating workflows, just added some new key capabilities. Explore what’s new in Boomi Flow—and what this means for your organization—in this guide, which breaks down each new feature made for a changed era. Download the guide here.

  • Facilities Service Provider Launches Boomi on AWS in Under 2 Hours, Cuts Onboarding From Days to Minutes

    Read this case study to learn how a service provider overcame the limitations of legacy IT with the help of OSI Digital, deploying Boomi Molecule Quick Start on AWS within hours instead of weeks to cut onboarding time from days to minutes, reduce onboarding operational overhead by 30%, accelerate integration development 3x, and more.

  • Flow: Build and automate workflows that deliver superior user engagement

    In this resource, take a closer look at Flow, a low-code workflow automation service that aims to help organizations deliver a better user experience. Open now to uncover key benefits, features, and more.

  • Flow Workshop - Order Management Dashboard

    A low-code platform offers a huge potential to your organization, allowing your team to build scalable, flexible, and extensible solutions. In this on-demand webinar, explore the top features and benefits of Dell Boomi Flow, a cloud-native, low-code application development platform. Click here to watch.

  • Change the Game Video 5

    In this 2-minute video, explore the impact the right integration platform can have on your organization, allowing you to define business ambitions and drive key digital initiatives. Watch here to get started.

  • Modern Middleware: Your Guide to Leveling Up

    While legacy middleware has its place in certain IT environments, it was not designed to support the latest applications, data, and cloud offerings. In this interactive guide, explore practical advice on how you can successfully modernize your organization’s middleware across technology, people, and process. Start here.

  • Change the Game Video 4

    Businesses depend on data—and data depends on integration. In this resource, explore the capabilities of implementing an Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) in 5 steps. Learn more here.

  • Change the Game Video 1

    In the resource, learn explore the how and why of successfully modernize your middleware, including warning signs that middleware is holding your business back, how to overcome technical debt, and more. Get started with your middleware modernization here.

  • Change the Game Video 3

    Enterprises of all sizes struggle to overcome the operational burden of technical debt. In this resource, discover 5 valuable steps to overcoming technical debt. Get started here.

  • Accelerating the Manufacturing Evolution to Industry 4.0 and Beyond

    Run through this 5-chapter e-book to learn how to enrich customer experiences and relationships, how to build future-proof resilience and agility, and discover why Boomi is the iPaaS of choice for manufacturing integration.

  • From Necessity to Strategy: How an urgent reaction to the pandemic is helping HR and the business to reimagine the future of work

    Check out this e-book to consider the options available to senior HR decision makers that enable data integration and accurate, near real-time reporting derived from applications as they spearhead a return to work.

  • Change the Game Video 2

    As organizations strive for operational efficiency, all too often, middleware holds them back. In this resource, explore the key warning signs that legacy middleware is slowing you down. Get started here.

  • Digital Campus Replay

    Throughout the pandemic, digital transformation has become not only a recommended strategy, but a survival tool across education spaces. In this webinar, hear from a panel of education professionals discuss the best tech to maintain active student engagement. Watch the webinar here.

  • Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: Customer Showcase

    Boomi helps more than 150 schools and universities achieve increased operational efficiency, faster remote learning transitions, and more. Download “Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: Customer Showcase” to read their stories, and learn how Boomi is helping higher education institutions orchestrate the connected campuses of the future.

  • How Boomi Supports Your Microservices Architecture

    In this guide, consider how an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can support various architectural approaches, including microservices. Learn how Dell Boomi allows you to modularize your integration services. Download the guide here.

  • Exploring Data Integration Patterns

    With IT complexity, and importance, at an all-time high, it’s important to understand how you and other businesses are approaching data integration. Read this white paper to learn the 4 main data integration patterns and how you can easily manage any of these with the Boomi Platform.

  • Winning With Boomi: Customer Showcase

    iPaaS platforms help organizations unify their workloads by placing applications, data, and people all in the same cloud-native environment. In this customer showcase, Boomi explores how an iPaaS can push organizations toward their goals of connection in 24 different case studies. Click inside to see more.

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