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  • Achieving a Digital Economy

    Cloud-native integration lets agencies connect data and systems with speed and agility. In this guide, explore the 5 best practices to speed government digital transformation with Integration Platform-as-a-Service, with a focus on data and cloud modernization.

  • Netsuite Integration Checklist

    Integration, by its nature, is complex. That’s why understanding your integration needs can be a much more challenging endeavor than you may have thought. Use this checklist to get your integration project off to the right start—and help simplify the entire process. Save the checklist here to keep in your back pocket.

  • Optimizing Middleware for Business Agility in Any Environment

    In a disrupted economy, success goes to agile companies that can make the most of their data to deliver value to customers in new ways—and a modern integration platform is a key requirement. Discover how and why to focus on integration middleware in this new guide by Boomi.

  • Checklist for Building an Integration Center of Excellence

    An integration center of excellence (ICoE) brings together experts in development, enterprise architecture, project management, security, and more to help your business build integrations better and faster. Use this checklist to assess your company’s readiness for an ICoE—and explore the best ways to get started.

  • Five Critical Characteristics of an Integration Cloud

    One of the clearest paths to mastering your hybrid IT infrastructure is investing in an authentic, enterprise-grade, cloud-based integration platform. Discover the 5 critical characteristics of an integration cloud in this comprehensive guide.

  • How to help supply chain management Integration for better ERP deployment

    75% of companies experienced some form of disruption because of COVID. In this guide, explore how manufacturers are finding success with the Boomi solution, which helps organizations manage the data from ERP systems and other applications using Gartner’s composable business model.

  • Salesforce Integration Checklist

    Save the essential Salesforce integration checklist right here. This checklist is a tool to help you plan and manage any Salesforce integration project, with strategies spanning the people, processes, apps, and data.

  • Building a Resilient Campus Experience

    Digital integration was already a top priority for many institutions—now, higher education institutions are graduating to low-code, cloud-native technology. Discover how to build a resilient campus experience with Dell Boomi in this guide.

  • Britvic Toasts Benefits of Boomi AtomSphere Platform

    For Britvic, upgrading legacy systems proved incredibly complex. Therefore, Britvic chose Boomi as its modern middleware integration partner. In this paper, explore how Boomi helped Britvic connect data from SAP-native applications to third-parties and other internal IT systems, deepening relationships and facilitating innovation.

  • Creating a Future-Ready Financial Services Institution

    To keep it short, financial services institutions (FSIs) need to take control of their data. Use this guide to discover how the Boomi platform offers a holistic data approach to help FSIs accelerate digital ideation, improve data governance, and disrupt in all the right ways.

  • Application Modernization: Keys to Success

    In this guide, explore how the right agile, low-code integration platform can help you modernize and rationalize your applications. Start here.

  • Mastering Your Digital Transformation Strategy and Implementation

    For companies tackling digital transformation, it’s not enough just to have the right technology. To achieve your digital ambition, you need to define clear objectives with a roadmap that covers people, process, technology, and best practices. Explore the 5 recommended frameworks to make your digital transformation strategy a reality right here.

  • 10 Tips for Salesforce Integration

    Salesforce is even better with integration. By connecting Salesforce to other critical business applications, your organization can enjoy workflow automation, ensure data quality, quicken business workflows, and much more. Explore the top 10 tips for planning your next Salesforce integration project right here.

  • University of Sussex Reimagines Virtual Learning With Boomi

    Access this case study to learn how a university has adopted a cloud-first approach to ensure it received best-of-breed SaaS products and cloud platforms.

  • Connected IT Systems Deliver the Foundation for Innovation and Global Growth

    Access this white paper to learn how Secrid adopted Boomi's technology to build an IT infrastructure that could address all its operational needs.

  • The Fintech Show: Season 4

    This video examines the basis for why banks are having to innovate at speed, while dealing with legacy solutions, the tech and the culture behind these changes, and more.

  • How Financial Service Providers Can Benefit From Data-Driven Processes

    Access this white paper to learn how integration platform as a service offerings can help financial service organizations improve their customer experiences and better understand their customers.

  • Azur Forecasts Real-Time Financials With Boomi

    For Azure, an insurance tech company, sharing real-time financial information across apps is essential to their ability to roll out new products. However, connecting disparate systems can be a major hurdle. Read this case study to see how Azur was able to overcome this challenge, thanks to a partnership with Boomi.

  • The Innovator’s Shift To Composable Erp

    The dilemma facing IT leaders has changed: The question is no longer when to modernize legacy ERP applications, but how to modernize, with as little risk as possible. Get insight into ERP modernization, and tips for starting your project, in this infographic.

  • The Innovator’s Shift to Composable ERP

    In the past year alone, pervasive connectivity has become a necessity. That’s why innovators are shifting to an composable ERP approach, packaged with AI and a community of practice for “citizen developers” so ERP modernization is streamlined and straightforward. Learn more about composable ERP and how it can help your team stay connected here.

  • Accelerating the Manufacturing Evolution to Industry 4.0 and Beyond

    Run through this 5-chapter e-book to learn how to enrich customer experiences and relationships, how to build future-proof resilience and agility, and discover why Boomi is the iPaaS of choice for manufacturing integration.

  • From Necessity to Strategy: How an urgent reaction to the pandemic is helping HR and the business to reimagine the future of work

    Check out this e-book to consider the options available to senior HR decision makers that enable data integration and accurate, near real-time reporting derived from applications as they spearhead a return to work.

  • Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: Customer Showcase

    Boomi helps more than 150 schools and universities achieve increased operational efficiency, faster remote learning transitions, and more. Download “Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: Customer Showcase” to read their stories, and learn how Boomi is helping higher education institutions orchestrate the connected campuses of the future.

  • How Boomi Supports Your Microservices Architecture

    In this guide, consider how an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can support various architectural approaches, including microservices. Learn how Dell Boomi allows you to modularize your integration services. Download the guide here.

  • Exploring Data Integration Patterns

    With IT complexity, and importance, at an all-time high, it’s important to understand how you and other businesses are approaching data integration. Read this white paper to learn the 4 main data integration patterns and how you can easily manage any of these with the Boomi Platform.

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