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  • Is There A Better Option Than DRaaS?

    Access the paper here to explore the unique advantages cloud primary storage beings to disaster recovery (DR) and how it compares with more traditional DRaaS methods.

  • Challenges of Using the Cloud for Primary Data and How to Fix Them

    When protecting your onsite data from downtime or disaster presents an issue, and storing everything in a typical cloud provider comes with performance challenges, where are you to turn? To combat the two, this Storage Switzerland paper offers an alternative. Keep reading to see what it is.

  • How to Define Hybrid Cloud: It's Time to Call the Enterprise's Bluff

    One of the most unclear – yet compelling – aspects of hybrid cloud storage is the gap between how it's regarded by actual users versus those who simply discuss the trend. This e-book seeks to resolve those discrepancies. Download a copy to parse out the myths from the reality.

  • Simplify Backup and DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Senior Manager at ClearSky Data Darren Miller and Lead Analyst of Storage Switzerland George Crump sit down in this webinar to discuss how hybrid cloud storage can bolster DR without compromising performance—and maybe even eliminate backups. Surprised? Tune in here.

  • On-Demand Data Storage in the Cloud

    The following discussion with CTO & Co-founder of ClearSky Data Laz Vekiarides will address the challenges and advantages associated with storing on-premises data in the cloud. The conversation also covers the need for secure and compliant data access. Join here.

  • Set Yourself Free From Backup Constraints

    Is there such a thing as backup independence, in which enterprises won't need regular backups and instead have access to them on-demand (for example, to recover from ransomware)? This short paper investigates the concept. Read on for more.

  • Life at the Edge: An Edge Computing Primer

    Click inside to learn more about edge computing and the benefits it stands to offer your organization.

  • How to Scale Up On-Demand in the Hybrid Cloud

    Rather than wrestling with multiple pools of storage that need to be regularly upgraded and expanded, read this resource. It outlines a platform that delivers on-demand file storage complete with offsite backup and DR, as well as categorizes data and caches it in the layer that best matches access requirements.

  • Disaster Recovery on Demand with the ClearSky Global Storage Network

    This paper offers an alternative approach in which you can access all of your data (from on-prem or in the cloud) in the event of disaster without the cost or complexity of replicating and storing it from a different site. Data is also continually categorized and placed where need be for optimum performance. Read on for more.

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