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  • Getting the Most From Your Hybrid Cloud

    Inside this best-practices white paper, uncover the secrets for maximizing your hybrid cloud value – whether it's determining the environment of best fit for your workloads or fortifying the security of your hybrid environment.

  • The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Cloud

    From the perspective of an IT executive, read about the challenges your organization can expect to encounter when jumping into hybrid cloud, from technological to cultural, and get tips on how to tackle them.

  • Executive Viewpoint on Hybrid Cloud Storage

    In this resource, Jennifer Welch, hybrid IT chief technologist at HPE, answers 6 pressing questions on how to best manage and maintain hybrid cloud storage. Read on for the answer to, "Are there any limitations or restrictions on storage for hybrid clouds?" and 5 more.

  • Protect Hybrid Workloads from Cyberattack: Advance to Secure Servers

    Download this white paper to learn about an approach to protecting hybrid workloads from cyberattacks that utilizes a server specifically designed to protect against malicious threats that target firmware.

  • Three Stage Evolution Plan For Enterprise IT Architecture

    Learn how composable and hybrid infrastructure can offer a simple alternative for IT organizations feeling trapped with overly complex legacy technology.

  • How To Build IT Infrastructure For The Idea Economy

    In this blog post, dig deeper into what composable infrastructure really is, how it works, and most importantly, why it can be an effective alternative for organizations seeking an easier way to meet customer demands on top of traditional IT responsibilities.

  • Selecting the Right IT Infrastructure for the Idea Economy

    Today's business landscape is defined by the ability to turn an idea into a tangible product, app, or service at lightning speed. Find out what considerations you should be making around your IT infrastructure – and why technologies like hybrid cloud and composable infrastructure might be a viable choice for keeping ahead of the competition.

  • Top 3 Reasons to Choose HPE Nimble Storage with HPE InfoSight

    Read this blog post to find out how to deliver the agility, speed, and cost-effectiveness your infrastructure needs with predictive flash storage arrays—such as those from HPE Nimble Storage—that include diagnostic sensors to ensure your systems are running at peak performance.

  • Considering HPE SimpliVity for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    If you're in the process of considering implementing hyper-converged infrastructure, read this resource, which examines one HCI—HPE SimpliVity—and breaks down the top 5 benefits of this offering specifically, based on the experiences of real users.

  • 3 Burning Questions: Building The Business Case For Flash Storage

    Read this post for three questions to get you started on building a business case for flash storage in your organization.

  • How Can IT Executives Drive Business Innovation In The Digital Economy?

    Click inside to learn about today's IT leaders, and how they're surviving the balancing act between traditional IT duties and the new responsibilities of digital transformation.

  • Why Transition to All-flash Storage?

    This paper breaks down how businesses are supplementing their hybrid and virtual environments with all-flash storage to achieve the desired levels of agility, availability, and security that these workloads demand. Additionally, reading on will grant you access to the benefits of self-managing all-flash arrays.

  • How to Prevent Storage Issues Before They Occur

    In order to achieve that Tier 1 agility and availability—while fitting into challenging IT budgets—this paper presents a cost-effective all-flash storage solution that utilizes predictive analytics to deliver fast and reliable access to data, and can predict and prevent issues that extend beyond the storage infrastructure. Read on here.

  • Do You Have the Right Storage Solution?

    Download this infographic to discover one method of protecting your company against hardware failures that could result in data loss and downtime with an all-flash solution that integrates predictive analytics to not only accelerate data accessibility but to identify, and proactively resolve, any potential issues.

  • 5-Step Guide to Resilient IT

    In this guide, learn about the 5 steps every organization should take to not only boost their IT's resiliency and performance abilities, but also to keep prepared for future demands and digital transformation objectives.

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