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  • Can You Ensure 100% Availability of Your Data?

    A recent Hitachi customer survey found that over 30% experienced increased dataavailability with all-flash storage. To learn how and to view Hitachi’s VSP products, which can also bolster availability, , read this datasheet.

  • Foundation for a Modern Enterprise Infrastructure

    This datasheet highlights the features of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform models, including their ability to achieve response times as low as 70 microseconds and total efficiency rates of up to 7:1. Read on to view the must-have flash features for your organization and to learn if you’d benefit from a similar solution.

  • Overview of Hitachi Accelerated Flash 2.0

    Download this white paper to examine an all-flash 2.0 system that eliminates the performance tradeoffs of first-generation AFAs and answers the demand for intelligent high performance, predictable response times, and better efficiency.

  • All-Flash Platform Accelerates Database Performance

    Access this resource for help in choosing the right flash arrays to deliver sustained high database performance for your organization.

  • Reduce Management Complexity with Hitachi Storage Advisor

    Tune into this video for an overview of an easy-to-use unified storage management interface that simplifies deployment and monitoring by automating the creation and initialization of parity groups, optimizing port utilization and redundancy, handling SAN fabric zone configuration, and more.

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series Hybrid-Flash Midrange Cloud Solutions

    Learn about the G Series hybrid-flash platform from Hitachi Vantara, designed to support bleeding edge capabilities like AI and big data analytics while still providing the reliability and operational simplicity that drives enterprises towards hybrid-flash in the first place.

  • All-Flash Buyer's Guide

    This all-flash buyer's guide will help you make an informed decision when selecting an all-flash vendor and system. Download it now for the 5 must-have all-flash capabilities and to examine Hitachi Vantara's particular brand of AFAs.

  • Flash Provides Infrastructure Agility for Data Center Modernization

    The following blog post highlights an agile hybrid flash architecture that guarantees capacity efficiency, improves consolidation, delivers 3x the IOPS performance as previous generations, and includes AI-based optimization. Read on to see how your business can benefit.

  • Transform Data Center Operations with a Flash-Powered Cloud Platform

    Download this resource to learn why flash storage is the foundation for the modern data center and to view a flash platform that guarantees total efficiency rates of up to 7:1, delivers up to 4.8 million IOPS, and includes AI-based application performance monitoring.

  • The Relationship between Virtualization & HCI

    In this E-Guide, learn about the dynamics of the relationship between HCI and its secretive virtualization layers. Later, learn about ten of the most frequent HCI buying mistakes that can impact virtualization capabilities among others.

  • Why Integration Predicates Transformation

    Inside this E-Guide, find out how transformation-savvy organizations are using integration software to keep their cloud and application environments in sync with existing infrastructure – and vice versa.

  • IT Transformation: The Precursor to Digital Business

    Inside this E-Guide, hear from Gregory Murray, research director at Gartner, to find out why tactical IT transformation is a necessary precursor to true digital business transformation success – and how your enterprise can follow suit.

  • Unmasking the Hybrid Cloud Hype

    Hybrid cloud is an IT industry buzzword that's difficult, if not impossible to avoid. But as it turns out, hybrid might actually be just that – a buzzword. In this E-Guide, find out what's going on underneath the mask of hybrid cloud and uncover the truth.

  • The Business Value of Cloud: Beyond Costs

    This E-Guide details some real world examples of businesses using the cloud to gain a leg up in their industry. Plus, find out what it means to be a market disruptor – and how using the cloud can get you there.

  • 7 Steps to Cloud Migration Success

    Inside this E-Guide, learn what today's cloud migration process truly entails, and find seven key considerations your enterprise's migration strategy should be able to answer if it hopes to see success.

  • Don't overlook these practices in software modernization

    Everyone is anxious about software modernization projects. There are so many small details and little mistakes to be made, especially around uses for containers, data, and other tools. In this eGuide, take a look at some of the most major possible software modernization mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Modernize legacy applications with containers, microservices

    Cloud modernization has been the main way that organizations go about modernizing legacy applications, with significant cost savings to be made. Containers and microservices, however, may bring even more savings. Take a look into this eGuide to learn more.

  • Embrace DevOps innovation to modernize legacy applications

    In this eGuide, learn how you can make application modernization possible for your legacy apps with a DevOps approach.

  • Hybrid Backups Reap Benefits of Cloud and Local Backups

    Why not reap the benefits of both local and cloud backups? Save this e-guide to view the benefits of a hybrid backup strategy that combines a local backup cache with cloud backup—and that resolves the pain points of the two approaches while providing unified restores.

  • Off-site Backup Versus Cloud Backup: Comparing Your Options

    What's the difference between off-site backup and cloud backup? And, more importantly, which approach is right for your organization? Download this expert guide to find out with a head-to-head comparison of the two, as well as 4 considerations to help you select your strategy.

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