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  • Couchbase Video 2

    65% of today’s organizations leverage public cloud to run database workloads. Many organizations are facing serious operational difficulties resulting from the misapplication of these legacy environments which were designed for on-premises exclusively. Watch this video to learn how AWS and Couchbase can help overcome these challenges.

  • Bring Database Performance And Flexibility To Your Apps

    In order to get the most out of your application performance, you need to ensure that your database is compatible, and vice versa. Couchbase leverages the near-unlimited compute and storage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you can develop without also having to configure database infrastructure to support your apps. Read on to learn more.

  • WhyNoSQL - An Architect's Guide

    Check out this white paper for a look inside the modern challenges that NoSQL databases address, as well as when to choose NoSQL over relational and why.

  • Database Advice Guidebook: Developers Guidebook

    Dive into this e-book for the essential areas to consider when choosing a database platform, and discover the simple steps to effectively setting up and configuring your database.

  • Hype Cycle for Data Management, 2022

    Read through this Gartner Hype Cycle, designed to help data and analytics leaders make decisions about the latest data management trends.

  • Couchbase Under the Hood

    Read through this e-book for a close look at how the internal components of the Couchbase database (Capella, Server, and Mobile) operate with one another.

  • How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

    Check out this white paper for the essential criteria to watch out for when evaluating mobile database solutions.

  • 2022 Performance Evaluation of NoSQL Databases as a Service: Couchbase Capella and MongoDB Atlas

    Dive into this 21-page analyst report, which reveals the results of using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark to compare the throughput and latency of Couchbase Capella and MongoDB Atlas across four business scenarios and three cluster configurations.

  • Choosing a Database as a Service

    Take a look through this Gorilla Guide e-book, and receive a comprehensive overview of the key features and services you need to look for when choosing a DBaaS provider.

  • Why NoSQL Databases?

    Dive into this white paper for an overview of the modern challenges that NoSQL databases address, and discover why choosing NoSQL over relational may be the best move for your organization.

  • Performance Evaluation Of Nosql Databases As A Service:

    For this report, Altoros used the YCSB benchmark to compare the performance of three popular NoSQL DBaaS products: Couchbase Capella, MongoDB Atlas, and Amazon DynamoDB. Learn how Couchbase Capella performed across the evaluated workloads and compares to the competition when it comes to latency, throughput, and more.

  • Why NoSQL Databases?

    NoSQL databases are flexible, scalable, and highly adaptable to the data management demands of modern businesses. Access this whitepaper to learn how NoSQL lets you support millions of concurrent users around the world, easily handle semi-structured and unstructured data, and keep your applications available with no downtime.

  • Magic Quadrant For Cloud Database Management Systems

    With data management shifting rapidly to the cloud, this report is designed to help data and analytics leaders make the right technology choices in a complex market. Learn about popular cloud DBMS vendors, read real user reviews, and discover why Couchbase was recognized by Gartner for completeness of vision and ability to execute.

  • Couchbase For 5g-Powered Edge Computing

    Did you know Couchbase is the only database that supports the distributed edge computing model at every tier? This whitepaper details how you can deploy Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway as micro-data centers in a 5G network to store and process data at the edge – ensuring critical information never stops flowing to your apps.

  • Distributed Cloud and Edge Computing For 100% Uptime

    With cloud computing growing exponentially, applications that rely on the cloud for data storage and processing are showing signs of strain – especially those that require high availability and sub-second response times. This white paper explains how “edge computing” addresses those issues by keeping data closer to, or on, the devices using it.

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