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  • Adaptive Applications: Taking CX to the next level

    In his new dbInsight brief on adaptive applications for customer experience (CX), industry expert Tony Baer explains what AI-powered adaptive apps are, common use cases, and what you need in your data architecture to deliver a competitive customer experience (CX). Get the dbInsight analyst brief and get AI-ready.

  • Putting SQL back in NoSQL

    Do you like the familiarity of SQL, but need the speed and flexibility of JSON data to build your modern applications? In this webcast, Couchbase shows you how to get the best of both worlds from a single NoSQL database that takes advantage of SQL++, the de facto standard for applying SQL to JSON data. Tune in now to learn more.

  • Let’s Talk About AI: New Couchbase releases designed to AI-power your apps

    In this session, you’ll discover how the latest Couchbase updates will help development teams incorporate GenAI-based features into their applications without adding unnecessary complications or complexity to their data architectures.

  • Generative AI Will Power Adaptive Applications

    Soon, enterprises will incorporate GenAI across the organization and inside nearly every application. These apps will be adaptable and take on new behaviors, understand situations, offer better advice, and create hyper-personalized experiences for users. This is what Couchbase refers to as AI-powered adaptive applications.

  • Couchbase Data Access Patterns Guide

    This guide used the Conduit Real World project to learn-by-example how to think about data access patterns with Couchbase. Conduit is a public spec of a clone, used for training, instruction, experimentation, proof-of-concept, etc.

  • Couchbase in an AI-First World

    Couchbase announced CapellaIQ, generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, into its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) product Couchbase Capella. The new capability enables developers to write SQL++ and generate sample data and application-level code more quickly by offering recommendations.

  • Data Modeling Guide

    This document describes core elements you will use to model and handle data in Couchbase CapellaTM (or Couchbase Server). It describes the ways you can structure individual JSON documents for your application, how to store the documents with a Couchbase SDK, and different approaches you may take when you structure data in documents.

  • Why NoSQL Databases for AI-Powered Apps?

    NoSQL databases are built to be flexible, scalable, and capable of rapidly responding to the data management demands of modern businesses, which means they can serve as the basis for AI applications that need ultimate adaptability now and into the future. Read this architectural guide now to learn more.

  • JSON Data Modeling in Document Databases

    Are you interested in using a JSON document database, but feeling a little overwhelmed by some of the complexities? In this webcast, Couchbase makes JSON feel more familiar by using comparisons to traditional RDBMS modeling to guide you through the basics of data modeling with JSON.

  • Why NoSQL Databases for AI-powered Apps?

    Modern NoSQL databases incorporate multiple data access methods and encompass a variety of models including key-value, document, column, time series, graph, text search, and AI vector search. This developer’s guide explains the many advantages that are making multipurpose NoSQL databases the developer’s choice for AI-powered adaptive applications.

  • 10 Common NoSQL Use Cases for Modern Applications

    With businesses racing to build hyper-personalized customer experiences powered by generative AI, Couchbase announces vector search at the edge, enabling AI-powered mobile applications. Read on to learn about the 10 most common NoSQL use cases from customers using the Couchbase high performing database platform.

  • How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

    Consumers rely on mobile applications, even when there is no internet connection. To help you provide the always-on experience customers demand, database solutions like Couchbase Mobile have added synchronization and offline capabilities to their mobile database offerings. This white paper helps you choose the best mobile database for your needs.

  • What is Generative AI?

    This in-depth report from O’Reilly will help you harness GenAI in your organization to boost productivity, enhance creativity, streamline operations, and build AI-powered applications. Read on to learn more.

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