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  • How to Set the Scope of Your Project

    In this guide, Steve Bows of Cornerstone Management Consulting outlines the key principles to employ for a successful project planning process, including how to determine the parameters and objectives of each project stage from beginning to end – and everything in-between.

  • Ensuring User Adoption: Preparing Employees to Use New Tech

    Download this planning guide to learn how to successfully implement new tech at your organization, including explanations on how to establish user commitment, how to create a sense of ownership among employees, and more.

  • Planning Models and Business Intelligence

    Download this white paper for a detailed overview of BI tools and planning models, and how an appreciation of their differences can help you design a flexible plan for performance management.

  • The Case for Change: How to Move Away From Spreadsheets

    In the digital age, financial teams are expected to predict the financial and operational impact of each big decision in days, or even hours—something that can be challenging with spreadsheets. Download this guide to learn how your organization can start moving away from error-prone spreadsheets and upgrade to a more accurate system.

  • IT Project Management Roles and Practical Tips

    Instead of looking towards technology upgrades for success, it might be time to upgrade your project – and people – management skills. Click to find a collection of practical management tips to keep in mind during your next IT project, regardless of scale.

  • Creating Performance Management Framework with a Data Mart

    Download this article to explore the role of a data mart in creating the ideal performance management framework.

  • Cloud Planning and Analytics Platform Case study

    RAC saw an immediate need to upgrade to a more compressive analytics and financial planning platform. Discover this case study to see RAC's 6-month results of using a planning analytics platform.

  • Big Data Software Market Guide

    Subtle differences can make a large impact when it comes to picking big data software. This expert guide is designed to help you distinguish between the offerings from top vendors in the big data market, including IBM, Oracle, SAP and Alteryx.

  • Understanding the BI Market

    The BI market is wide and varied, and ever evolving. Get the help you need navigating the vibrant options available to your business by downloading and reading this expert guide to BI and analytics tools.

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