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  • The 2021 Business Value Guide for AI: 6 Drivers of Value for AI Projects

    Seeing value from your AI projects requires a comprehensive preparation and careful execution. Download your copy of this e-book, “The 2021 Business Value Guide for AI: 6 Drivers of Value for AI Projects,” to learn the right steps to take as you build a quality data science program that fuels consistent success.

  • Data Transformation at Rabobank: Execution & Innovation

    In the past year and a half, Rabobank—with 9.6 million customers and over 43,000 employees—has completed more than 100 AI projects and reduced the time needed to onboard data team members from months to weeks. Download this e-book to understand the 5 keys to success that allows Rabobank to execute on and innovate with value-creating AI projects.

  • 7 Steps to Driving an Efficient Data Science POC

    An effective proof of concept (POC) can help you prove the value of data science to your organization; so how can you build a POC that proves a data science system will provide widespread value and meet a range of your business’s strategic objectives? Download this white paper to learn how you can build a quality POC in 7 steps.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dataiku

    Forrester notes that organizations see an average ROI of 423% on Dataiku, an enterprise AI platform that provides end-to-end capabilities for data management and advanced model development. Download this Forrester Total Economic Impact Report to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks Dataiku customers are seeing right now.

  • Making Data-Driven Investment Decisions

    Access this white paper to learn why asset management firms need to invest in data science capabilities, and explore resources including a case study illustrating how buy-side firms can jumpstart their AI efforts and make more informed investment decisions, buy-side-specific data science platform evaluation criteria, and more.

  • Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

    Access this Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ report on Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms to learn how Dataiku earned the top overall rating from their customers and explore the specific strengths and advantages of the leading data science and machine learning platforms.

  • Driving Roi Through Ai

    Access this e-book to discover the investment strategies of AI leaders, learn the keys to building an AI-friendly culture, and see what lessons a collection of AI leaders learned throughout the pandemic—including training, deploying, and monetizing AI.

  • 2021 Trends: Where Enterprise AI Is Headed Next

    Check out this eBook to learn the 5 main elements of successful business value generation, learn the impact that MLOps will have in 2021, and much more.

  • Ai Laggards Vs. Ai Leaders:

    Although Excel was a primary driver in data democratization and manipulation, the spreadsheet now functions as a limiting factor in the development of technologies like analytics and AI. Read this white paper to learn why spreadsheets are hurting AI implementations and discover how you can address the problem of spreadsheet overreliance.

  • Responsible AI

    As companies rapidly advance in their AI and machine learning capabilities, they need to begin concentrating on developing responsible AI. But what exactly is responsible AI, and why is it necessary? Access this white paper to discover 5 common myths about ethical AI development and usage, and learn how you can tackle this challenge with purpose.

  • GE Aviation: From Data Silos to Self-Service

    Read this case study to discover how GE Aviation was able to break down their siloed data architecture and build an architecture of AI-powered, self-service analytics across their company.

  • Unpacking Data Labeling: Semi-Supervised Learning and Active Learning at Work

    Explore the results of this experiment to learn how semi-supervised learning and active learning can help you tackle unlabeled data and discover how these methods performed in a variety of use cases.

  • What Is MLOps?

    Access this e-book, “What is MLOps?”, to discover how new approaches to AI and ML model development are allowing businesses to build their models and ensure that they’re still relevant, using the best possible data, and integrating within the wider IT architecture of your company.

  • Getting the Most Out of AI in 2021

    Access this white eBook to read qualitative commentary from a diverse range of experts on key learnings from 2020, opportunities for 2021, barriers preventing AI adoption, notable uses cases and more.

  • Best Practices for a Successful AI Center of Excellence

    Check out this eBook to learn the best practices from two different perspectives to better ensure success of your center of excellence (CoE) initiatives.

  • Accelerating AI Maturity: A Guide to Reducing Costs and Creating Value With AI Applications

    According to a NewVantage Partners survey, over 90% of business leaders report that the challenges to becoming data driven are process related, and not about technology. Read this Dataiku guide to learn how you can evaluate and accelerate your AI maturity and best approach the organizational challenges you’ll face, as AI progresses to its next era.

  • Making Data-Driven Investment Decisions

    Access this white paper to learn how AI, ML, and data science naturally fit within asset management, how these technologies can rapidly create disruption and competitive advantage, and how companies can best embrace these solutions.

  • How to Improve Data Quality

    While data is plentiful, much of it is of a poor quality—leading to unhelpful insights and ineffective data analytics initiatives. Data labeling can help organizations track data across its lifecycle and identify inefficiencies and errors. Read this white paper to discover how active learning can automate data labeling and improve data governance.

  • The Excel-to-Dataiku Playbook

    Transforming your excel data into a collaborative tool for data teams is a key enabler of success for analysts, data scientists, and BI teams. Read the Excel-to-Dataiku playbook to learn how Dataiku can help improve existing excel functions, offer new features, and empower analysts further.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Marketing AI

    Check out this comprehensive guide, complete with unique reading paths based on your profile and needs, to discover how AI is changing the landscape of marketing by allowing greater access to insight across organizations, increasing data accuracy and speed, and boosting efficiency.

  • AI In Banking Challenges, Solutions & Steps to Get Started Now

    Read this white paper to learn how banking institutions can best leverage AI, common AI roadblocks and ways to overcome them, successful AI implementations, best use cases, and more.

  • Enterprise AI for Business Preparedness

    Check out this white paper to learn AI use cases to prepare for economic change, examine strategies for AI around reuse and model maintenance to prepare for future disruption and challenges, and discover 3 key AI takeaways.

  • Get Up to Speed With NLP

    The past few years have been anything but boring for natural language processing (NLP). Read this white paper to clue into the NLP essentials before you get started, such as how NLP works, emerging trends and techniques in NLP, 6 practical NLP use cases, and more.

  • How Machine Learning is transforming Pharmaceuticals ... and Why AI is Next

    Data science, particularly in the form of machine learning and AI, can help alleviate some of the R&D burden in the pharmaceutical industry. Read this white paper to discover how ML and AI are identifying chemical compounds, transforming patient identification, revolutionizing the supply chain and quality control, and more.

  • Defining A Successful AI Project

    Download this white paper to discover what defines a successful AI project, 6 considerations before you start, and a framework for choosing the right use cases.

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