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  • Retail's Formula for Success in 2019

    To remain competitive, retailers will require renewed focus on technologies and disciplines that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and ROI. Read this white paper to learn about 3 key areas that evidence shows are critical to future retailer success.

  • Flightplan: Getting from Enterprise Search to Cognitive Intelligence

    "Cognitive search" is empowering your enterprise search tool with the ability to read big data in its context, so that when you ask a plainly worded question—it can answer accurately and with analytical capabilities. Read this white paper to chart your organization's course from search box to automated assistants and everything else in between.

  • Build Solr Apps Faster With Fusion

    Read this white paper for more info on how Lucidworks Fusion intuitively augments your existing search apps with NLP and machine learning technologies for improved relevance and user experience.

  • The Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019

    In Forrester's 24-criterion evaluation of cognitive search vendors, they identify the 12 most prominent—and research, analyze, and score them. Read this report to discover how each provider measures up.

  • Building a Business Case for Enterprise Search

    In this video, explore how to maximize the success of your workers by providing them with consumer-like search experiences. Discover the benefits enterprise search can bring to your organization, and learn how you can pitch a successful business case for AI-powered search.

  • Create the Ideal Customer Experience Without Giving Up Control

    In this video from Lucidworks, CEO and President of Cirrus10, Peter Curran, and VP of Product Marketing at Lucidworks, Justin Sears, discus how organizations can use AI to create better customer experiences without sacrificing business control.

  • Enterprise Search in 2025

    Forward-thinking organizations are digitally transforming all areas of their business—this includes the way workers and customers interact with search functions. Watch this webinar to learn how the most innovative companies fuel creativity and drive productivity with search experiences harnessing AI and NLP.

  • Question Answering and Virtual Assistants with Deep Learning

    Users are moving from keyword search queries towards NLP utilization; they expect search engines to deliver results based on the language and phrasing they use in everyday conversation. Watch this webinar to learn how deep learning (DL) can be used to create QA and virtual assistant type systems to meet these growing consumer expectations.

  • Insight Engine Comparison Guide

    Insight engines apply relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data—imagine a NLP-powered search engine for data insights. The potential benefits are huge. Read this Gartner Magic Quadrant to compare current top insight engine vendors to decide who can get you the most value and efficiency from your data.

  • How to Design and Deploy Intelligent Search Tech in 5 Weeks

    Network security company Infoblox needed a way to search across 2 million documents on multiple databases. Download this case study to learn how this SMB implemented new search technology, and how it helps them complete 100k queries per day across 4 different datasources.

  • Why Search Technologies and Data Go Hand-in-hand

    It's easy to feel like the essence of search revolves around the search query, but it's a lot more complicated than that. Download this report to learn about the relationship between data and search technologies, and how it's predicted to change in the future.

  • Enterprise Search in 2025: How Site Search is Predicted to Change

    As data rapidly increases in quantity, organizations struggle to find ways to recall and analyze it. But new tools, like site search integrated with AI, can make finding the needed data—both at work and as a consumer—a lot easier. Tap into this report to learn how new enterprise search tools can help your organization gain a competitive edge.

  • Make Enterprise Search More Efficient

    Download this white paper to learn how a program designed to improve your search tools could provide your employees and customers with a better user experience.

  • 4 AI Quick Hits You Can Add to Your Enterprise Search App Right Now

    An increasing number of organizations are realizing the benefits of integrating machine learning or AI with their website's search feature. Download this report to learn the 4 changes you could make to your search function to create a better user experience.

  • If They Can't Find It, They Can't Buy It: 12 Must-Have Query Types for E-Commerce Search

    A recent survey observing users' search functionality shopping experience found that if customers can't find the results they're searching for, it will result in a lost sale and a bad impression. Inside, uncover 12 must-have query types for e-commerce search to improve customer experiences.

  • Fusion Head-Tail Analysis Reveals Why Users Leave

    Customers will likely jump to your competitor if they can't find exactly what they're looking for on your site. In this white paper, learn how head-tail analysis can uncover different search strategies and find the root cause of why customers are leaving.

  • Search and Retail: What’s next for online retail and ecommerce

    As shoppers moved to online purchases, the industry followed and retailers started to deploy the kind of online storefronts we see today. Search has become the center of retail. Take a look inside to learn about new technologies, customer expectations and more.

  • Adds Search to Mobile and Desktop Sites, Making Sin City Planning Even Speedier

    Find out how you can create a relevant, responsive, mobile search experiences for customers that reduce friction and increase conversions, much like was able to.

  • How to Create an Amazon-Like Experience with Fusion

    In this white paper, find out how you can improve the experience on your website and compete with Amazon, by updating the user interface with all the same features.

  • The Search for Better Search at Reddit

    With over 1 million communities, endless amounts of content, and a notoriously faulty search function, Reddit needed a new search option to help users find what they were looking for. Check in here to learn about the SaaS search solution Reddit has decided to go with, and the success they've seen, even operating at such a high scale.

  • Webinar: AI and Machine Learning for Omnichannel Retailers

    Retailers pursuing an omnichannel strategy now must deploy more advanced features to attract, retain, and service their most loyal customers. In this webinar, find out why advanced search, AI, and machine learning capabilities are core to helping retailers gain a competitive advantage.

  • Fusion E-Commerce Case Study: Bluestem Brands, Inc.

    How can you modernize your company's search capabilities? In this webinar, Jake Wagner talks about Bluestem Brands' transition from their legacy e-commerce search implementation to a more advanced solution.

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