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  • Best Practices in Outage Communication

    Communication plays a critical role in incident response scenarios. In this guide, you'll find best practices for communicating with incident response stakeholders, customer, external parties, and more.

  • How to Successfully Scale Enterprise DevOps Initiatives

    Many enterprises are new to DevOps and uncertain about how to begin their initiatives and scale their efforts. Access this report to learn how to realize and scale DevOps initiatives in a way that best suits your organization.

  • The On-Call Survival Guide

    Being on-call can be a daunting experience for any new team member. There is nothing worse than waking up at 8am to discover that your systems were down for 5 hours and nobody got the alert. Check out this on-call survival guide for etiquette, responsibilities, and best practices.

  • The PagerDuty Post-Mortem Handbook

    No major incident is ever truly resolved without a postmortem. It's a way to look back and review the incident in detail to determine exactly what went wrong. Open this eBook to learn how PagerDuty conducts postmortems internally, and receive a free postmortem template.

  • Moving to DevOps: the Human Approach

    To remain competitive and relevant, every organization must be open to change. Though change can be very rewarding, convincing your team of that can be difficult, especially when there is a risk of employee turnover. Consult this eBook for tips on converting your team to DevOps advocates.

  • Benchmarking Operational Maturity for Your Digital Business

    Today, just minutes of downtime can mean thousands or even millions of dollars lost, and customers who will quickly turn elsewhere. Inside, learn how to start shifting your company's traditional ITSM model towards a more agile, DevOps inspired support strategy – and steer away from the harsh realities of unplanned downtimes.

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