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  • Quick Study: A Well-Defined Digital Transformation

    Gain access to a cheat-sheet to reference as you craft your organization’s digital transformation strategy for 2020 – and learn about the key technology choices you’ll need to know along the way.

  • Content Management and Process Automation: How Enterprises are Cultivating Growth Strategies

    Organizations are getting a technology-powered boost from content management and process automation, propelling them on a course to hit key revenue and profitability growth targets while aiding in customer retention. Download this research report by IDG and Hyland to explore how organizations are leveraging these 2 technologies today.

  • Extend the Value of Your ERP

    Despite investing in technology and solutions to handle financial processes more efficiently, critical accounting and finance activities at many organizations are still slowed down by manual tasks. But implementing process automation and content services can help. Learn how you can extend the value of ERP using those 2 technologies.

  • Six Digital Transformation Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

    Digital transformation and automation don’t just affect applications – they improve employee and customer experience too. In this resource, the IDC examines 6 digital transformation trends surrounding automation and agile content practices for 2020. Start reading now.

  • Quick Study: Intelligent Automation

    Inside this quick study guide, learn what sets intelligent automation technology from conventional automation functions – and how intelligent automation factors into larger digital transformation goals.

  • Determined to Grow

    Digital transformation has its roots in automation. Intelligent automation (IA) technology continues that trend by helping organizations future-proof their development strategies. In this infographic, Hyland highlights digital transformation trends and how IA can streamline workflows for various teams. Click inside to learn more.

  • Using Our Own Toolkit: Ebook Hyland’s Low-Code Development Strategy with Onbase

    Read up on how Notre Dame University used OnBase for low-code development which allowed the institution to “build a 4-story skyscraper in the time it would have taken us to build a bungalow with [custom code].”

  • 10 Reasons to Integrate ECM with your Core

    By integrating your core systems with an ECM solution—you unleash the full potential of your current and future technology investments. Read this white paper for 10 reasons that you should consider doing so.

  • AP Control Panel Finds Automation Drives Operational Improvement

    In this Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) white paper, dive in to discover how automation is poised to drive operational improvement for accounts payable (AP) departments.

  • AP Control Panel: Accounts Payable Is A Window To Working Capital

    Read this white paper to learn why unique accounts payable business intelligence is being missed out on due to poorly optimized workloads—and how to work around this.

  • Quick Study: Intelligent Automation

    Keeping up with the rapid growth of technology can be overwhelming—read this intelligent automation cheat sheet to learn about the vast automation landscape, from RPA to machine learning and how it all leads you towards digital transformation.

  • Digital Transformation: Removing Adoption Barriers to Cloud Content Services

    When it comes to potentially disrupting critical data and processes that keep a business running smoothly, some ask if the risk of moving an on-premises enterprise content management system is worth the rewards. This white paper highlights the benefits and advantages of migrating content management to a cloud-based content services approach.

  • Heinen's Enables Market Expansion With Cloud-Based HR Solution

    Heinen's, a small butcher shop had a goal of expanding into the Chicago area. However, the company realized its HR processes wouldn't keep up. It was clear the processes need to change. In this case study, learn why Heinen's chose to implement a cloud-hosted OnBase platform to simplify associate information management.

  • Content Services: Leveraging Cloud for Improved IT and Business Outcomes

    Provided in this white paper, uncover the many reasons why organizations are moving their content to the cloud. Explore the operational advantages of a cloud-based content services platform, and discover why IT leaders prefer the cloud to on-prem for content related tasks.

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