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  • From Cloud to Multi-cloud: How to Design Network and Operations for Your Move

    Without specific and explicit design decisions about network architecture and network operations, enterprises risk drifting toward a future of many clouds—and dealing with all their operational nuances. Download this white paper to learn how to approach the design of the network and operations in the move from cloud to multi-cloud.

  • Juniper Networks' Data Center Networking Delivers Business Value Through Agility, Reliability, and Scalability

    In this IDC research report, learn about the financial benefits of upgrading legacy data center infrastructures with Juniper Networks and see why savings have averaged $5.01 million per organization per year.

  • Juniper Connected Security: Dynamic, Adaptive Multi-cloud Security

    Download this white paper to learn about Juniper Networks' Connected Security framework—which uses dynamic access groups and a unified and intuitive metadata-based policy model that can be ported across clouds—to give security admins complete command and control over their multi-cloud deployments.

  • Transformation That Works: Engineering Simplicity for Telcos

    Learn about "The Simplicity Cycle" in this research report. This new approach to digital transformation for telcos takes the mindset that, no matter what you do first, every move you take should be geared towards removing complexity somewhere in the chain—bringing you closer to full digitization with every step—no matter how small.

  • Transform a Traditional Network into a Secure One

    In this white paper, learn about leveraging network and security elements equally in an open, multivendor ecosystem with centralized policy, analytics, and management—to transform a traditional network into a secure one.

  • Network Automation Roadmap

    The scope of network automation can appear daunting—which is why it helps to break down the process into discrete, manageable phases. In this white paper, learn about the 4 phases of achieving a fully automated network. Also, explore tools that help enable automation.

  • How Juniper's SD-WAN Performed When Tested

    In this report, review results from a set of test cases on Juniper Networks Contrail SD-WAN—which focused on the breadth and depth of Juniper's SD-WAN solution features and capabilities—to help you get closer to achieving your network goals.

  • Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance

    Organizations worldwide face security and productivity challenges every day. Additionally, security teams often fail to recognize and act on critical incidents. In this white paper, learn how the Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance can protect organizations from cyberattacks.

  • Campus Network Design Guide: A Buyer's Guide for Campus Networks

    Download this 2019 buyer's guide to learn how you can modernize your campus network to get started on your multi-cloud journey. Learn about the key trends and challenges that shape your campus network design and the essential considerations that should influence your selection process.

  • Automation in Cybersecurity

    During his RSA Conference keynote, Juniper CEO Rami Rahim encouraged leaders to be "agents of change" that embrace automation in cybersecurity and new training techniques. Find out how automation in cybersecurity emphasizes the working relationship between AI and humans to prevent attacks.

  • New Cloud Threats to Watch Out for in 2018

    Safeguarding your critical data is getting harder as threat actors embrace the advantages, and missteps, of cloud. Inside this expert guide, Kathleen Richards details what to watch out for in 2018.

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