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  • Jedi Session: 5 Building Blocks for a Successful Cloud Strategy

    Without a cloud strategy, your cloud transformation faces a tough uphill battle. This video breaks down a simple 5-stage process to create your cloud migration strategy with senior stakeholders on board. Watch it here.

  • Advanced Cyber Security Trends 2022

    Advanced surveyed over 5,000 senior decision makers about their notions on the changed landscape and current cybersecurity challenges. Tap into this infographic to gain an outline of the data IT leaders gave on their security and business priorities over the next year.

  • Secure IT: Security Confidence Today, Tomorrow and for the Future

    As companies transition to remote and hybrid work strategies, employees may take cybersecurity shortcuts for convenience. Luckily, there are security services available that work with you from initial vulnerability scanning to threat response. Read this e-book to see if security services can help your organization stay protected.

  • Secure It Now Your Cyber Security Checklist

    The best defense against cyberattacks is to prevent attackers from gaining initial access to a machine in the first place. This security overview provides best practices to help organizations looking to harden their environment. Read on to learn more.

  • Advanced Azure Health Check

    Is your Azure environment running optimally when it comes to cost, security and performance? Advanced is offering a complimentary Azure health check to help you find out. Learn if your reserved instances, multifactor authentication, storage optimization and more need addressing to run at peak performance. Get started here.

  • Five steps for achieving a smooth Azure migration

    Organizations can still be hesitant to move to the cloud due to the uncertainties around the migration process itself. This blog details 5 key steps to achieving a smooth and successful Azure migration, including how to assess your current environment and which migration method to select. Access it here.

  • Advanced_Eguide1_LI2572707_5.20.22

    Explore this expert guide to learn about 15 must-have features to consider when selecting an HR solution that will help you enable the flexibility your people need while fostering productivity, engagement, and alignment.

  • Best Practices for Endpoint Security in the Cloud

    As the proliferation of cloud services continues, IT teams should revisit -- and potentially revamp -- their endpoint protection strategies. Tap into this e-guide to explore the best practices for endpoint security in the cloud.

  • How Ted Baker Supports A Strong People Culture With Advanced Clear Review

    One of the UK’s leading luxury fashion retailers, Ted Baker, needed an employee development and performance management platform to help align their people and processes. To do this, they partnered with a global leader in performance management software solutions. Read more to learn who they partnered with and how they succeeded.

  • Building The Business From The Ground Up Learn About Monavate’s Journey From Start Up To Success With Advanced Financials

    One of the UK’s newest and fastest growing financial services companies was experiencing severe growing pains. As their business scaled, they knew they needed to quickly adopt a cutting-edge solution to stop relying on manual spreadsheets and move to a cloud-based financial management system. Read more to learn how they succeeded.

  • Giving Employee’s Of Sarrc The Tools They Need To Provide Outstanding Care

    In this case study, you will see how an autism research center (SARRC), realized they had a need for better performance management to deliver better care for their patients. To do that, they partnered with a global software leader to implement Clear Review software.

  • West Midlands Growth Company’s Customer Story – Gaining Strategic Control With Advanced Financials

    For companies struggling with growing pains amidst a massive hiring push, IT teams must ensure that systems can scale along with the business, especially finance functions. In this case study, you will see how one organization overcame these issues by partnering with a leader in cloud based financial software. Read on to learn more.

  • How To Choose A Time And Attendance System

    The perfect time and attendance software meets your business requirements while recognizing the shift in how work happens. This guide details all the factors to consider when investing in a time and attendance software for your business. Read on to learn the benefits of a time and attendance system, its main features, pitfalls to avoid, and more.

  • Learn More About Expect Distributions Growth Journey With Cloud Financials

    Expect Distribution, a multi-site distributor in the UK, needed to modernize their financial management solution to better track and monitor performance across multiple locations and drive growth. Read more to learn how Cloud Financials helped them succeed.

  • Advanced Video

    In the payroll sector, keeping up with the array of constantly changing regulations is critical to maintaining compliance, but accommodating each of these laws can be overwhelming. Watch this webcast to learn about new tax thresholds, national insurance rates, additions to national insurance categories, statutory payments, and more.

  • 9 Promising Use Cases for RPA in Finance and Accounting

    Robotic process automation — or RPA — bots don't need a coffee break, they don't get tired and they don't lose focus; in other words, RPA is great for the repetitive tasks that plague finance and accounting teams. Read through this e-guide for a close look at how RPA works and the nine most promising use cases for RPA in finance and accounting.

  • End Of Life Software Are You Aware Of The Risks And Consequences ?

    48% of organizations saw cost as the biggest barrier to adopting new technologies, according to Advanced’s Annual Trends Report. However, continued use of end-of-life (EOL) software can come with even greater expense. Access this eBook to explore how you can migrate at your own speed with Advanced’s PACE program.

  • Redefining Your Employee Value Proposition

    Promoting a strong employee value proposition (EVP) is key to attracting top talent. More and more applicants are looking at a company’s core values and ethical ethos, and it’s critical to make sure your organization stands out. Read on to learn how you can revamp your EVP and position your business as a responsible entity by following 6 key steps.

  • Do It Justice

    With over 20 years of experience of use in 65% of the UK’s top 100 law firms, Advanced’s IT software has a proven track record when it comes to facilitating legal service IT needs. Read the full product overview to learn more about how Advanced IT Services is allowing law offices to keep up with the growing demands of the modern market.

  • How Covid Changed The Role Of The Finance Director Forever

    Explore this e-book to learn how the role of financial director has changed, how digital transformation and remote work are heightening pressures to embrace cloud technology, and strategies for enabling agile ways of work.

  • Performance Management Report 2022

    Explore this 2022 survey report to discover how, by putting in place a strong continuous performance management system, organizations can open communication, track performance, and bridge the gap many are seeing between employees, managers, and HR.

  • Advanced’s Managed Azure Services

    As you undergo digital modernization on Azure, having the right service provider can ensure operations run without a hitch. Advanced’s Managed Azure Services are designed to advise, assist, secure, and operate infrastructures wherever organizations are at on their transformation journey. Open this eBook to learn more.

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