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  • Data on Demand

    As data continues to proliferate in society and in businesses, companies are looking to capitalize on its growth to facilitate business growth. But the way that each business will approach these challenges will be unique. Explore the results of this MIT Technology Review Insights survey to see how executives have been approaching these challenges.

  • Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization

    While the cloud has become a popular solution for organizations seeking to combat data siloes, the fact of the matter is that a cloud environment is highly distributed and heterogenous, too. Check out this white paper to learn a few strategies for overcoming cloud data siloes with data virtualization.

  • What Every Operations Executive Should Know About the Power of Continuous Intelligence

    Continuous intelligence, the practice of actively integrating up-to-date, real-time data across an enterprise, is a top priority for a growing number of COOs and CEOs. But what exactly is it? And how does a business institute it? Read on to learn more about continuous intelligence and its 10 essential components.

  • Data Management Overview - Unify Your Data for Better Access, Trust, and Control

    Watch this video to see why choosing your data management programs from the same vendor can simplify your operations, from data governance to data warehousing, data integration to data security, and to view which data management products TIBCO offers.

  • TIBCO and the New Era of Kafka Enterprise Analytics

    Kafka can be extremely useful when streaming data, but it can also be challenging to manage and navigate for non-developers. And despite streaming all that data, you’re often left with unstructured info sitting in a database. Read on to learn how deploying data streaming BI and smarter Kafka analytics can improve your BI and data science efforts.

  • Streaming Analytics - Architecting for Real-Time Insights

    While data streaming is nothing new, most data scientists work on data at rest. But performing analytics in real-time as data is streamed can save your business time, and ultimately money and effort. Read on to learn more about streaming analytics and how to make this concept work for your business.

  • Get the Most Out of Kafka with Continuous Learning

    Many companies stream event data in real time, frequently on Kafka. Yet these organizations rarely utilize that data as it comes in, instead throwing it into a data lake and analyzing later. But the advent of continuous learning presents the opportunity for real-time insight to happen alongside real-time streaming. Read on to learn more.

  • Unleash the Power of Your Data Using TIBCO Data Virtualization

    It’s now expected from data management platforms that their capabilities extend past simple features. Data virtualization is emerging as the new must-have technology, allowing you to pull and manipulate data without resource-intensive processes. Watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO’s data virtualization helps you unlock the power of your data.

  • Prepare Your Business with the Trusted Data You Need to Win

    In order to get the most out of your data, it has to be managed and organized in a way that is easily accessible and governed. That’s why master data management is a crucial step in this process. Watch this short webinar to learn how TIBCO EBX conducts master data management and more.

  • Using Data Intelligently: Unification and Pipelining Patterns in the Digital Economy

    Because big and unstructured data continues to grow at faster rates, the organizations best suited for this era are enterprises with clearly defined data organization strategies. Watch this video to learn how to thrive in the big data age using the data unification and pipelining patterns discussed.

  • Master Data Management in the Sales & Marketing Office

    You would be surprised how establishing proper data governance with master data management (MDM) can help your sales and marketing teams. While MDM might seem far removed from sales and marketing, the fact of the matter is that these divisions should have easy access to current data. Read on to learn more about MDM.

  • Master Data Management in the Human Resources Office

    Governing employee data is a crucial challenge for companies, and one that has quickly begun to spiral out of control as organizations expand past simple payroll systems. Now, companies have too much employee data on hand. Read on to learn how master data management (MDM) can help your HR department properly govern all this information.

  • TIBCO EBX Software - A New Way to Manage, Govern, and Share Your Data Assets

    Businesses are now being forced to shoulder the burden of managing massively complex data sets, even as they’re expected to model and use that data to come up with insights. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s EBX software is empowering users with data management made easier, and gives them the ability to model data the way they want to.

  • Building a Unified Data Infrastructure

    Despite the fact that 97% of businesses have a documented data strategy, only 31% claim to be data-driven organizations, and fewer claim to have built data cultures. Read on to learn why organizations struggle to put their data strategies into action, and how to build a unified data infrastructure that combines RDM, MDM, and data virtualization.

  • Be Proactive: Data Governance and Data Management Go Hand in Hand

    Data governance has become a widely accepted priority. But how do you know if it’s working? Read on to learn how to determine the effectiveness of your data governance, and how it fits within a wider data management strategy.

  • The Four Rs of Building Your Reference Data Management Business Case

    While reference data management may seem like a marginal topic to some, the fact is that reference data often forms the backbone of larger data management efforts—something that is crucial to the data-driven organization. Read on to learn the 4 essential Rs of reference data management, and why it pays to build your business use case around them.

  • 5 Reasons Every Digital Business Is Going Cloud-Native

    One of the most compelling reasons to go cloud-native is right in front of us: By just next year, 94% of workloads will be processed in the cloud. It’s time to start brainstorming what your cloud-native strategy will be. Download this guide to get all the facts about cloud-native architecture.

  • Engines of Insight: How leading CDOs deliver top and bottom line results

    Many businesses are fundamentally restructuring themselves and placing analytics at the heart of their strategy; often, this restructuring fails because of poor planning and execution on behalf of the company. Businesses need to see universal buy-in in order to have success with these initiatives. Read on to learn how to get that buy in, and more.

  • The Beginners Guide to Anomaly Detection

    Detecting flaws as they happen is a key goal for businesses, and the advent of the IoT and constant data collection has transformed anomaly detection from a distant dream to an easily achievable goal. Read this guide to learn what anomaly detection is, and how your business can implement it.

  • Data Science for Everyone

    Data science is often misconstrued as only relevant to those with multiple degrees and remarkable knowledge of code, data, and analysis. Yet, data science is becoming increasingly useful and accessible to all employees. Check out this resource to see just how accessible data science is, and how to take advantage of it in your organization.

  • Driving Digital Transformation Using AI and Machine Learning

    In the business world, it’s not always crystal clear where AI and machine learning are generating value. Inside this snapshot, see the results of a survey designed to pinpoint current business use cases of AI models – and find out which AI uses are poised to see the most growth.

  • TIBCO Data Virtualization: A Security Layer for Analytics

    In the world of big data, everything that could potentially be useful is stored. It is often left in a variety of locations, formats, and secured in different ways, creating a security nightmare. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s data virtualization can help your company improve its security stance and protect key data for analytics.

  • Intelligent AI for Insurance

    The insurance industry is rapidly transforming; with the advent of AI and machine learning, much of the risk assessment and day-to-day business process can be automated. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s data science and AI platform can integrate with a variety of existing features improve your data science initiatives.

  • Analytics That Work: Deploying Self-Service and Data Visualization for Faster Decisions

    Using data analytics is essential to extracting value from your information, and more than ever companies are turning to tools that allow them to easily do this without needing to call for outside help. Read on to learn how businesses are using self-service analytics tools to translate data into insights faster than ever.

  • How AI is Affecting Financial Services & Insurance

    It’s estimated that AI will drive cost savings of nearly $1.1 trillion in the financial services industry by 2030. Inside, learn about current AI trends within finance and insurance organizations -- and how new techniques are making artificial intelligence tech more lucrative than ever.

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