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  • TIBCO Spotfire X Recommendations

    Read this white paper to learn how what Gartner is calling "augmented analytics" is aiming to enhance BI user experience with AI and ML integration.

  • Spotfire Demo

    Good data always tells a story—and often that story raise more questions. TIBCO Spotfire is data analytics software specifically designed to quickly answer those questions and enable its users to share the resulting insights easily to deliver real business value. Watch this live demo to see how it works.

  • How TIBCO Spotfire X Accelerates Your Analytics

    View this infographic to explore how self-service analytics provider, TIBCO, can help your organization increase agility, automate workflows, create real-time data visualization, and more.

  • Streaming Business Intelligence and Spotfire X

    Spotfire X has been built from the ground up for streaming data analytics. Read this white paper for 7 essential elements to this streaming BI technology, and what it is capable of doing for your business.

  • Spotfire X: All-New A(X) Experience

    Watch this announcement webinar to learn the potential of NLP search, automated and real-time data flows, and AI-powered insight technologies combined for analytics, and why TIBCO Spotfire X could be a strong asset in your business.

  • Digital Transformation and Associated Challenges

    Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst for Forrester, discusses 4 unique drivers for digital business transformation, integration challenges and how IT will evolve to compensate for all of this. Watch this webinar for more info.

  • Top Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms to Consider

    Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant to learn how the top 16 vendors in the data science and ML market stack up based on 4 use-case scenarios and 15 critical capabilities.

  • inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience

    In this case study, learn how inQuba America was able to use TIBCO to successfully exchange data with clients' core operational and financial systems, get an in-depth view of how customers interact with their business, and more.

  • When to Use iPaaS - A comparison with other integration approaches

    The different forms of application integration, EAI/ESB, point-to-point, file export and import, etc., all have their place depending on your requirements. But before making a decision for your integration needs, consult this guide on Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) find what will work best for you.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

    Read this white paper to learn why embedded BI tools and analytics have a much higher adoption rate on average, and how you can best roll out embedded analytics into your model.

  • Embedded Analytics in Modern Applications

    Embedding data analytics into already-in-use applications makes business-beneficial insights available to any employee. Read this e-book to find out different embedding challenges and methods, whether you should build or buy, or if it's even the right approach for your business.

  • Cloud Analytics for Developers and IT: Easy, Embeddable and Utility-Priced

    Open this whitepaper to learn about a BI solution with an hourly cost model that can easily deliver reporting and analytics in the cloud when your users need it.

  • Embedding Analytics with Jaspersof

    Embedded analytics have become essential for businesses looking to generate greater customer loyalty. In this white paper, get an intimate look at TIBCO Jaspersoft embedded analytics, and discover if a commercial analytics tool is right for your business goals.

  • Data as a Feature: Turning Data into Your Product's Most Potent Asset

    With data bombarding consumers and businesses from all angles, product managers face the unique challenge of turning their data from a burden into a benefit. In this e-book, uncover why treating data as a feature in product development is essential to creating a memorable CX and business success.

  • The Forrester Wave: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019

    Forrester has recently completed an evaluation of the strategic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) markets. Access the report here, and examine products from and comparisons and between the likes of TIBCO Software, Microsoft, Dell Boomi, IBM, and many more.

  • A Guide to Salesforce Integration: 8 High-Impact Integrations

    Reaching your goals in the digital age requires a solid customer data integration strategy. In this white paper, uncover 8 high-impact integration strategies involving Salesforce CRM—and learn how to achieve digital success with customer data integration.

  • The Definitive Guide to Integrating HubSpot with Your CRM

    Digital businesses run on cloud applications and automated business processes to engage employees and customers alike. In this white paper, gain the technical insight necessary to integrate HubSpot's marketing automation system with your current CRM software, and discover the benefits of integrating your customer data with help from TIBCO Cloud.

  • 10 Best Practices for Integrating Your Customer Data

    In this white paper, learn how to leverage customer information with 10 best practices from industry experts. Download now to learn more about how the following best practices can help you not only better understand your current customers, but target larger audiences with increased accuracy.

  • Twelve Ways TIBCO Data Virtualization Turbocharges TIBCO Analytics

    Data analytics bottlenecking can put a major damper on company profits and ambitions, especially if you've made a large investment into analytics already. Data virtualization could be the solution for you. Read this white paper to find out why.

  • Beyond the Tools: API Management for the Real World

    Open this whitepaper on an API solution that will help your organization solve the most common API management issues around the 3 S's: scalability, security, and support.

  • How to Empower Citizen Data Scientists

    The burden of finding insights from scores of data rests on citizen data scientists, whose primary jobs is outside the field of statistics. In this expert guide, discover tools that citizen data scientists can use to solve problems or improve products and/or processes

  • Augment your Business Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

    Tap into this resource to discover how an intelligent data analytics platform can provide visual analytics and the ability to take real-time action.

  • Data Visualization in F1 Racing

    Hear Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport's head of IT describe how the team turned to Tibco Software for help with live data, data at rest and data visualization

  • Real-life Examples of Using Data Science to Compete and Win

    Using a machine learning algorithm, University of Chicago Medicine reduced cardiac arrests in their hospital by 15%. Listen to this webcast to hear how several businesses are applying machine learning and data analytics to improve outcomes.

  • Unlock Your Data and Accelerate Innovation

    As data becomes a commodity, you'll need to learn how to get quick returns on your investments and embrace the algorithm economy. Listen to this webcast to learn how you can optimize your data and unveil hidden insights.

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