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  • Data Virtualization: Access, combine, and provision all your enterprise data

    When an organization’s data is spread out across multiple sources, its data users are slowed down significantly, and business value is lost. Explore this product overview to learn how you can enable faster time-to-data and self-service data access for your organization by leveraging TIBCO Data Virtualization software.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud Platform

    For many organizations, siloed data sources are a problem, creating inefficiencies across the business. Leading organizations are moving quickly to unify enterprise data sources. Read this Total Economic Impact of TIBCO from Forrester to learn how a financial services company was able to unify its data on a single source and achieve data agility.

  • 10 Things You Need to Know about Master Data Management

    Most organizations run many systems that all contain different types of data assets. These data silos lead to inconsistent data that makes it harder to answer business questions. Read on to learn 10 things you should know about master data management (MDM) and how an MDM platform can help you increase revenue, accelerate integration and more.

  • The Ultimate Implementation Guide To Api Management

    Looking to understand how to implement APIs, formulate an API strategy and build a successful team? This guide walks API product leaders through a 3-step process for implementing a successful API program and creating a culture. Access it here.

  • Containerized Deployments On Amazon Web Services

    Preparing your organization for the cloud requires a level of security and agility that some enterprises find difficult to maintain. Check out this data sheet to examine how your enterprise can safely and swiftly launch into the cloud leveraging containerized deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • The Definitive Guide To Speeding Digital Transformation With Next-gen Cloud Architecture

    For IT and business professionals looking for a guide through updating their application architecture, check out this e-book to learn how to create an ecosystem of technologies to support innovative applications.

  • Business Agility From Modern Architectures

    In today's market, the imperative of agility requires application architecture built with highly responsive, cloud-native technologies that can operate under rapidly changing conditions. If you're striving to evolve your application architecture, check out this white paper for the top 10 reasons to choose TIBCO for integration support.

  • Ping & Tibco: The Ultimate Guide To The Api Security Landscape

    While API management tools have been an important foundation of API security, the threat landscape is widening, and the API security toolbox needs to expand along with it. Read this white paper for a comprehensive checklist of security requirements for protecting your most valuable data assets.

  • 10 Best Practices For Integrating Your Customer Data

    Accurately integrating customer data systems can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, TIBCO has gathered 10 of the top practices that you can use for integrating your customer data. Open your copy of this white paper to learn more about these practices and how you can better integrate your customer data systems today.

  • Fight Financial Crime With Intelligent Anomaly Detection

    As our economy becomes increasingly digital, financial institutions face countless online fraudulent threats. Faster payment processing also brings an increased risk of fraud. All the while, if a consumer is a victim of fraud, they are more likely to quit being a customer. Read more to learn how anomaly detection can help your fight online fraud.

  • Data And Analytics For Financial Services: The Strategic Currency Of The Future

    Analytics is proving to be a fantastic investment for financial service companies, with Nasdaq noting that analytics “increases return on investment (ROI) for investors” and improves banks’ abilities to provide excellent customer experience. Access this white paper to learn how data analytics is powering a new generation of banking.

  • Data And Analytics For Financial Services: Growth Follows Digital Maturity

    While financial service companies often have a wealth of data, an arsenal of analytics assets, and healthy cultures of innovation, they also operate in a competitive, regulated, and dangerous data world. Read this e-book to learn how these organizations can better leverage data and analytics to get ahead of the competition.

  • Predictive Maintenance Next Generation Predictive Maintenance With TIBCO

    TIBCO can help manufacturers implement predictive maintenance capabilities including end-to-end visibility, pattern detection, risk management, and much more. Read on to see why top semiconductor manufacturers, biotech companies, and food and beverage processors have used TIBCO to improve their manufacturing data usage.

  • Detect Manufacturing Anomalies: Next Generation Anomaly Detection With TIBCO

    Anomaly detection; it isn't just a preventative measure. Take a look at this infographic to find out how TIBCO can help you unlock your data’s potential to make faster, smarter decisions, adapt to changing customer preferences, and gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • The Ultimate Master Data Management Implementation Guide

    MDM experts recommend establishing rules such as where master data comes from, when it is acceptable to deviate from a rule, the process to add new attributes, and control replication. Examine this e-book to learn how to use MDM in your company with this Ultimate MDM Implementation Guide.


    Master Data Management (MDM) allows organizations to realize accurate reporting, fewer errors, and better insights. Read how the rapidly growing MDM market is changing how high performing organizations are consolidating and managing their data to set new best practices.

  • Forging A Path To Data And Analytics Value: A Credit Union’s Guide

    Knowing your customers’ behavioral buying patterns is key for any business. The problem that many companies face is what to do with the mountains of data they collect. Read how one credit union bypassed the headaches of manually analyzing data and utilized cutting edge analytics to improve their data analysis productivity by 96% in short time.

  • Transform Operations With Real-Time, Hyperconverged Analytics

    Predictive analytics has helped solve many business problems, but there is a new approach to getting value from real-time data: Hyperconverged Analytics. No matter the data, having the ability to detect trends and patterns in real time and then react is key for any business. Read how two companies leveraged this technology to transform themselves.

  • How To Sell The Business On Data Virtualization

    While you’re well aware of the value a good data management solution can create in today’s data-driven world, convincing your CFO or other business leaders of this fact can be a challenge. This short white paper will walk you through selling your business on data virtualization in a convincing and honest way. Learn more here.

  • Manufacturing, Materials & Supply Chain video

    This webinar will walk you through classic data management issues for supply chain and manufacturing, and explore the ways organizations can better safeguard and utilize this data with TIBCO. Tune in today to see TIBCO EBX in action as it curates, improves, and uses manufacturing and supply chain data.

  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 & TIBCO: Success at the Pinnacle of Motorsport

    Over its years of partnership with TIBCO, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One amassed more than 50 race wins—including Constructors' and Drivers' championships—and operationalized turning data into winning insight. Watch this short video to learn how rapid analytics is turning data into fuel for success.

  • How To Detect Manufacturing Anomalies Industry Solutions, Applications, And Autoencoder Machine Learning Models

    Efficient and automatic anomaly detection capabilities go a long way towards building the resilience, quality control, and data savviness that defines leading manufacturers. Access this white paper to learn how TIBCO technologies power a variety of anomaly detection approaches and use cases, creating value from your industrial data.

  • Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop Video

    Tune into this workshop video to learn how TIBCO data virtualization can improve and accelerate data discovery while unifying your data within an easily governed, agile, single source of truth.

  • Immersive, Hyperconverged Analytics For Rapid Learning, Decisionmaking, And Acting

    Based on powerful diagnostic, predictive, and real-time analytics, hyperconverged analytics transform traditional rearview monitoring into a rapid learning, decision-driven, and actionable environment. Find out how hyperconverged analytics can amplify and accelerate your enterprise's decision-making with TIBCO’s guide.

  • Manufacturing - Products video

    Setting up the applications that help coordinate supply chain and materials management can be a major initial hurdle for manufacturers. Watch TIBCO's guiding video and find out how to properly set up, procure valuable data from, and maintain the applications necessary for your manufacturing enterprise.

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