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  • Why You Need TIBCO Data Virtualization

    Traditional methods of data access and storage like ETL and data warehouses can no longer integrate today’s huge data workloads in time-efficient and cost-effective ways. Enter data virtualization. Watch this short video to learn how data virtualization is allowing organizations agile access to all their data in distributed, complex environments.

  • Data Fabric as Modern Data Architecture

    While most organizations acknowledge the importance of data in driving positive outcomes and have embraced digital transformation efforts, far fewer have actually succeeded in building data-driven organizations. Access this O’Reily e-book, courtesy of TIBCO, to learn more about building and using a data fabric.

  • Data Fabrics for Frictionless Data Access

    Access this R20 Consultancy technical white paper to explore the ways data fabric architectures can be built, utilized, and improved in a way that enables lightning-fast data access while minimizing latency.

  • Data Virtualization with TIBCO

    TIBCO’s data virtualization software allows you to access all your data, whether it resides in the cloud or on premises, for a range of uses including catalogs and analytics. Read on to discover how you can accelerate cloud adoption and drive positive outcomes with data virtualization that allows flexibility and control.

  • 12 Best Practices for Data Virtualization Implementation Success

    Read the following white paper to discern 12 best practices that will help ensure your data virtualization implementation success.

  • 4 Ways CDOs Turn Data into Competitive Advantage

    Data is fueling today’s leading companies and accordingly, it’s no secret that every CDO and business leader is looking for a way to turn digital complexity into a competitive advantage. Access this guide to learn just how trends within data are disrupting industries today and explore the 4 ways CDOs are using this disruption to their advantage.

  • Things You Need to Know about Master Data 10 Management

    Explore this short infographic to learn 10 essential pieces of master data management knowledge, including its impact on everything from revenue to reporting, how it’s best used, and the most popular methods of MDM deployment.

  • 10 Things You Need to Know about Data Fabrics

    Data fabrics are increasingly being touted as the answer to rising data management challenges such as more data complexity, silos spread across cloud architectures, and data integration challenges. But what is a data fabric, exactly? Keep reading to learn 10 things you need to know about data fabrics, from the basics to use cases and applications.


    Integrating analytics across all levels of your business, from development to customer engagement, can help you accelerate positive outcomes and improve the customer experience. Read this case study to learn how Goya Foods and Desigual boosted customer satisfaction, improved internal data access, and revamped inefficient processes with TIBCO.

  • Data Fabric for Frictionless Data Access

    Frictionless data access is one of the differentiating factors in the big data era. So how are you building a fast and governed data architecture? Tune in to this webinar to hear TIBCO experts discuss the emergence of data fabrics, see key capabilities, and learn what makes their solution special, from data delivery to powerful data management.

  • 6 ways to create the most resilient smart manufacturing supply chain

    Every manufacturer should have the same end goal in mind: a smart supply chain that forecasts demand and satisfies product delivery. Explore the top 6 ways to create a holistic, smart supply chain right here.

  • Accelerating Workload Migration to The Cloud Using Data Virtualisation

    Read this Intelligent Business Strategies white paper to learn how data virtualization tools are enabling businesses to avoid redeveloping key tasks, improve data integration in a complex environment, and reduce the strain of running workloads that pull data from multiple, disparate stores and schemas.

  • Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions

    Access this Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions to learn which MDM solutions offer features that make them top of the line, including workflow and business process management, data modeling abilities, data stewardship support, integration possibilities, and more.

  • Data Virtualization: Better Business Outcomes by Accessing Your SAP Data Faster

    Leading organizations are using data virtualization to simplify data access wherever it is, including SAP data, while reducing costs and minimizing workload requirements. Access this white paper to discover how data virtualization can unify distributed data and empower analysts, developers, administrators and more.

  • How Master Data Management helps SAP Upgrades

    Watch this webinar to learn how master data management with TIBCO can help companies upgrading from SAP ECC to S/4 improve their data quality, governance, and analytics efforts even as you consolidate data from within and without your ERP ecosystem.

  • Unlock the Power of Any Data with Unify

    Watch this demo to learn how TIBCO’s Unify data management capabilities coalesce master data management, streaming data management, metadata management, and data integration under one roof— allowing you to access accurate data in a distributed environment for analytics, data science, and much more.

  • GigaOm Radar for Data Virtualization 2020 Report

    To help you choose the right data virtualization solution, GigaOm put together a data virtualization radar—evaluating some popular solutions for their features like advanced data discovery, data governance, and semantic data layers. Access the report to learn which solutions excel when it comes to integration, ease of use, cloud support, and more.

  • Ten Things You Need to Know About MDM

    MDM can help you increase revenue, improve security, implement better personalization, optimize your supply chain, create insight via analytics, and more. Read this white paper to learn the 10 things you need to know about MDM and how to find success with it.

  • SAP Migration Myopia: Don’t Miss Your Transformation Opportunity

    Many of the most competitive and complex industries in the world are on the path to transform with SAP S/4HANA as the destination. But what if migration shouldn’t be the only goal? And what if your path is full of potholes? Join this webinar, which features experts from Constellation Research and TIBCO, as they discuss SAP transformation.

  • The Future of Retail with TIBCO Connected Intelligence

    Access this infographic to discover how data-driven connected intelligence is allowing retailers to personalize their customer experience, predict purchasing and inventory trends, create omnichannel customer engagement strategies, optimize business processes, and more.

  • Choosing between Kafka, Pulsar, and Other Messaging Technologies

    Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar were built to provide distributed messaging, log management and stream processing—and both have unique benefits and advantages that your organization can leverage, from storage systems to topic partitioning. Use this guide to compare and contrast the two solutions. Download it here.

  • The Ultimate Implementation Guide to API Management

    The ultimate implementation guide to API management is here. Inside this 35-page guide, explore the three-step process for implementing a successful API program, how to build an API team and culture, and much more. Download the guide here and keep this guide in your back pocket for your own API journey.

  • The Future of Insurance: Data-centric Innovation in a Changing World

    Read on to learn how TIBCO digitization helps insurers become future-proof by creating data-driven business processes, powering decisions with a single source of truth, and accelerating digital transformation initiatives.

  • Banking in Transition: A Framework for Data-centric Innovations

    Read this e-guide to discover how banks can embrace automation, open-source technologies, and better data management strategies to improve their customer experience—and their bottom line.

  • Industries in Transition: A Framework for Data-centric Innovations for Insurance

    Access this white paper to learn how insurers can use strategies like cloud adoption, embedded analytics, and AI to create businesses that are flexible, efficient, and compliant.

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