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  • Alibaba Cloud x Tiger Brokers

    Learn how a global hybrid cloud service is helping a leading online brokerage firm to improve its features, expand its operations into new countries, and more.

  • Archived - Alibaba Cloud Video 3 (KE Group) - Full version

    Watch this video to see how a large real estate company used the cloud to reinvent its business model by integrating an ecommerce app for its retailer tenants, how digitalization is changing these industries, and more.

  • Lazada (Thai language)

    Watch this video to see how the cloud fuels Southeast Asia's number-one online shopping and selling platform.

  • Multinational Corporation (Mnc) Manufacturing Industry

    Digitalization and globalization pose very specific demands on today’s manufacturing companies—and although a sizeable portion of manufacturers have yet to adopt cloud computing. In this comprehensive guide, explore the main challenges manufacturers face in the cloud—and how manufacturers can strategize for success.

  • Accelerate Digitalization with Alibaba Cloud

    Watch this video about cloud features that can accelerate customer and user-friendly digitalization across businesses in all industries.

  • Global Industry Best Practices On Alibaba Cloud

    Organizations across the retail, finance, education, and gaming industries have been working to fasten their pace of digital transformation through cloud computing services. In this eBook, explore how Ford, Cobalt, and Schneider Electric all used Alibaba Cloud to successfully meet their digital transformation needs. Read the case studies here.

  • Alibaba Cloud x Roundesk

    Planning in the cloud is impossible without taking cloud costs into account. In this 2-minute video, explore how Alibaba Cloud helped Roundesk better work out their budgets and business plans upfront, well before we deployed the needed servers. Watch here.

  • E-Commerce For Retail – Support Your Digital Transformation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

    In response to the global pandemic, Alibaba Cloud made their E-Commerce Solution for Retail service available to affected businesses at zero cost for 3 months. In this guide, explore how the solution can help businesses get online, reach the right customers, and speed up time to market. Download the guide here.

  • Speed Up Your Business

    Video has become the mainstream method for information transmission, and Internet users are increasingly demanding rich video engagement. In order to support the end-users’ experience, a better network and infrastructural technologies are required. In this e-book learn how the Alibaba Cloud CDN can help your business.

  • Talking About Our Intelligent Conversational Chatbots

    Download this white paper to learn about the challenges with developing an intuitive chatbot, and learn how Alibaba Cloud’s AI Service for Conversational Chatbots can help your business delight customers with intuitive, human-like experiences.

  • Creating A Robust Cloud-Based Database For Fintech, E-Commerce And Gaming

    Gartner predicts that 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform by 2023, underscoring the need to embrace cloud optimized DBs. Read on to discover how Alibaba Cloud’s database solutions, including data backup and data transmission services, unlock the power of the cloud for organizations ranging from fintech enterprises to gaming companies.

  • How Forex Companies Use The Cloud

    Leading Forex (or FX) companies need to provide traders with access to a global platform that allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies with ease and without delay. Click here to explore the benefits, challenges, and possibilities for Forex in the cloud, including a real-life case study.

  • China Gateway 2.0: Accelerate Success In China With Alibaba Cloud

    With an estimated 904 million cyber citizens and 710 million online shoppers now in China, technology plays a vital role in China’s accelerating marketplace. To stay competitive in such an expanding digital economy, companies are searching for the flexibility and scalability of comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure. Click here to explore how.

  • Insider’s Guide: How It Providers Can Create The Best It Services For Their Customers

    Any cloud migration is a complex undertaking, depending on the existing IT infrastructure and the specific requirements and goals of the business. This paper covers five key challenges your customers may face, and how to circumvent those challenges for a smoother cloud migration. Open now to get started.

  • Fintech on Alibaba Cloud

    Learn how the Alibaba Cloud FinTech on the Cloud solution can boost end user satisfaction and expedites their time-to-market.

  • Best Practices on Alibaba Cloud

    Find out the best practices on Alibaba Cloud from some of the industry leaders and learn the benefits they saw from implementing Alibaba Cloud.

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