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  • The Future of Risk Modeling

    Risk modeling is rapidly evolving, creating opportunities and roadblocks with its complex and detailed analyses. AI is disrupting this industry as it brings the ability to automate processes, detect fraud in real-time, predict trends, and more. Read on to learn how risk modeling is changing and discover how you can stay on the cutting edge.

  • Fight Money Laundering With These 5 Game Changers From Sas

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent automation, and advanced visualization tools are helping anti-money laundering (AML) cut false positives, accelerate analytics, and better handle data. Read on to learn how the SAS platform helps you better control your data while accelerating the AI and analytics initiatives crucial to AML.

  • Democratising Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

    One of the best routes to AI success is AI democratization, a process which sees your organization infuse AI in a variety of business processes and enables line of business employees to take advantage of AI tools. Read on to discover how SAS helps companies across industries deploy and democratize AI.

  • The Internet Of Things: Understanding The Adventure

    The path to IoT success must be deliberately laid out - and whether you’re exploring the IoT’s potential or actively planning your organization’s journey, this guide is here to help. Access it here.

  • Compete and win with better model risk management

    Dive into this e-book to learn why model risk management (MRM) is essential for your business, explore the hard-won MRM lessons of early adopters, and explore how you can adopt advanced MRM practices to mitigate and manage model risk to the greatest extent possible.

  • Accelerate And Improve Business Outcomes With Aiot

    AI is uniquely well suited to make sense of huge sets of data at rapid speeds—meaning it can lead to success when used to augment and analyze IoT systems. Access this white paper to see how 7 leading organizations from multiple industries have deployed AI-powered IoT to improve quality, performance, efficiency, forecasting accuracy, and much more.

  • Boosting Production Quality With Advanced Analytics

    The quality of your manufacturing is a crucial part of your bottom line, making it critical to collect and use data on the quality of goods you produce. Read on to learn how you can use advanced analytics to predict yields, prescriptive analytics to optimize maintenance, and automated analytics to maximize productivity—improving your bottom line.

  • High Velocity Decisions.Trusted Outcomes.

    Read this SAS white paper to learn how analytics can address some of the most dangerous threats financial institutions are facing right now, for instance detecting 67% more fraud in claims, cutting 3rd-party fraud by 80%, reducing false positives in money laundering by 90%, and much more.

  • Standard CharteredBank: Turning StressTesting From Compliance Tool to Competitive Advantage

    Read this analyst report to see how Standard Chartered Bank’s Scenario-Based Analytics Platform didn’t just improve stress test performance—it enhanced the long-term sustainability of the bank in crisis conditions, allowed for better resource optimization, and expanded these capabilities to the more than 70 markets the bank operates in.

  • The Escalation Of Digital Fraud: Global Impact Of The Coronavirus

    In an increasingly digital environment, fraud is shifting drastically from counterfeit card capabilities toward harder-to-identify fraud schemes of social engineering, cyber intrusions and account takeovers. Dive into this report, sponsored by SAS, to explore these shifts in detail and to learn how mitigation efforts need to adapt.

  • Drive Analytic Innovation Through SAS and Open Source Integration

    In many organizations, we need more collaboration between businesses, analytic teams, application developers and IT operations. These teams often workwith data in silos and end up duplicating efforts, failing to integrate, or missing opportunities to deliver value from data.

  • Stress Testing 2.0: Better Informed Decisions Through Expanded Scenario-Based Risk Management

    Savvy financial institutions are increasingly going beyond simple compliance to gain more effective, consistent analytical processes, as well as the ability to address complex questions from senior management. Download this white paper to learn about the maturation of stress testing, and how you can start improving your strategy today.

  • Building Artificial Intelligence in Credit Risk: A Commercial Lending Perspective

    While financial institutions have been some of the most successful adopters of AI and machine learning, there are still segments of the industry that haven’t moved to use these powerful solutions. Read this white paper to learn why areas like commercial lending have hesitated on AI adoption and how AI adoption could revolutionize this sector.

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