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  • The Thrill of Solving in Higher Ed

    PolyU uses Alteryx to consolidate, share and analyze data to create a more intelligent, modern university—read this case study to find out why they chose Alteryx, and how it continues to help them speed up data prep, deliver self-service analytics to those who need it—and more.

  • Taste the Feeling: Coca-Cola + Alteryx

    Read this case study to find out how Coca-Cola utilizes Alteryx to merge, prepare, and analyze data from multiple disparate sources and then deliver insights throughout their organization.

  • Drive Your Analytics Evolution

    Read this e-book to learn how a Predictive CoE can help to help centralize data and analytics asset management, as well as support the entire analytics spectrum and its technological and decision-making evolution.

  • 7 Ways Analytics Is Driving New Value in Tax

    With the tax function sitting as one of the largest consumers of data in most organizations, processes need to scale for growth. Take control of your tax challenges and transform traditional processes into a repeatable, collaborative process with self-service analytics—read this white paper for 7 ways analytics is driving new value in tax.

  • Data Disruptors

    Although we live and work in a world with an overabundance of data—quick access to information and insights can be impossible if you struggle with a lack of resources, budget, and basic data prep and blend. Read this e-book for help becoming a data disruptor in your field—with advice from 9 data analytics stars.

  • A Brief Guide to Innovating Tax with Analytics

    With the tax function sitting as one of the largest consumers of data in most organizations—processes need to scale for growth. Read this white paper to learn how to build an analytics competency in tax by use of visualized workflows and self-service analytics.

  • State of Data Science Analytics

    There are approximately 54 million data workers worldwide, representing 25% of knowledge workers. In this brief infographic, discover key findings on the state of data workers globally.

  • Everything Happens Somewhere

    Everything happens somewhere—and location analytics can unlock depths of knowledge and provide insight in a new dimension. Read this white paper for innovative methods of exploring your data and analysis through use of location intelligence.

  • Why Aren’t Analysts Analyzing?

    If you’re a marketing data analyst, you know all too well that marketing firms are increasingly expected to make decisions quickly. In this ebook, you will discover the 6 factors slowing down marketing data analysts, why and how Alteryx helps marketer’s rock better results in record time and important key takeaways.

  • The History and (Data) Science of Commerce

    Behind Hush’s polished app and social media feeds are dozens of data science models—providing users with personalized product recommendations, customized discounts, and interactive rewards opportunities. Read this case study to learn why Hush chose Alteryx for help delivering these top-tier, personalized customer experiences.

  • The Definitive Guide to Analytics for Midsize Retailers

    It’s the consumers that decide what differentiates a brand in current markets. Savvy midsize retailers committed to thriving in this age of the consumer will embrace an always-on, omnichannel environment and consider 6 key questions—keep reading to find out what they are, and discover other tips for consumer success.

  • Predictive Analytics Made Practical

    Read this white paper to begin reaping AI benefits with 3 keys to putting predictive analytics into action, and 4 principles that will get you data-driven.

  • The Age of the Badass Analyst

    Read this white paper to learn how data analysts are helping to revolutionize business through data science and analytics across a plethora of industries.

  • Building an Enterprise Analytics Competency

    Many businesses have tried to emphasize data analytics, but these initiatives often flounder and fail to produce results. Explore why you might want to consider emphasizing self-service analytics, which enables any department or individual to participate in analytics.

  • Data Science in Practice

    This white paper explores 5 common data science applications and real-world examples of each to help you apply it and realize success.

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