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  • Data Analytics Mastery

    While the spreadsheet is beloved for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and familiarity, it’s starting to lose perks. Inaccuracies, slow processing times, and human error mean that spreadsheets are often poor alternatives to analytics solutions. Check out this e-Book to learn more about moving past spreadsheets and into analytics.

  • Improving Population Health Management with AI and Analytics

    Healthcare businesses are always looking to strike a balance between optimal care and optimal costs. But thanks to the amount of raw data healthcare providers have on hand, they also stand in a unique position to use advanced analytics and data integration platforms to drive new insights. Watch this webinar to learn more.

  • Data Analytics Mastery

    Data analytics is a crucial part of most modern business strategies—so why is it that analysts often get technology that is clunky and outdated at best? In the era of self-service, augmented, AI-driven analytics, the life of a data analyst doesn’t have to be difficult to be productive. Check out this e-book to learn more.

  • Simplifying Analytics in Finance Reporting

    Financial departments are some of the worst offenders when it comes to failing to modernize their departments. And contending with spreadsheets, disparate data sources, and menial tasks means that financial analytics often doesn’t provide the returns it could. Watch this webinar to learn how Alteryx helps to improve your financial analytics.

  • Finance Analytics in Action

    When it comes to financial analytics, companies (particularly large companies) suffer problems due to disparate data locations, poor data management, and analytics software that is too basic for the desired use cases. Watch this webinar to learn how Alteryx is able to help enterprises surmount these problems and achieve truly advanced analytics.

  • Data Innovators in Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is constantly looking for new ways to streamline care and improve their services; as such, they stand to gain immensely from advanced analytics. Read this e-book to learn how advanced analytics naturally fit in the health sector.

  • Bridge the Gap in Government: From Messy Data to Valuable Insights.

    When trying to leverage large volumes data, government organizations frequently run into problems due to their reliance on legacy systems and data tools. Check out this white paper to learn 5 common data challenges, strategies to make your data work for you, and more.

  • Data Innovators in Government

    A barrier to government modernization is often price—officials are often slow to embrace new technologies because of their cost. Yet many of these technologies could reduce costs in the long term—like predictive analytics, for example. Read on to learn some more applications of advanced analytics that can save public sector budgets in the long run.

  • Alteryx: The Thrill of Solving

    Many businesses still base much of their analytics initiatives around spreadsheets because of how accessible they are, familiarity, and their extremely low price point. But spreadsheets are inefficient for data governance and prone to human error. Tune in to discover how Alteryx’s advanced analytics platform tackles these issues.

  • Know Your Customer: The First Rule of Retail Analytics

    Retail analytics is based around the simple rule of “know your customer.” As analytics becomes more advanced, the insights you can gain about your customers grow—and their expectations skyrocket. Watch this webinar to learn how Alteryx’s business analytics platform can help you learn about your customers, predict their trends, and save you money.

  • Alteryx and Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is a popular buzzword these days. Some think it’s olely technical process; in reality, it’s a constant process of evolving your business strategy and structure as your technology continues to change. Watch this webinar to learn more about digital transformation and how to ensure yours is successful with business analytics.

  • Cargill Adopts Analytics to Drive Results in Surprising Ways

    When Cargill wanted to understand when and why machine failures were happening, they had to turn to a solution outside of their typical monitoring systems. At the same time, they needed an analytics solution that could turn a large amount of unstructured data into insights. Watch this webinar to learn how Alteryx fit as their solution.

  • Democratizing Data in Manufacturing

    Manufacturing has been promised profitable, revolutionary advances in technology for years, yet it often sees the same old problems and ROI with the same old ERP systems. Meanwhile, analytics focused around unstructured data is exploding. Read on to learn more about how to ensure your data is usable and used with a quality analytics setup.

  • The Convergence of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

    As the healthcare industry deals with a massive amount of data to sort through and utilize, businesses and hospitals find themselves in a remarkable position to put AI to work. In fact, 75% of respondents to an Alteryx survey reported AI as being a greater focus in the next year. Read this white paper to learn more about AI’s impact in healthcare.

  • Government Healthcare: Analytics Alchemy

    As the way America treats healthcare shifts, healthcare analytics shifts along with it. Healthcare providers are no longer strictly operating on financial profits margins, dramatically altering the way analytics works inside their companies. Read on to learn why data analytics in crucial in healthcare, and how to realize success with it.

  • A Blueprint For: Analytics Transformation in Finance

    A great use case for advanced analytics is in your financial department—you can transform your reporting, visualize your results, and more. Keep reading to gain access to your blueprint for applying analytics in your finance department.

  • Where is the Focus?

    While ERP and similar software have dominated operations for the past decade, times are changing. As BI tools continue to advance, businesses are finding that BI tools equipped with AI can help accelerate digital transformation and provide actionable insight. Watch this webinar to see a use case for Alteryx’s yield optimization tool in this vein.

  • The Definitive Guide to Analytics for Midsize Retailers

    It’s the consumers that decide what differentiates a brand in current markets. Savvy midsize retailers committed to thriving in this age of the consumer will embrace an always-on, omnichannel environment and consider 6 key questions—keep reading to find out what they are, and discover other tips for consumer success.

  • The Age of the Badass Analyst

    Read this white paper to learn how data analysts are helping to revolutionize business through data science and analytics across a plethora of industries.

  • A Brief Guide to Innovating Tax with Analytics

    With the tax function sitting as one of the largest consumers of data in most organizations—processes need to scale for growth. Read this white paper to learn how to build an analytics competency in tax by use of visualized workflows and self-service analytics.

  • Data Science in Practice

    This white paper explores 5 common data science applications and real-world examples of each to help you apply it and realize success.

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