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  • From Data Warrior to Analytic Magician

    Watch this webinar to learn how Alteryx’s Analytic Process Automation Platform can transform your limited data access and use with an automated platform that provides instant, advanced insight from across your organization.

  • How to Achieve Alignment on Digital Transformation and Center of Excellence Initiatives

    Check out this resource to familiarize yourself with best practices for aligning lines of business and IT, the latest industry trends, and ways a center of excellence (COE) can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.

  • The Essential Guide to Data Preparation

    A good data prep strategy and the right process automation approach can create cleaner data, improve data discovery, and result in more accurate analytics results. Read this white paper to learn how you can reimagine your data prep and take advantage of Alteryx’s APA platform to improve outcomes while ditching repetitive tasks.

  • Unleashing Advanced Analytics

    Read this white paper to learn how accessible, advanced analytics are powering success across 6 different industries, ranging from human resources management to broadcasting, by taking advantage of modern data to create multidimensional customer insight, location intelligence, and advanced forecasting.

  • The Analytics Automation Playbook for Finance & Accounting

    Read this white paper to discover how automating the processes involved in your financial departments can help you accelerate analytics, reduce harmful errors, and ditch your reliance on tedious, manual spreadsheets.

  • Breaking the (Supply) Chain: Amway's Analytics Strategy for Stock Optimization

    Inside, explore the ways in which Amway deployed advanced analytics capabilities, with the help of Alteryx, to capitalize on data in their ERPs and legacy systems and optimize their stock processes by identifying missing supply data, predicting surges or drops in demand, and better managing warehousing and delivery.

  • The Analytics & Data Science Playbook Supply Chain

    Read this e-book to learn how advanced analytics can help solve problems supply chain leaders are facing, such as growing complexity and demands for resiliency, and discover how Alteryx’s APA platform allows companies to automate supply chain analytics in one go.

  • Building Supply Chain Resilience Bydisrupting It

    Maintaining a high level of resilience means having exceptional data visibility and analytics, that can help you predict what’s going to happen next. Get tips on going from risk-blind to risk-resilient in this 27-page eBook and explore 10 ways analytic process automation can make your supply chain more resilient.

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation In Covid Times

    This webinar covers an important topic area: why analytics process automation is becoming a key tool in accelerating, scaling, and democratizing analytics and data science. Tune in to hear experts from IDC, PwC, and Coca-Cola talk about the different ways that automation and analytics platforms are accelerating digital transformation.

  • Modern Analytics Architecture

    Bettering your analytics initiatives requires that you thoroughly understand the modern analytics lifecycle, what stage your business is in, and how a modern data platform can help you improve your analytics. Read this Radiant Advisors report to learn more, and see what a modern analytics architecture looks like on Azure or AWS.


    A barrier to government modernization is often price—officials are often slow to embrace new technologies because of their cost. Yet many of these technologies could reduce costs in the long term—like predictive analytics, for example. Read on to learn some more applications of advanced analytics that can save public sector budgets in the long run.


    A great use case for advanced analytics is in your financial department—you can transform your reporting, visualize your results, and more. Keep reading to gain access to your blueprint for applying analytics in your finance department.

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