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  • Oracle Dyn Cybersecurity Intelligence Report

    This report aims to help organizations take control of their Internet security with top tips from cybersecurity experts on identifying bots, mitigating damage and creating a culture of security in your organization. Download now to get started.

  • Modern Defense in Depth: An Integrated Approach to Better Web Application Security

    Cyberattacks are still successful. Breaches continue to occur. And each time we ask the same questions: why and how did this happen? Many businesses know the steps they're taking to protect ourselves are clearly inadequate. In this book, learn how an integrated, platform-based approach can help you achieve better web application security.

  • Security with AI and Machine Learning

    Tools that employ AI and machine learning have begun to replace the older rules- and signature-based tools that can no longer combat today's sophisticated attacks. In this e-book, look at the strengths (and limitations) of AI- and ML-based security tools for dealing with today's threat landscape.

  • 5 Web Application Security Threats You Should Care About

    Today, threat actors can spread malicious content and execute attacks all over the world, crossing borders—and industries—in a matter of seconds. How can you protect your web applications? In this e-book learn how you can navigate the threat landscape as well as execute an intelligent approach to web application security.

  • Securing Web Applications

    Attacks on web applications can circumvent your security and harm your business in myriad ways by creating unwanted downtime, reducing availability and responsiveness, and shattering trust with your customers when data confidentiality and integrity is compromised.

  • Making the Move to a Cloud Native WAF

    While many companies rely on appliance-based WAF solutions, the market requirements for web application security are shifting toward an edge security platform approach that combines a variety of protections suited to distributed cloud environments. Read this e-book and discover 5 reasons to consider a cloud-native web application firewall (WAF).

  • Surviving the Bot Matrix

    Bot technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and bot traffic right now makes up more than 50% of all Internet traffic – more than human. This e-book will help understand how to survive the bot matrix and take control of bot detection, mitigation and elimination. Download the e-book now, so you can stay above the bot epidemic today.

  • Three Questions to Ask Before you Migrate Apps to the Public Cloud

    Many firms assume public cloud is the best place to host all apps, but that's not always the case. Find out why in this essential guide.

  • Why Web Application Attacks are a Growing Threat to the Cloud

    New research found that web application attacks present a significant threat to cloud environments. Find out what cybersecurity expert, Rob Shapland, has to say as he explains these risks and what enterprises should do about them.

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