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  • Robotic Process Automation: Buyer's Guide

    Robotic process automation (RPA) is giving businesses the tools they need to automate repetitive tasks and encourage value-adding work. But like any new technology, not everyone is ready to jump in without testing the waters. In this 20-page guide, learn how to identify opportunities for RPA within your existing business processes, and more.

  • SIEM Buyer's Guide

    It's no longer possible for organizations to use manual analysis to detect intrusions or protect against IT risks. That's why some organizations are using SIEM software to help them handle the job. In this SIEM Buyer's Guide, find key features to look for in SIEM software, cost considerations, requirements checklist, and much more.

  • 2019 SIEM Report

    This 2019 SIEM Report explores the latest trends, key challenges, and solution preferences for SIEM. Read on for cybersecurity statistics that can help you decide if a SIEM system is right for your organization.

  • The Complete Guide to Securing IBM I, AIX, and Linux Servers

    This guide is designed to equip IBM i pros with information about what exit points are and how exit programs work, along with their impact on your overall security. Read on to learn more about why menu security alone falls short, how object-level security affect exit programs, and much more.

  • 2019 IBM i Marketplace Survey

    IBM i 7.3 is now the most popular version of the OS once known as OS/400, and 92% of respondents in a recent survey of its users believe IBM I provides better ROI than other server options. Learn why IBM i 7.3 users are so sure of their increased ROI in these user survey results.

  • IBM i Encryption: How to Protect Your Database

    Encryption is widely recognized as the most effective way to ensure private information is accessible only by authorized parties. But, how does encryption work on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries)? Read this guide for an overview of your options for implementing encryption on this unique platform.

  • 2018 State of IBM i Security Study

    Cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated every year, raising the importance of proper security controls. Weak passwords, lax system auditing, and overly privileged users leaves your server vulnerable to internal and external threats. In this research report, learn about the full extent of IBM i security exposures and how to correct them.

  • What to Do When Your IBM i Talent Retires

    Experienced IT pros are retiring in droves – but it's not like you didn't see this one coming. The problem, however, is that a lot of legacy skills are now leaving the workforce, never to be recovered. Learn how to plan your IT staffing and resource strategies around this new gap in IT skills.

  • How to Handle Explosive IBM i Storage Growth

    This e-book will equip you with several storage management strategies using IBM i to reclaim disk space, clean up your IFS, and curb storage costs so you can budget for future growth. View it here.

  • 2019 Ultimate Buyer's Guide for IBM i Monitoring Software

    Learn how to select an IBM i monitoring tool that caters to the availability needs of your enterprise without subjecting critical systems to outage risks – and perhaps most importantly, find out how to get buy-in from your peers and management.

  • How Managed File Transfer Addresses HIPAA Requirements for ePHI

    A well-designed MFT solution helps organizations meet the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH by implementing a managed and auditable solution. In this document, explore how a managed file transfer (MFT) can save your healthcare practice from costly data breaches and HIPAA violations.

  • The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples

    Managed file transfer (MFT) software is used to automate and encrypt the data exchanged between an organization and its trading partners, users, and employees—but it can still help solve problems outside of your basic file transfer needs.

  • Maximize ROI with a Managed File Transfer Tool

    Download this white paper to learn about managed file transfer, a secure tool that simplifies and encrypts the exchange of data between systems, employees, and customers using a single point of control that has extensive security settings.

  • Five Ways Privileged Access Management Prevents Insider Threats

    Over a quarter of attacks are perpetrated by insiders, according to The Verizon Data Breach Report (2018) and threats coming from the inside are notoriously tough to spot. Find out how you can determine a potential threat without preventing employees from accessing the data they need to do their jobs.

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Banks Love Robotic Process Automation

    For financial institutions, gaining a competitive advantage means finding optimization opportunities within business processes wherever they emerge. Find out the top five reasons that financial institutions are turning towards robotic process automation as a way to gain a competitive advantage while still meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Case Study: How Carter Bank & Trust Transformed with Automation

    Click to get an executive overview of how a community bank used process automation to help them migrate over 300,000 accounts, a process that had previously been slow, manually intensive, and error-prone. Plus, you'll find out how they achieved 3,800% ROI in less than five months after adoption.

  • PIM, PAM and PUM: 2018 Fundamentals and Best Practices for Linux/Unix Privileged Identity and Access Management

    This white paper touches on the importance of PIM, PUM and PAM understanding and planning. Find out how you can transform your multi-vendor Linux and Unix server environment into one centrally managed security domain to simplify security policies and control access rights.

  • The Essentials: Privileged Access Management

    Find out how you can effectively control and protect privileged UNIX and Linux accounts using centralized access management.

  • Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfers

    This white paper examines how IT security teams can bring the implementations of file transfer protocol (FTP) into a more modern, secure framework to increase user productivity and enhance the manageability of file transfers.

  • Managed File Transfer

    Managed File Transfer (MFT) provides companies a safe and audited method for transferring information within and outside of their enterprise. Check out this resource for ways MFT can help your enterprise.

  • Secure Managed File Transfer: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

    Files contain a multitude of sensitive information and therefore data transfers of these files need to be protected. Take a look at this buyer's guide to learn how to effectively secure file transfers by utilizing a managed file transfer (MFT) product.

  • The Business Leader's Handbook for Building an Automation Center of Excellence

    Learn how to build an automation center of excellence as well as how to optimize your use of automation, incorporate robotic process automation, create a long-term vision for automation, and more.

  • How to Create a Cybersecurity Policy for Your Organization

    Discover a 4-step plan to build a cybersecurity policy for your organization. As a bonus, uncover additional resources to create a data breach response plan.

  • Automated Operations: Five Benefits for Your Organization

    Automating operations can actually be surprisingly easy to accomplish, and comes with major benefits in cost reduction, productivity, availability, and more. Access this guide to learn what else IT automation can accomplish for your organization, and the steps you can take to achieve automation.

  • How Business Process Management Leads to Better Decision-Making

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to integrate BPM with analytics successfully by examining different use cases and approaches. Learn how data scientists help derive optimal value from analytics, how to take analytics to the cloud, and how to leverage BPM to deliver ITaaS.

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