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  • Experts Discuss a Powerful Approach to Database Monitoring

    Managing multiple diverse database platforms and hybrid environments has become the new norm for DBAs, but the evolving database landscape comes with its challenges. View this videocast for expert advice on how to overcome these obstacles and simplify multi-database infrastructures.

  • Healthcare Company Unifies Database Monitoring

    Envision Healthcare deployed Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases to gain insight into all of its 3,000+ databases on diverse platforms using a single performance-monitoring tool. Read this case study to learn how you too can achieve optimal database performance based on workload analytics.

  • The Evolving Role of The Database Administrator

    Database administrators (DBAs) used to be required to manage only one database. However, the modern DBA has to support and manage multiple databases. Tune into this webcast to learn how Quest's Foglight database management tool could help your database administrators manage multiple databases efficiently.

  • Manage Your Database Performance With Quest

    Execution plans are like the GPS of the database management system, as they represent the best possible way to route to SQL statements. Tune into this webcast to learn about how you can address changes in execution plans in your database and keep your database running properly.

  • Software Defining Secondary Storage

    This white paper walks you through the evolution of secondary storage, and, in this vein, details a software-defined storage platform with which you can use existing hardware to accelerate backups, reduce storage costs, and replicate data securely to the cloud for archiving and DR. Read on for more details.

  • Nine Steps to Building a Business-Oriented Disaster Recovery Plan

    Access the following e-book for a comprehensive, 9-step plan for building a business-oriented DR plan. In addition to the strategies outlined herein, you'll also be privy to the DR tools and techniques at your disposal when formulating your plan and protecting your business in the event of unplanned downtime.

  • Replicating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud with QoreStor

    This resource illustrates the benefits of replicating on-premises backups to the Microsoft Azure cloud for off-site archiving and DR, using a software-defined storage platform that makes it more secure do so. Read on for step-by-step guidance on the process.

  • Calculating the Business Value of Disaster Recovery

    In the following white paper, you'll uncover the characteristics of a top-notch disaster recovery strategy and how you can craft your own to ensure the fastest recovery time possible. Read on to discover the true cost of downtime and how ineffective DR strategies can inflict harm to the business.

  • Disaster Recovery Is Just the Beginning

    This paper outlines an approach to predictive business continuity that proactively monitors the entire infrastructure, while also providing DR when needed, so you can detect and resolve issues before they result in significant downtime. Read on for more BC/DR planning guidance.

  • A Zombie's Survival Guide in a Changing Database World

    Is the database administrator (DBA) position dying? Organizations like Elasticsearch and Splunk are changing database administration. Read this e-book to learn about how database administrators to learn about the top 3 trends that affect database administrators.

  • NetVault Backup: Enterprise-class Data Protection for Diverse Environments

    What if you could protect an expanse of servers—both physical and virtual—containing petabytes of data from one web-based console? Click here to learn how to do so with an approach that offers cross-platform versatility to support multiple operating systems, apps, databases and storage devices.

  • Quest QoreStor: Next-generation Software-defined Secondary Storage Platform

    This datasheet introduces Quest QoreStor, a software-defined secondary storage platform based on resilient deduplication and replication technologies that enable you to leverage virtually any storage hardware, backup software, virtualization platform, or cloud provider. If you want to improve data security, read on here.

  • Deduplication: The Hidden Truth and What It May Be Costing You

    This paper breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of 5 different data reduction technologies to help you choose the solution that best fits your use case, like for example backing up multiple systems, apps, and data in parallel. Save your copy here.

  • Working with Oracle 12c Databases in the Oracle Cloud

    The days of databases being kept on-premises are coming to an end. Non-cloud database deployments dropped from 67% in 2015 to 45% in 2017, according to 451 Research. Listen to this webcast to help you get started using cloud services for an Oracle database.

  • Unleash Your DevOps Strategy by Synchronizing App and Database Changes

    Bringing databases into a DevOps process isn't the same as an application. In this webcast, discover how Toad can change database development process so that it can be used in continuous integration and continuous deployment.

  • Hire a PI to solve blocking locks mysteries

    Tap into this webcast to hear more about the benefits of Foglight for Databases, and explore how Performance Investigator can help you monitor blocked sessions.

  • DBAs Face New Challenges: Trends In Database Administration

    Explore this Unisphere Research study of over 200 database administrators (DBAs) to see new trends in the role, including cloud's impact and how new tools are helping the role.

  • How Toad™ DBA Suite Complements Oracle® Enterprise Manager 12c

    This 21-page white paper provides an introduction to Toad DBA Suite for Oracle and explores how you can leverage the technology to help deliver critical functionality in performance management, database management and change management.

  • Go Beyond Basic Up/Down Monitoring

    With DBAs often managing multiple databases at once, they need predictive performance diagnostics to truly understand and resolve performance issues. Discover how to get to the next level of diagnostics.

  • Managing Cross-Platform Database Environments

    Database administrators often have to manage more than 1 database now. Download this resource for the top 5 complications DBAs face nowadays and get some tips for how to address them.

  • Accelerate Database Efficiency

    Today's DBAs have to manage big data initiatives, handle more and more servers, and often have less help than before. In this resource, explore how DBAs can address these challenges.

  • Understanding the User Interface in Toad Edge

    Watch this brief technical video to learn how to get started with Toad Edge, a flexible open source toolset for MySQL development, and familiarize yourself with its UI.

  • Installing and Getting Started with Connections in Toad Edge

    Watch this brief technical video to learn how to install and get started with Toad Edge, a flexible open source toolset for MySQL development compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

  • Simplify Database Development for MySQL Environments

    Discover the potential benefits open-source database management systems (OSDBMS) platforms offer to developers and DBAs, from cost efficiency to greater flexibility, and learn about one particular open source database development toolset and how it helps to simplify MySQL development.

  • Active Directory Disasters and Tools to Prevent Them

    Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the source of nearly all authentication and authorization in most Windows environments, which means it's critical to keep up and running. While AD's features can protect against some failures, there are others it can't recover from on its own. So what do you do when that dreaded day of disaster arrives?

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