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  • AWS and Trend Micro go together like PB&J

    What do a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and application modernization have in common? A lot. Access this infographic to check out Trend Micro Cloud One on AWS Marketplace and get ready to spread security throughout your modern applications.

  • Automated Security at the Speed of DevOps

    This e-book will highlight the main challenges businesses face at the intersection of DevOps and security and offer best practices for integrating security within your development processes from the start. Read on to get started.

  • Preventive cloud care: 5 ways to ensure a healthy migration

    88% of healthcare organizations have accelerated their cloud adoption in the past year due to the shift to remote work, cost savings and improved IT agility. But the fear of attacks and data breaches looms large in this highly regulated industry. Download this white paper to take in 5 ways healthcare can ensure a secure cloud migration.

  • Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

    Hybrid cloud environments are often regarded as an ideal IT model, at least for most of its practitioners. However, securing hybrid cloud environments can be tricky. Read this white paper to learn more about the security challenges facing hybrid cloud environments and how to address them.


    When comparing SaaS against on-premise business solutions, it’s not always clear cut why you should pick one over the other. Forrester claims SaaS is nearly always better – but that can vary depending on use case. Read this data sheet to unlock the top 3 reasons to make the switch to SaaS.

  • XDR: Up-Leveling Security Integration

    IDC believes an XDR platform approach can put an SOC-lite or SOC-less enterprise onto a positive trajectory. But what is an XDR platform and how can it level-up your security? Learn more in this blog.

  • Cloud Migration: Achieve More Together with Four Security Considerations

    Take a look at this white paper to find four security considerations that will help keep you prepared and empowered to properly secure your cloud migration and future cloud projects – without slowing down the process.

  • Untangling the Web of Cloud Security Threats

    Understanding how security is a shared responsibility is critical. Download this white paper for examples of threats and risks that organizations can face if they make mistakes in configuring cloud services, and how they could address potential security issues as part of the shared-responsibility model.

  • Seeping Through the Gaps Whitepaper

    Without the proper security measures in place, threats can seep in through the gaps in supply chains and software development pipelines. In this guide, learn about the rise of supply chain attacks and what your organization can do to prevent these vulnerabilities.

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