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  • Enterprise Strategy Group: Earlier ransomware detection and prevention with hardware and software

    Ransomware techniques are only becoming more sophisticated, and in order to stop attackers, organizations need to rethink their strategies. Read this e-book, produced by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), to learn why a more active collaboration between security mechanisms is required to achieve earlier detection and prevention.

  • Using AI at the Edge for Next-Generation Retail

    With most data never leaving the premises, the latest retail applications demand that AI processing move closer to where the data is being generated. Enter AI at the edge.In this custom TechTarget media, you’ll learn about key use cases involving edge AI for retail. Read on to discover how AI at the edge is poised to shake up the retail industry.

  • AI at the Edge Opens New Opportunity for Manufacturers

    Modern manufacturers produce massive amounts of data every day, but without the ability to use that data to drive decisions in real time, the data means nothing. Access this custom TechTarget media to discover how the cloud is holding manufacturers back and why edge AI has the potential to unlock more efficient and cost-effective operations.

  • The Strategic Imperative for AI at the Edge

    A variety of technical benefits make AI at the edge a promising investment. However, the business benefits are even more tantalizing. In this custom TechTarget media, you’ll discover the strategic imperative for AI at the edge and learn how you can make your business more competitive. Read on to learn how you can unlock the capabilities of edge AI.

  • Securing AI Environments, from Data Center to Edge

    In this custom TechTarget content, you’ll learn about the key principles for developing a strong security strategy for AI at the edge, including the use of zero-trust principles at scale, the integration of compliance/governance capabilities within the security framework, and more. Access the content now to uncover the rest.

  • The State of HPC Infrastructure

    Save a copy of this E-Guide to uncover the latest use cases, infrastructure trends, and industry insight surrounding business purposed HPC deployments – and which direction your business should start looking.

  • Hybrid cloud-first strategy solves public cloud, on-premises riddle

    Many organizations stick by their on-premises platforms simply because transitioning to other platforms seems too daunting – but cloud migration doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Adopting a cloud-first strategy with hybrid cloud is a happy medium for organizations with on-premises platforms. Read this exclusive E-Guide now to learn more.

  • 7-Step Server Maintenance Checklist

    Tracking and applying routine maintenance to physical servers and their systems is a time intensive process that can become costly if mismanaged – this makes having a process in place incredibly important to server performance. Use this 7-step checklist for timely and optimal server maintenance.

  • How to Prepare Your IT Staff for a Transition to the Cloud

    Educating and addressing IT staff roles as they fit into the new cloud infrastructure are essential to achieving operational efficiency within your new cloud environment. Download this guy for 3 essential topics to address with employees before migrating to the cloud.

  • 7 Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing

    Download your copy of this cloud e-guide that outlines the 7 key characteristics to cloud computing for better operational efficiency as the use-cases for cloud grow more complex.

  • Multicloud Management: What does it Take?

    In this expert-guide, explore how the growth of the multicloud has impacted networking strategies from security to provisioning. Then, read on to learn how a cloud management platform can help you solve these challenges, as well as what capabilities it must have to be effective.

  • The Server Selection Dilemma: What's Right for You?

    Read this expert-guide to learn how you can select the best server for your needs, as well as how you can optimize your servers to host new technologies like virtualized containers. Then, explore what hyper-converged infrastructure has to offer, and evaluate if this combination of server-storage technology is right for your organization.

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