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  • The Future Of Endpoint Management

    Endpoint management remains both a foundational capability and a difficult challenge for operations professionals as they support today’s increasingly remote and hybrid workforce. This report describes 4 primary endpoint management trends around self-healing, security convergence and more. To manage these trends, read on for guidance for IT pros.

  • Reporting On Risk In The Public Sector

    Cybersecurity incidents make the news daily. Does your organization have the tools needed to report and manage cyber risks at scale? Ensuring service continuity starts with reporting on your level of risk. Read this guide on how to report risks to your organization’s decision makers, so you can deliver services and protect data without disruption.

  • State of Arizona: Making Good on Fiscal Responsibility and Cybersecurity Mandates

    Public sector organizations are still being asked to do more with less. Where should agencies be focusing their limited resources to retain and expand IT operations and security? Learn how Arizona met the needs of a growing workforce and transformed their operations and security approach, all while making good on fiscal responsibilities.

  • Cybersecurity For Retail: Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

    Prevention is almost always better than the cure. But how many organisations are living up to the promise in the retail sector? Tanium surveyed IT and Security leaders in Retail for their views in the state of security in this focussed report.

  • Cybersecurity: Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

    Prevention is almost always better than the cure. But how many organizations are living up to the promise? Tanium surveyed IT and Security leaders for their views in this far-reaching report.

  • A New Class Of Converged Endpoint Platforms For A Better Breed Of IT Secops

    Today, CIOs must manage and secure millions of endpoints located across cloud and hybrid networks. It's becoming clearer that legacy point tools are failing in today’s endpoint realities. Discover the newest approach to endpoint security and the solution uniquely developed to converge data, tools and IT operations and security teams.

  • The Cybersecurity Fail-Safe: Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

    Organisations are experiencing more attacks than ever before. Cybersecurity Ventures expects a ransomware attack on a business to occur every 11 seconds by the end of 2022. All the while, businesses experienced a 50% increase in weekly cyberattacks in 2021. It's time for a new approach to cybersecurity and Tanium's answer is convergence.

  • Protecting The IT Attack Surface While Advancing Digital Transformation

    To survive and to thrive, organizations must continue innovating, launching new products and services, and optimizing old ones. As a result, every organization’s attack surface will continue to change and, likely, grow. Learn how business leaders can keep up with these changes in this latest technical deep dive from Tanium experts.

  • Zero Trust The Perfect Solution To The Perfect Security Storm.

    We’re experiencing a classic example of the perfect storm. Never have organizations faced so many challenges in protecting their data resources, and never have they needed to be more suspicious of users trying to access their networks. This guide explores the zero-trust model and how it is uniquely designed to suit today's typical IT challenges.

  • Back To The Basics: Cyber Hygiene Starts With Asset Management

    With remote workers scattered across the globe and cybercriminals honing their tactics, it's more vital than ever for organizations to have deep and comprehensive visibility into their networks. This white paper explores the timeless processes and essential tools that equip organizations of all sizes to deal with the widening attack surface.

  • Confronting The Largest Attack Surface Ever With Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

    It’s easy to manage endpoints when the attack surface isn’t growing or lead digital transformation when it doesn’t need to happen overnight. But that isn't our reality. Converged solutions unite tools and data into one unified solution. A converged solution is a system that enables convergence. Read on to learn more.

  • The Ultimate Guide To Cyber Hygiene

    It’s critical for organizations to deeply understand their risk posture and have tools in place that provide the endpoint visibility and control needed to detect and remediate security breaches. This white paper provides the benchmarks and security strategies that set IT teams up for success in proactively planning defenses against cyber threats.

  • The Key to Regulatory Compliance and Sensitive Data Asset Security Is Integration

    Regulatory compliance and data security are possible only if you know what your data is — and where it is — at any given time. Read this e-book to explore the ultimate “how to” for keeping sensitive data secure and in the right hands.

  • Challenging Times Call for a Cybersecurity Plan of Action

    Due to the growing threats of cybercrime, cybersecurity executives are now under more pressure than ever before. In this e-book, Tanium provides a breakdown of the difficulties faced by cybersecurity professionals. Access the full PDF to read more on these real-life difficulties and learn what approaches may help deal with them.

  • Security and risk management in the wake of the Log4j vulnerability

    Read this e-book to get a quick refresher on the Log4j vulnerability and its threat, the longer-term issues of software management, compliance risks, and threat hunting — and how security and risk teams should rethink their roles and processes as a result.

  • The Ultimate Guide To Ransomware Defense

    Read the Ultimate Guide to Ransomware Defense to learn how to prevent system lockdowns, maintain operations, and reduce the likelihood of suffering an attack.

  • Organizations Struggle to Measure and Monitor Cyber Risk

    Data from this Harvard Business Review Pulse Survey, commissioned by Tanium, illuminates how effective cyber-risk oversight is hampered by the mutual shortage of knowledge between executives and cybersecurity leaders. Read the report to learn from top executives and analyze the data for yourself.

  • Supply chain security is tough: So what should good look like?

    "Supply Chain Security Is Tough, So What Should Good Look Like?" strips away the complexities and focuses on the methods that allow organizations to answer fundamental questions and accurately assess risk exposure so they can determine the best routes to increase software supply chain security. Download the guide to learn more.

  • What Is Zero Trust? How securing the endpoint is a pivotal piece of the puzzle to a successful zero trust strategy

    The zero-trust approach was made for our complicated and volatile reality. Download this guide to get an inside look at how Tanium helps distributed organizations plan and execute zero trust strategies.

  • Building the foundation of a mature threat hunting program

    Many of today’s organizations are at the mercy of their third-party partners’ security as well as their own. Read this e-book, Building the Foundation of a Mature Threat Hunting Program, to learn effective hunting strategies and how to address critical visibility and data gaps.

  • The Inside-out Enterprise: Redefining IT SecOps for the Remote-First Workplace

    Today’s applications and data are now distributed across multiple public and private clouds, rather than internally managed at the data center. Download this e-book, The Inside-out Enterprise: Redefining IT SecOps for the Remote-First Workplace, to get an in-depth look at how the inside-out model trumps many legacy tools and processes.

  • Maturing Endpoint Management for Public Sector Agencies

    In an increasingly connected world, securing endpoints can be a challenge, especially for public sector agencies. Download this white paper to learn how to mature endpoint and visibility management for your public sector agency.

  • CSI Endpoint Security Survey 2022

    The recent, massive shift to remote work has increased the complexity of securing the endpoint. The 2022 Endpoint Security Visibility Report reveals real impacts to business when there is a security incident. Download the report to explore the data.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact of Tanium

    In this report, Forrester examines the financial analysis and potential impact of Tanium’s Endpoint Management and Security Platform. Download this Forrester TEI report to learn insights from interviewed executives and get the qualitative and quantitative facts about the Tanium platform.

  • IT Analytics: The Foundation for Cyber Hygiene

    Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) uses facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions. If organizations can realize the full value of their data, everyone is empowered to make better decisions. Read this e-book to learn about the importance of data and analytics to achieving good cyber hygiene.

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