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  • PowerProtect DD Series Datasheet

    Dell’s PowerProtect DD Series is ready to leverage the value of protected data, meet ever more demanding SLAs and increasing ROI, and reduce risk of data loss. To research the specs of Dell’s PowerProtect DD Series which include the option to tier data to cloud for long-term retention, read this datasheet.

  • Fast and Efficient Data Protection Storage with the PowerProtectDD Series Appliances

    A recent study conducted by ESG found that 66% of respondents report that their IT environment is more complex today than it was two years ago—making data protection all the more difficult. Looking to simplify? Read how PowerProtect DD Series Appliances from Dell EMC can streamline your hybrid cloud data protection in this brief.

  • Powerprotect DD Series Appliances and Software for Microsoft SQL

    This resource spotlights the PowerProtect DD Series appliances from Dell EMC that provide an all-encompassing layer of protection for SQL Server environments. To get a complete overview of the 10 reasons PowerProtect can transform the way your organization protects its data, access this white paper

  • Key Consideration for AI Infrastructure

    Read this white paper for 6 critical considerations in successful AI deployments, how to enable an intelligent AI infrastructure, and to learn more about Dell EMC solutions powered by Intel®.

  • Why Data Center Modernization is Critical to Business Success

    Inside this report, explore the findings of this Forrester survey to find out what infrastructure technologies midmarket IT decision makers are using to drive their modernization strategies forward – and where each organization is gauging their own modernization progress.

  • A Data-Powered Mindset Drives Business Results

    How are organizations evolving their storage systems to ensure they can unlock the full value of their data capital? Download this paper to find out and to learn how you can take advantage of the strategies herein.

  • 5 Steps to Unlock Your Data's Value for Higher KPIs and Improved Protection

    Forrester Research recently studied 500+ companies in an effort to help IT decision-makers understand their data capital maturity. Read this resource to view the results of that study and to discover Forrester's 5 recommendations to boost your performance metrics and to fully unlock your data's hidden value.

  • 4 Ways To Unlock Value From Your Data with Modern Storage

    IDC recently conducted a study to determine how to simplify the data landscape and help organizations achieve effective data capital creation. Download this resource to view the results of that study and to discover 4 ways to unlock more value from your data with modern storage.

  • The Power of the Hybrid Cloud Strategy

    Cloud undoubtedly gives you the ability to stay flexible and agile with modern workloads, but not all strategies are built to handle cloud challenges the same way. Download this whitepaper to see how a hybrid strategy can keep these issues at bay better than a public or private cloud alone.

  • The Quantified Impacts of Organizational Flash StorageUse

    Businesses using flash were able to making data-driven decisions 3.5 times faster than competitors during transformation. Download this ESG report to view the quantified benefits of flash storage usage, and learn how to strategically put flash to use in your organization.

  • The Quantified Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy

    Do you know the quantifiable truth to how that data should be protected and how to implement a comprehensive strategy? Download this white paper to find out and to make use of the self-assessment tool provided in the end.

  • Modernize Your SAP from Edge, to Core, to Cloud

    In this ebook, learn how to modernize your SAP, increase performance, and innovate faster with Dell EMC. Discover how Dell EMC for SAP modernizes IT and simplifies IT management. Additionally, review how Dell EMC with Intel can work together to form a strategic approach to SAP technology, and decide if Dell EMC is right for your organization.

  • Modernize Your SAP from Edge, to Core, to Cloud (Infographic)

    View this infographic to learn how Dell EMC can help your organization improve its SAP experience and innovate faster.

  • Data Capital Powers Digital Transformation

    73% of those surveyed in a study conducted by Vanson Bourne agree that formulating a centralized data management and protection strategy needs to be a priority for their business. Click here to learn about a storage portfolio that will help you do so, too.

  • Protect Your Data at Every Point Possible

    The average annual cost of data loss is nearly $1 million, according to Dell EMC research. Take a look at this infographic to uncover how to protect your data at every point possible in the shifting IT landscape.

  • Effective Data Capital Creation Requires Scalable, Flexible Data Storage and Protection Infrastructure

    In this white paper, learn what defines data capital. Discover how boosting data capital is a critical ingredient for competitive differentiation, and discuss how Dell EMC storage and data protection can help your organization craft the most effective infrastructure to maximize the value of your data.

  • Thin Client Performance and Capability Reaches PC Parity

    Inside this analyst report, dive deeper into the evolution of thin client technology and how it can benefit enterprises at scale – and find out why industry experts are claiming that modern thin client platforms are equally comparable to today's PC deployments.

  • Protecting Data Capital in your Organization

    With high volumes of business critical data comes the necessity for innovative and modernized data protection strategies—read this white paper to learn how to keep your most valuable digital assets well protected and compliant.

  • Harness The Value Of Your Data Capital To Drive Business Success

    To test if digital capital has become a prerequisite for modern business success, like many are saying it has, Forrester conducted a global survey of 516 IT decision-makers and asked them about their perspectives on data capital and its importance—read what they had to say here.

  • The Role of ITaaS in IT Transformation

    Dive into this analyst report from Enterprise Strategy Group to get to the bottom of ITaaS's role within IT transformation, and find out how companies like yours are employing ITaaS strategies to reap development and delivery results well above industry standards.

  • How the C-Suite is Embracing IT Modernization

    A third of C-suite executives say they aren't confident that they're doing enough to capitalize on AI and analytics. Learning from the success of industry front-runners, find out three best practices designed to kick-start your IT modernization in the right direction.

  • Three Solid-state Storage Advantages That Boost HCI Performance

    This expert guide dispels cost and hardware longevity concerns regarding using SSDs to support HCI platforms, highlighting 3 critical advantages flash brings to HCI. Read on to learn how to maximize your HCI investment.

  • Parsing the Differences Between Primary and Secondary Storage

    From the experts at, this e-guide examines the importance of factoring your primary storage tier into your organization's backup and DR plan. Download here for the details, as well as a glance at the cloud's role in the recovery process.

  • NVMe-oF: Changing the Game for Storage

    Download this e-guide to learn the ins-and-outs of NVMe-oF and see how NVMe over networks is winning out as the best way to offer shared, flash-based storage systems.

  • What are Continuous Data Protection Software's Pros And Cons?

    Click inside this expert-guide and learn the pros and cons of continuous data protection software.

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