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  • NVMe-oF: Changing the Game for Storage

    Download this e-guide to learn the ins-and-outs of NVMe-oF and see how NVMe over networks is winning out as the best way to offer shared, flash-based storage systems.

  • Handle Transaction Workloads and Data Mart Loads with Better Performance

    Download this white paper to see the results of the test comparing Dell EMC and HPE storage options and determine how well each solution would serve your organization during database-intensive tasks.

  • Dell EMC PowerMax Family

    Download this data sheet to learn how Dell EMC PowerMax delivers on modern performance needs by offering up to 10 M IOPs, 150 GB/s bandwidth, smart software with built-in machine learning and much more.

  • Next-Gen Storage

    In this brief video learn how Dell EMC's latest storage platform architected with an end-to-end NVMe design and AI and machine learning features can help your organization modernize for today's application oriented workloads, plan for tomorrow's analytics-heavy applications, and continue to meet SLAs.

  • Top 5 Advantages of Modern Data Storage for Midsize Companies

    Download this resource to learn about the top five capabilities these modern midrange storage platforms powered by Intel Xeon processors offer small to midsize companies.

  • Unlock Next-Generation Tier 0 Storage

    Download this brief video to learn how Dell EMC PowerMax delivers on these needs by offering up to 10 M IOPs, smart software with built-in machine learning for intelligent, automated data placement and much more.

  • The Business Value of Dell EMC Flash Storage

    IDC interviewed several organizations to understand the impact of moving parts of their storage environments to Dell EMC Flash Storage. Read on here to see what the study's participants had to say with regards to the system's storage performance and scalability, operational efficiency, and ROI.

  • Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Datasheet

    Download this datasheet for info on one all-flash array, Dell EMC Unity All-Flash, built to support mixed applications, unified storage, and ROBO requirements.

  • Specification Sheet: Dell EMC Unity Hybrid Flash Storage

    This datasheet covers the technical specifications of one hybrid flash architecture: Dell EMC Unity Hybrid Flash Storage. The architecture details, physical specifications, connectivity, and protocols are all included inside. Click here to read on.

  • Dell EMC Unity Hybrid Flash Datasheet

    This datasheet highlights Dell EMC Unity Hybrid Flash, a hybrid architecture that delivers flash performance with the cost advantage of disk. You'll be privy to a product overview, benefits of implementation, and how this hybrid flash differs from others on the market.

  • Dell EMC Unity Virtual Storage Appliance

    Despite claims to the contrary, there are affordable software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, ones that even include low acquisition cost options for hardware consolidation and multi-tenant storage instances. By reading on, you'll discover one such solution in Dell EMC Unity Virtual Storage Appliance.

  • 4 Ways Server Automation Accelerates Innovation

    Did you know that, according to Principled Technologies, automating your servers could cut network setup time by 64%? Download this white paper to learn about server automation, and how it can help you complete menial tasks, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Server Innovation for IT Transformation

    Download this white paper to learn about Dell EMC PowerEdge rack servers and how they can help you spend less time on data management and more on your strategic priorities.

  • How NC State Used All-Flash to Keep Pace with Campus Demands

    Find out how NC State University upgraded their storage infrastructure using Dell Unity all-flash storage arrays to keep pace with the growing performance demands created by campus technology, ultimately reducing their footprint by 75% and reducing power consumption by 80%.

  • Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Storage Lab Evaluation

    This ESG Lab Report examines the results of hands-on testing of the Dell EMC Unity All-Flash storage line with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and software functionality. Read on for the complete results as ESG unboxes this flash array.

  • Leveraging Flash to Eliminate Database Workload Silos

    By accessing this datasheet, you'll dive into a comparison of Dell EMC SC5020 storage array vs. HPE Nimble Storage AF5000 Array on handling transactional database workloads and data mart imports. Read on to see which out-performed the other in terms of processing orders per minute and latency.

  • 4 Questions IT Leaders Need to Ask About Server Security

    Successful IT Transformation begins with embedded end-to-end server security. In this infographic, you'll find 4 essential questions to ask to ensure that you partner with a security leader that will protect your servers from a malicious attack. Download now to learn more.

  • Dell EMC PowerMax Datasheet: Faster I/O. Higher IQ

    10 million IOPS, built-in machine learning for automatic I/O recognition, 3x better performance density, and end-to-end NVMe are just some of the many features that the Dell EMC PowerMax flash array boasts. If you're looking to maximize your flash investment, keep reading.

  • Top Reasons Why Customers Deploy Dell EMC Unity All-Flash

    This sheet details the top 10 reasons your colleagues choose to deploy Dell EMC Unity All-Flash arrays. Read on to find out what they said.

  • Top Ten Reasons Why Customers Choose Dell EMC PowerMax with NVMe

    As with any product, the most telling reviews are those from its customers. What are the reasons customers choose Dell PowerMax to support their workloads? Download this sheet for the top 10 reasons ranked here.

  • The Future of Enterprise Storage is Here

    Reading this infographic will introduce you to the technical specs of Dell EMC PowerMax flash array, which provides an NVMe and NVMe over Fabric-ready infrastructure, automated IO recognition and data placement, and more.

  • Edge Computing: The Fourth Wave Rises

    Open up this expert report to see what top IT industry analysts are saying about edge computing – and find out how it's predicted to eventually overtake the traditional IT competencies in some industries sooner than you might think.

  • Healthy Insights with Cloud-based Storage Analytics

    This datasheet introduces a SaaS cloud-based storage analytics app that uses near real-time intelligence, proactive monitoring, and predictive analytics to deliver comprehensive health scores for Dell EMC Unity and SC Series storage systems. Click here to you reduce your TCO through this self-service approach.

  • Faster, More Powerful Handling of Database Workloads

    Find out how the latest iteration of the processor-based Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd stacks up against the legacy PowerEdge R720 when it comes to running virtualized databases, from the input/output metrics to transaction speeds.

  • Simply Powerful Data Protection from Core to Edge to Cloud

    Just as the professionals at Carolinas HealthCare System are the stewards and protectors of their patients, this organization requires data protection that will do the same for the VMs that support its production, DR, and test/dev environments. Tune in here to view the solution they sourced to do so.

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