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    Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a hacker? You now have the opportunity. Join Mike Jones, former member of Anonymous, to learn about his life as one of the original members of the hacktivist group. Gain insights about cybersecurity safety, and how to mitigate the risk of issues with vulnerabilities and technology you have at home.


    Is your data safe? Despite the layers of security that have been put on top of data, the bad guys are still getting through. What organizations need is security at the point of data. In this webinar, you’ll hear why threat impact analysis and sensitive data discovery are integral to the future of secure data management.


    Ransomware defense has become one of the most critical functions of the modern security team. Watch this episode of Data Security Talks to join Kyle Van Schalkwyk, a Systems Engineer Specialist at Palo Alto Networks, for a discussion around ransomware trends, challenges and defensive strategies.


    Kevin Mitnick is often regarded as the world’s most famous hacker. Luckily for today’s organizations, he serves as a consultant and an ‘ethical’ hacker, helping organizations protect themselves against cyberattacks. Watch this exclusive interview with Kevin for a look inside the mind of the world’s most famous hacker.

  • Ein einfacherer Weg in die Cloud

    Greifen Sie auf dieses Whitepaper zu, um mehr über das Cloud Data Management von Rubrik zu erfahren, einschließlich seiner Vorteile und Praxisbeispiele, wie führende Unternehmen es nutzen, um eine bessere Kontrolle über ihre Apps und Daten zu erlangen, insbesondere in komplexen, hybriden und Multi-Cloud-Umgebungen.

  • Beschleunigen Sie die Anwendungsbereitstellung auf AWS mit Rubrik

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Whitepaper, wie Rubrik Anwendungsdaten mit umfassenden Services – Richtlinien, Sicherheit, Zugriffskontrolle und Compliance – für Ihre gesamte AWS-Umgebung in einer einzigen Softwarestruktur integriert.


    In this webinar, Rubrik’s Jerry Rijnbeek is joined Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor who was recently named one of the Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity, for a discussion around the growing cyberthreat landscape and how to adopt an assume-breach mindset to combat today’s threats.


    Protecting data against the eventuality of a breach is challenging yet critical function for today’s IT and security teams. Watch this fireside chat to join leaders at Rubrik and Schroders as they discuss the importance of data enablement, the consequences of a breach, and more.

  • Data Storage and Data Protection – Your New Competitive Advantage

    Although not the most exciting, data protection and data storage are two of the most important responsibilities of any chief officer. Open this e-book to learn about a completely unique data fabric architecture from Rubrik and NetApp that protects your enterprise while making it resilient and agile.

  • Daten speichern und schützen - Ihr neuer Vorteil im Wettbewerb

    In diesem E-Book werden die vier Säulen einer effektiven Datensicherungs- und Storage-Strategie untersucht. Es wird zudem erklärt, wie Rubrik und NetApp gemeinsam diese Säulen bereitstellen.

  • Die 10 Wichtigsten Eigenschaften Für eine Moderne Backup-und Wiederherstellungslösung

    Dieses Whitepaper beschreibt die 10 wichtigsten Faktoren, die für eine moderne Backup- und Wiederherstellungslösung erforderlich sind. Es basiert auf den Erfahrungen echter Anwender, die auf IT Central Station über ihre Erfahrungen mit Rubrik berichten.

  • Accelerate App Delivery on AWS with Rubrik

    Check out this white paper to explore the capabilities Rubrik Cloud Data Management offers your cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications as well as examine its 4 strategic benefits.

  • Protect Your Business from Ransomware with Rubrik and Microsoft Azure

    Check out this short paper to learn how Rubrik’s immutable backup offers ransomware security even as they provide instant recovery and cloud instantiation in Microsoft Azure, making restoration extremely easy and fast—in many cases, virtual machines and databases can take minutes.

  • Modern Data Protection for Databases

    Access this e-book to view the full advantages of modern database protection including what that entails and how it can deliver more value while giving precious time back to DBAs and backup admins.

  • Top 20 Questions to Ask When Modernizing Your Backup

    Explore this white paper to discover how to effectively evaluate modern data protection solutions in the marketplace, detailing the top 20 questions to ask prospective vendors.

  • The Gorilla Guide to Database Protection in 2021

    Explore this e-book for help navigating ransomware in the age of cloud computing including actionable information to help you make informed decisions so that you can protect your organization’s data from the myriad of threats and challenges facing it today.

  • Ransomware Recovery For Dummies®, Rubrik Special Edition

    Dive into this Ransomware Recovery for Dummies e-book to learn a sensible approach to recovering quickly from ransomware attacks that can’t be avoided.

  • The Gorilla Guide to Backup & Recovery Best Practices

    Check out this e-book for backup & recovery best practices including why traditional backup/DR could be failing you, how to fight the scourge of ransomware, and what it takes to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

  • Top 10 “Must Have” Qualities for a Modern Backup and Recovery Solution

    Check out this white paper to learn 10 “must have” factors required for a modern backup and recovery solution based on the experience of real users, who write about their experience with Rubrik on IT Central Station.

  • How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan

    Explore this e-book to learn what to look for in a backup and recovery solution and find out how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyberattack without missing a beat.

  • Empowering SQL Server DBAs with Modern Backup & Recovery

    Check out this e-book to learn how choosing data protection that is built on modern data backup and recovery technology can help businesses support strategic initiatives while empowering DBAs.

  • Cloud Data Management For Dummies®, Rubrik Special Edition

    Access this 6-chapter e-book to learn why businesses need modern cloud data management, the keys to picking the right solution, and so much more.

  • Managing & Recovering Microsoft 365 Data

    Dive into this e-book for an overview on how to think about protecting your organization’s Microsoft 365 data, from looking at who is responsible for data protection and common misconceptions to the most important criteria for picking a backup solution.

  • Enterprise Data Mobility in the Cloud Era

    Check out this e-book to learn some different approaches to managing cloud data mobility, how to prepare for IT change, best practices and a shopping list to consider, and the ways Rubrik Cloud Data Management can help while getting the most value for your investment.

  • Empowering Oracle DBAs with Modern Backup & Recovery

    Dive into this e-book to learn why digital transformation requires data resiliency, what’s blocking backup and recovery modernization efforts, 7 steps for empowering DBAs with backup, and how Rubrik can help.

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