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  • Rubrik Expands Ransomware Security and Data Protection Capabilities

    Rubrik is doubling down on their security offerings and highlighting their use of AI/ML to combat ransomware. To dig into Rubrik’s latest developments—including their expanded Microsoft 365 backup and ML-enabled ransomware protection—download a copy of this custom TechTarget e-guide.

  • Why Disaster Recovery Strategies Are Critical Today

    There is a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, according to a recent report. Tap into this e-guide to learn how you can develop a disaster recovery strategy in case you are victimized.

  • Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Data Security

    According to Harvard Business Review, ransomware attacks have gone up by 150%, while payouts have risen by 300%. Read this e-book in which Rubrik advocates for a Zero Trust access approach, that they believe is essential to securing an organization against detrimental ransomware attacks.

  • Cloud Data Management For Dummies

    According to a recent IDC study, more than 80% of IT leaders identified data sprawl as a problem. The digital economy is driven by data, and the need to protect and archive data has not changed – but that need must be met with modern solutions to create a healthy IT environment. Read on to learn how cloud data management can support your business.

  • Database Protection

    As more data is created, a company’s database becomes more valuable, and the role of the database administrator becomes increasingly difficult. The fundamental need to protect, recover and archive data remains, but those tasks are now more complex.Explore this e-book to learn more about the challenges faced by database and backup administrators.

  • Ransomware Recovery

    With the recent explosion of data, ransomware attacks have matured from being annoying to causing business process disruption and data destruction. It is essential that companies prepare for these attacks and have a plan for prevention, identification, response and recovery. Explore this For Dummies e-book to learn how to handle ransomware attacks.

  • Extending Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security to AWS Environments

    In this white paper, you’ll learn about the ransomware threat landscape and how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security can help protect your backup and archive data—both on-premises and in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments—from ransomware attacks. Read on to get started.

  • Zero Trust Data Security for your AWS Workloads with Rubrik

    Tap into this solution brief to learn how to help keep customer data secure and business critical applications running with Rubrik’s zero trust data security for AWS.

  • Accelerate App Delivery on AWS with Rubrik

    Check out this white paper to explore the capabilities Rubrik Cloud Data Management for AWS offers your cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications as well as examine its 4 strategic benefits.

  • Rubrik and Amazon Web Services: Technology Overview and How It Works

    Access this white paper to learn about the rapid shift in cloud adoption, key use cases Rubrik Cloud Data Management offers, and 8 principles that make it a perfect match for AWS.

  • Modern Data Protection for Databases

    Access this e-book to view the full advantages of modern database protection including what that entails and how it can deliver more value while giving precious time back to DBAs and backup admins.

  • Top 20 Questions to Ask When Modernizing Your Backup

    Explore this white paper to discover how to effectively evaluate modern data protection solutions in the marketplace, detailing the top 20 questions to ask prospective vendors.

  • The Gorilla Guide to Database Protection in 2021

    Explore this e-book for help navigating ransomware in the age of cloud computing including actionable information to help you make informed decisions so that you can protect your organization’s data from the myriad of threats and challenges facing it today.

  • Ransomware Recovery, Rubrik Special Edition

    Dive into this Ransomware Recovery e-book to learn a sensible approach to recovering quickly from ransomware attacks that can’t be avoided.

  • The Gorilla Guide to Backup & Recovery Best Practices

    Check out this e-book for backup & recovery best practices including why traditional backup/DR could be failing you, how to fight the scourge of ransomware, and what it takes to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

  • Top 10 “Must Have” Qualities for a Modern Backup and Recovery Solution

    Check out this white paper to learn 10 “must have” factors required for a modern backup and recovery solution based on the experience of real users, who write about their experience with Rubrik on IT Central Station.

  • How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan

    Explore this e-book to learn what to look for in a backup and recovery solution and find out how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyberattack without missing a beat.

  • Empowering SQL Server DBAs with Modern Backup & Recovery

    Check out this e-book to learn how choosing data protection that is built on modern data backup and recovery technology can help businesses support strategic initiatives while empowering DBAs.

  • Cloud Data Management, Rubrik Special Edition

    Access this 6-chapter e-book to learn why businesses need modern cloud data management, the keys to picking the right solution, and so much more.

  • Managing & Recovering Microsoft 365 Data

    Dive into this e-book for an overview on how to think about protecting your organization’s Microsoft 365 data, from looking at who is responsible for data protection and common misconceptions to the most important criteria for picking a backup solution.

  • Enterprise Data Mobility in the Cloud Era

    Check out this e-book to learn some different approaches to managing cloud data mobility, how to prepare for IT change, best practices and a shopping list to consider, and the ways Rubrik Cloud Data Management can help while getting the most value for your investment.

  • Empowering Oracle DBAs with Modern Backup & Recovery

    Dive into this e-book to learn why digital transformation requires data resiliency, what’s blocking backup and recovery modernization efforts, 7 steps for empowering DBAs with backup, and how Rubrik can help.

  • Lessons Learned: Recovering from Ransomware

    Run through this e-book to familiarize yourself with the 7 different types of ransomware attacks, 4 ransomware recovery best practices, and how you can recover faster and easier using Rubrik.

  • Microsoft 365: How to Harden Security and Recovery

    74% of enterprises using Microsoft 365 don't use third-party data protection tools, according to an ESG report. Tap into this e-guide to learn how you can expand your backup and protection tools for Microsoft 365 SaaS data with additional security hardening and recovery capabilities.

  • Rubrik Highlights Ransomware Recovery Tools & Features

    Dig into this expert TechTarget e-guide to discover how Rubrik is ramping up its anti-ransomware protection by expanding the capabilities of its core platform and new vault service, Rubrik Cloud Vault—and see specifically how your company can take advantage.

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