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  • Framework For A Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan

    Ransomware attacks have evolved from crude efforts by small-time hackers into multi-step, targeted campaigns from sophisticated cybercriminal gangs and state-sponsored groups. Download this e-book for a walkthrough of the 5 phases of a good ransomware recovery plan and what specific activities should be documented in your company’s playbook.

  • Best Practices Guide: Prepare And Recover From A Ransomware Attack With Rubrik

    Given increased threat levels and new regulations, it is important for financial services organizations to consider adopting Zero Trust methods that protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. Download this e-book to access best practices that make it tougher for cyber criminals to attack successfully, and what to do in case of an attack.

  • The New Business Continuity Enhancing BCDR With Zero Trust Data Security

    The Zero Trust framework, which assumes that no user, application, or device is trustworthy, offers a new way to approach BCDR. In this e-book, explore new challenges facing BCDR and learn how you can overcome them with Rubrik Zero Trust Data Protection.

  • Zero Trust Data Security™ For Databases

    In the face of new threats, database administrators and IT teams are turning to Zero Trust data security to protect business-critical databases, streamline database discovery and protection, and, if needed, recover them quickly. Download this e-book to learn more.

  • Definitive Guide To Zero Trust Data Security For Financial Services

    With an alarming rate of ransomware attacks, an unstable geopolitical environment, and large amounts of sensitive information housed on increasingly digital operations, faces greater security threats than ever before. Download this e-book for your definitive guide to Zero Trust data security for financial services.

  • With Great Cloud Comes Great Responsibility

    Data in the cloud can be compromised as a result of accidental human error, outages, and everything in between, but cybercrime is its own beast—and one that’s only getting bigger. Download this e-book to learn how to fully protect your data in the cloud with AWS.

  • Is Your Desk Safe? How Zero Trust Data Security Protects Your Microsoft 365 Environment

    As one of the most popular work collaboration tools in the world, Microsoft 365 has become a tempting target for cybercriminals. To enable effective data protection, download this e-book and explore how Rubrik and Microsoft work together to help you respond to attacks with rapid, trusted recovery and meet compliance goals.

  • Take The Fear Out Of Ransomware With Zero Trust Data Security

    Download this e-book to uncover the various challenges organizations face while trying to protect their data from ransomware, steps to overcome the most significant hurdles, and learn how to recover data after an attack and avoid paying the ransom using Zero Trust data security.

  • The Definitive Guide To Rubrik Cloud Data Management

    As a single software platform for complete enterprise data management, Rubrik enables backup, recovery, data archival, and disaster recovery on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. Download this guide for a technical overview of the comprehensive platform, including how it works, business use cases, key principles, and much more.

  • 6 Winning Strategies To Beat Ransomware

    The FBI reported a 62% increase in ransomware in the last year, proving that ransomware remains a significant threat to take down businesses. But new approaches and emerging technologies bring optimism to organizations. In this e-book, discover 6 key ransomware strategies to take back control, stack the odds in your favor, and win the long game.

  • Zero Trust Data Security

    The Zero Trust model has emerged as an effective strategy for securing the increasingly complex, fragmented, and hybrid networks of modern organizations, which begs the question: can it be applied to data security; and if so, how? Download this guide for everything you need to know about Zero Trust data security.

  • Cloud Data Management For Dummies

    According to a recent IDC study, more than 80% of IT leaders identified data sprawl as a problem. The digital economy is driven by data, and the need to protect and archive data has not changed – but that need must be met with modern solutions to create a healthy IT environment. Read on to learn how cloud data management can support your business.

  • Protect Microsoft 365 With a Zero Trust Approach to Security and Recovery

    Many organizations are not prepared for the loss of access to critical files and data that can result from a ransomware attack. That’s where a modern security strategy that incorporates Zero Trust (ZT) architecture can help. Read this white paper to learn how to protect Microsoft 365 with a zero-trust approach to security and recovery.

  • Lessons Learned: Recovering from Ransomware

    Run through this e-book to familiarize yourself with the 7 different types of ransomware attacks, 4 ransomware recovery best practices, and how you can recover faster and easier using Rubrik.

  • Rubrik Expands Ransomware Security and Data Protection Capabilities

    Rubrik is doubling down on their security offerings and highlighting their use of AI/ML to combat ransomware. To dig into Rubrik’s latest developments—including their expanded Microsoft 365 backup and ML-enabled ransomware protection—download a copy of this custom TechTarget e-guide.

  • Why Disaster Recovery Strategies Are Critical Today

    There is a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, according to a recent report. Tap into this e-guide to learn how you can develop a disaster recovery strategy in case you are victimized.

  • Microsoft 365: How to Harden Security and Recovery

    74% of enterprises using Microsoft 365 don't use third-party data protection tools, according to an ESG report. Tap into this e-guide to learn how you can expand your backup and protection tools for Microsoft 365 SaaS data with additional security hardening and recovery capabilities.

  • Rubrik Highlights Ransomware Recovery Tools & Features

    Dig into this expert TechTarget e-guide to discover how Rubrik is ramping up its anti-ransomware protection by expanding the capabilities of its core platform and new vault service, Rubrik Cloud Vault—and see specifically how your company can take advantage.

  • Hyper-converged platforms grow to include secondary storage space

    Hyper-converged platforms have grown to include secondary storage space; however secondary-storage still faces a plethora of issues. Discover how to best address the problems facing secondary storage and how vendors are promising to make life easier for storage administrators.

  • Enterprise data protection strategy requires evolution and needs archive, backup

    The constantly evolving IT landscape means that backup is no longer enough for many organizations. Data availability and data management are rapidly evolving areas in the spectrum of data protection. Learn the five C's of data protection and why you'll likely need disk, cloud and tape to meet the goals of your enterprise data protection strategy.

  • Hyper-converged platforms grow to include secondary storage space

    Hyper-converged platforms have grown to include secondary storage space; however secondary-storage still faces a plethora of issues. Discover how to best address the problems facing secondary storage and how vendors are promising to make life easier for storage administrators.

  • How to Approach Storage Disaster Recovery

    In this e-guide learn how to turn back time on a disaster to recover what was lost; manage "deduped" data, and more. Read on to ensure your enterprise can take a hit and recover quickly, allowing for a low-impact return to normalcy.

  • Backup, Data Protection, and Hyper-Convergence: Expanding the Capabilities of Storage

    In the e-guide, we examine backup technologies, data protection strategies, hyper-convergence and more so you can make the most of your storage investments, especially in relation to cloud computing and server virtualization. Get helpful tips about everything from data availability and management to consolidation and deduplication.

  • Ease Backup Woes with Cost-Efficient Data Archiving

    George Crump, President of Storage Switzerland, highlights how a modern data archiving solution can dramatically reduce the amount of data that needs to be backed up and managed on a daily basis. Read on and discover multiple data archiving storage and software solutions that can save your enterprise money and ease backup issues.

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